How to choose a whirlpool bath: what to look for before you buy + manufacturers review

After exertion in a fitness center or an agonizingly long working day, I want to relax. But there is not always time to go to a massage therapist. A wonderful solution will be a jacuzzi. Although many, having decided on a purchase, do not know how to choose a bath with a hydromassage, in order not to be disappointed later.

After all, there are a lot of manufacturers and models of this equipment themselves - both in the budget and in the elite segment.

Jacuzzi: how to choose

The hydromassage bath is able to relieve both physical tension and emotional.

Many users note that, in addition to the healing properties of massage, the functions of aroma and chromotherapy relieve irritation and miraculously lift the mood.

Hot tub throne
Hydro, aero, aroma and chromotherapy have a positive effect on health, improve mood and give a charge of cheerfulness

Size, shape, material: how to choose

All models of hydromassage baths offered by manufacturers differ visually and in their functionality. It is quite easy to get confused among the abundance of offers, without having the experience of buying and using similar equipment.

Round Hot Tub
The round shape of the hot tub will fit well into the bathroom of a large area, becoming its central element

The first thing that makes a start is size. Here it is important that the future purchase passes through all the doorways in its path. Also, the bathroom should have enough space for installation. It is worth considering that the hot tub is supplied assembled - all types of nozzles and tubes are screwed into place.

Bath with equipment
It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the entire system, and not just the size of the tank for swimming. The product must enter the elevator, turn around on the landing and not catch on the entrance door.

The second parameter is the form. This is where manufacturers' imaginations have no limits - which is something you will not find in the market of sanitary appliances. Most common:

  • oval;
  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • corner;
  • irregular shape.

The owners of standard apartments in high-rise buildings with a small bathroom take rectangular models. Their geometry fits harmoniously into the interior, leaving a useful space for the rest of the plumbing furniture.

Rectangular Jacuzzi
Rectangular Jacuzzi are represented most widely in the market of sanitary equipment. Therefore, you can choose them for every taste and budget.

For very small rooms, residents of which dream of a bath with a hydromassage, you can stay on the sitting type. Such species are at least less common. Manufacturers believe that a small area should not interfere with the enjoyment of hydromassage procedures.

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"Seating" hot tub
Compact "sedentary" option
Material selection
The choice of material "sedentary" bath
Tightness of the sit-down bowl

When space allows, you can not limit yourself to the choice - a huge round model or an irregularly shaped container for 5-7 people. You can choose whatever your heart desires. The main thing is to withstand the overlap.

As for the material, here it is necessary to choose from:

  • acrylic;
  • become;
  • cast iron.

The last option - durable and high quality. Excellent cast-iron model with hydromassage produced by Spanish and French companies with years of experience and impeccable reputation. True, the cost of these baths is above average.

Cast iron bath with hydromassage
Cast iron baths with hydromassage are not cheap. The best material from Spanish and French manufacturers

Also, you need to take into account the weight of the product, because not all floors can cope with such a load. The piece of cast iron itself will weigh from 100 kg + weight of water + weight of a bathtub + load created by hydro-massage equipment (about 230 kg per 1 m2).

The second option should be chosen if the steel product is thick-walled. For additional heat preservation during the procedures and less noise during installation, use mounting foam.

If a steel bath with a powerful hydromassage system, then for an apartment of a panel house it is better not to purchase it. Working equipment will create a lot of noise, which will lead to discontent and complaints from neighbors.

Acrylic whirlpool baths
Among the jacuzzi most made equipment from acrylic. Moreover, it is important that the reinforcement was carried out with polyurethane, and not with fiberglass

Acrylic version - the most common. These products are lightweight, practical and of the most bizarre forms. Although, for a small bathroom most often choose rectangular. Also, in the case of minor damage to the acrylic coating, you can always use a special repair kit to eliminate misunderstandings.

Additional features and capabilities

In addition to the right size, shape and material, additional features and capabilities of the equipment are important. All this, of course, directly affects the price. The cheapest baths can offer the user only a hydromassage - when water passes through special openings in the side walls under pressure, which has a massage effect on body areas.

These holes are also called jets or jets. They come in different sizes - both very small for a delicate massage, and more. They are installed in groups, which will allow the most active massage for a specific part of the body - the neck area, waist, feet, the problem area of ​​fat deposits on the hips and sides.

