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HOW to become the only

Are we holistic on our own? Or do we need someone close in spirit?

So hard to find your soul mate! To find happiness with a person who fully coincides with you in the views, thoughts and aspirations. How realistic is this, and most importantly CONSTANTLY?

In our youth, we rarely think about the global. Or domestic, but with an eye for a long time. Everything seems to be constant and for a long time, and firmly, without a shadow of a doubt. In a word - easy.

This is my mother puzzled how to make me happy. So that immediately! Keep away from possible disappointments. To pass a delicate flower from hand to hand to someone who deserves it, on whom she - first of all, could rely. Namely: marry - her words: "A decent person." I just swam with the flow that was created and stimulated, again, and so, my mother.

No, I wanted to get married! She was hysterical, that, they say, alone, no one needs. Everything, really, friends got married. It was all this, I do not hide it! In my head there were dreams of the ideal, adult, the main thing - a high husband and our ideal life with him. “Rhett Butler or Edward Rochester.Here, ideals! ”I did not think about unpleasant moments, abrupt turns of fate, about possible disappointments. I was just floating, doing my own business, in which my mother sucked me in. I wrote letters. As a resume, describing my life, interests, and sending, sending ... again and again ... with the hope that my perfect prince will find me.

I repeat, acquaintance by correspondence, as the southern coast of Australia, is strewn with rocks and reefs. I was looking for my prince, without hesitation, but is he there TAM - on that side from our usual life. Why am I him? Why is he looking outside of his "ideal" world?

In reality, the princes are looking for and very active. Few people rely on signs from above, on fate, which will lead to who will be the only one.

I, like many of our women, was counting on the initiative of men. I waited for a stable correspondence (for example, two or three letters) and hoped to meet you soon. Dreamed to see him, racing on a white horse and ... right into my arms. But it was not there.

Of the many, many letters, photographs, strangers, sometimes strange to our Slavic perception, I rarely found one that inspired the desire to meet. And when I did, I did not get the desired result.Someone was too young (according to their ideas) to start a family, and someone preferred to take quantity. “I was in Ukraine, but I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to drop by.” In other words - you do not fall into the list of the first ten.

There are few who are capable of immediately jumping into the plane, taking a risk for the sake of meeting that unique one. Except for those who make this kind of dating in the way to have fun. Why not ride around Europe, drop in to Ukraine, take a walk with one, another local beauty! Five, ten women from one country. It is desirable from one city. What is not an adventure? Why not rest? Tour of women. It's a shame to be a commodity! If you are modest, home ... For the soil of hope and illusions is quite small.

Over the years, our girls have also learned something. For modest dreamers, like me, and poor girls from dysfunctional families, who make their way into life themselves, were added ... To unwind a foreigner is a new fashionable feature. A visit to an expensive, for example, bath complex with a massage and beauty salon. The most expensive, and he, with the current dollar rate, just pull!

And in such two-sided chaos to find that one thing ... - oh, how DIFFICULT!

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