How to become a fairy Winx?

What a little princess does not dream of becominga real fairy? Perhaps there are no such! After all, the fairy is not only beautiful and sweet, but also can do different kind miracles. In this article, we will talk about how to become a true fairy Winx.

The power of suggestion

The first and most important step on the road to becoming afairy - the belief that this is possible. You must with all your heart force yourself to believe that you are a real fairy. How to get this faith? Learn to see magic in simple things, think optimistically and do only good deeds - help your girlfriends, do not forget to say "magic" words such as "thank you" and "please", smile more often. In addition, use in your outfits those colors and styles that Winx's favorite fairy uses, and do similar hairstyles.

Of course, we understand that there are few auto-suggestions, and therefore we will tell you about two magical rituals that will help accelerate the transformation.

Wish list

The first method is very simple, however,it must be done with all seriousness. You must take a blank sheet of paper and write on it about your desire. Formulate exactly what fairy Winx you want to become (or maybe you'll be a completely new girlfriend, describe her!), What wonders you want to create, but remember that this fairy will never wish miracles for herself. The task of the fairy is to make the world more beautiful, and she will not be able to spend her magical abilities on herself. Magic does not accept personal gain.

When you describe your desire, try asit is possible to decorate a leaf more beautifully, after all fairies Winx - stylish little girls! After folding the leaf four times and take it to a secluded place. It is very important that no one finds your desire, otherwise the probability that it will come true will greatly diminish.

When the wish is fulfilled, take a piece of paper withfor a walk and leave somewhere in a secluded corner. Do not tear, burn or bury the leaf, otherwise your magical powers will decrease. If the sheet is found by someone else, it can affect your magic. So, if you notice that someone saw you with this sheet, put it in another place.


If the first way for some reason you do notsuitable, use this one. For him you will need an empty bottle of perfume. Must be empty! Do not try to furtively take the mother's bottle of perfume, which has not yet ended. This is a bad act, and bad girls can not become fairies, even with the help of a potion.

Mix a little warm water, vanilla andcinnamon. The potion, unlike the wish-list, will work, even if someone finds out that you are cooking it. So, if you do not know what cinnamon and vanilla are, ask your mom.

The resulting mixture is poured into the vial, close it andput under the pillow. The potion should be infused for 3 days, and then every day in the morning you will need to be suffocated with this potion until it ends. It is important to repeat the words - "I become a fairy Bloom" or "I become a fairy Roxy", in general, the spell depends on what kind of fairy you want to become.

We hope that these ways will help you become a fairy,but remember: do not use them together - so you will not speed up the fulfillment of desire, but, on the contrary, you will confuse everything.

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