Device of a hydromassage bath
A variety of types of massage depends on the number and size of nozzles installed in the bath. The more of them, the more pleasant the procedure (+)

In addition to the traditional "hydro" nozzles in the jacuzzi can be installed "aero" and combination products. They provide the flow of air - aero massage. During this procedure, in a bath with a large number of nozzles, about 48 thousand air bubbles per minute massage certain parts of the body. Touching the skin, they burst, causing a pleasant, incomparable sensation.

Combined jets can mix air and water flows, which allows you to enjoy an incredible massage. The strength and size of the flow depends on the size of the nozzle itself. Also, there are rotational models. They know how to spin the jet, creating a small swirls.

The operation of the hot tub is ensured by a pump that supplies water to the nozzles in special tubes. Through the small holes of the jet water under pressure comes out, massaging a certain part of the body.

Nozzles for foot massage
Small holes that allow air bubbles under high pressure to perform an non-transferable procedure - foot massage

For the aero massage procedure, the compressor mixes air into the system. The types of massage, its intensity, the number of openings and other functions are controlled by the remote control or using the touch display.

In addition to massage, there are light jets, which tint the water flows in different colors. This is chromotherapy, which helps to relax or, on the contrary, to cheer up, depending on the chosen color of the backlight.

When choosing between the number of holes in the whirlpool, greater preference should be given. This will provide quality procedures to all parts of the body. If the budget does not allow, then you can choose a more modest option.

Chromotherapy against stress
Chromotherapy is especially popular with people who are constantly confronted with stressful situations. This procedure helps to quickly restore emotional balance.

Many Jacuzzis are equipped with additional features and useful devices. Among them:

  • headrest;
  • side rails;
  • shower cubicle;
  • transparent wall;
  • water heating;
  • ionization;
  • disinfection;
  • automatic cleaning;
  • backlight;
  • audio system;
  • TV;
  • voice control;
  • other functions.

Additional features and equipment directly affect the cost. The most useful - headrest, side handles, heated water, disinfection, auto cleaning. If the first 3 make it more comfortable to use the hot tub,then the last 2 - make it easier to care for her.

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The number of functions determines the price
The number of functions determines the price
Minimum number of options
Minimum number of options
The average number of massage nozzles
The average number of massage nozzles
Technical systems of a hydromassage bath
Technical systems of a hydromassage bath
Rain shower and waterfall in the bath
Rain shower and waterfall in the bath
Automatic control devices
Automatic control devices
Convenience of location in plumbing
Convenience of location in plumbing
Video and audio systems in Jacuzzi equipment
Video and audio systems in Jacuzzi equipment

Another handy feature is the mounting of the screen, which can be removed. This facilitates equipment maintenance.

Manufacturers: who better to choose

With the size, shape, material and functions have more or less decided, it remains to choose the manufacturer. I want a quality product at an affordable price. It is unpleasant to overpay, but to get low-grade equipment, which disinfection does not help to get rid of the mold and unpleasant smell, too, do not want to.

In the matter of price it all depends on the budget allocated for the purchase. If the amount allows - it is better to take the Italian or French Jacuzzi. Otherwise, you can stay on high-quality Chinese model from a manufacturer with a good reputation.

Jacuzzi with TV
A quality product from a reputable manufacturer is guaranteed to serve.the time specified in the documentation, pleasing uninterrupted work

When buying a bath with hydromassage should be alerted if:

  • too low cost for such a complete set;
  • unknown manufacturer;
  • no instructions and guarantees;
  • no installation services;
  • too high price.

Low and overpriced alarming. In the first case, the marriage or the very low quality of the bath itself and the components are most likely concealed, and in the second, a fake.

The lack of instructions, certificates of quality and warranty is the reason to refuse to purchase. After all, all bona fide manufacturers necessarily confirm the quality of products with documents and give recommendations for use.

It is better not to mess with unknown manufacturers at all - the probability of throwing money down the drain is too high. Such a hot tub can quickly break, and service centers and spare parts may not be found. This will create additional problems.

Among the best companies producing high-quality jacuzzi, you can highlight the Italian Jacuzzi. This product does not apply to public. But, there are both luxury models and baths in the middle price range.Also, high-quality products are offered by Italian companies Teuko, Albatros and Ilma.

Cast Acrylic Baths
European companies offer high-quality acrylic bath tubs, and components are also of excellent quality.

French manufacturers guaranteeing the excellent quality of hot tubs - Jacob Delafon, Neomediam, Tes and Porcher. Finnish Ido, Scanpool and Novitec have been pleasing consumers with high-quality plumbing products for years. Moreover, the jacuzzi from Novitec immediately go with a hydromassage and have only the most positive customer reviews.

Among European firms with a good reputation are Spanish Pool-Spa and Roca, Austrian Pamos, and Swedish company Cadazzo.

From the Chinese manufacturers can be trusted Apollo. Here and high quality acrylic and components are also excellent. And the price is affordable.

Acrylic whirlpool bath with a backlit
Russian manufacturers mainly offer acrylic jacuzzi. Also, you can find a lot of companies that produce cheap plastic goods.

Not lagging behind and domestic companies for the manufacture of hot tubs. These are Aquatica, Acrylan, Triton, Bas, Radomir. When choosing, special attention should be paid to the method of reinforcement of acrylic - it is better when based on polyurethane.

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Mechanical whirlpool control type
Mechanical whirlpool control type
Electronic control panel
Electronic control panel
Animated devices
Animated devices
Already familiar remote control
Already familiar remote control

Turning the old bath into a hot tub

The issue of creating a hot tub in his apartment is of concern to many home craftsmen. After all, what could be simpler than to buy the necessary components and create a hydromassage miracle, corresponding to your wishes.

First, the old bath will still have to be dismantled - otherwise nothing can be done with it. Secondly, it is necessary to buy components - nozzles, a compressor, pipes, a pump and other parts needed to create a hot tub. All items should be carefully chosen, preferring the French or Italian models.

Hot tub with headrests
Among the budget models of Jacuzzi, you can choose the optimal ratio of the desired functions and cost.

As a result, the initial cost will be significantly higher than the purchase of a ready-made low-cost whirlpool bath. Yes, an indisputable advantage - components of excellent quality are bought. But everything still needs to be established by drilling holes in the right places of the bath. This is a pretty demanding job that requires skill.

Then you need to install the nozzles and fix them, seal and isolate the compounds with special compounds. Also, connect the pump, compressor and tubing. Also, it is necessary to take care of the filters, because water from the water supply system, a maximum of a year later, will disable the entire system.

The main problem in self-assembly - to collect high quality, isolate all the joints and connect correctly. These works for home craftsmen who do not have the corresponding experience are very complex. Most often, you can face the problem of massive leakage by running the assembled system for testing.

In general, it is possible to assemble a hot tub on your own by purchasing the necessary components. But it is not worth it, because it will cost much more than buying a finished product in the middle price range.

Polygon jacuzzi
When installing a Jacuzzi, it is recommended to install water filters. Even the highest quality whirl system can fail in a year due to impurities in tap water.

Jacuzzi: fast and cheap

Often the desire to get a hot tub does not coincide with the size of the family budget or repair work.After all, it is not enough to buy the model you like, it has yet to be installed and connected. Yes, and from the old need to somehow get rid of.

In this case, you can consider 2 low-cost and easy options:

  • foot bath with hydromassage;
  • hydromassage mat.

If the future buyer is in motion all day long, moving from one end of the city to the other, or standing behind the counter in a pharmacy / store, then it would be good to buy a foot bath. This solution will be inexpensive - the cost depends on the additional functions and popularity of the manufacturer.

Foot spa
Hot tub can be a real find - a small, comfortable, useful. Yes, and it takes great fatigue

A significant advantage of this device is that it does not require a lot of space, which is especially important for apartments. So, you don’t have to change anything in the bathroom. And the price of the question is quite acceptable - a regular foot massage by an experienced specialist will cost much more.

The second option for a problem-free installation of hydromassage equipment is to buy a special mat. The package also includes a compressor and remote control.There are suckers on the back of the rug, and small holes on the outside.

The principle of operation of this kind of whirlpool bath is simple - the compressor is connected to the carpet with a corrugated hose and injects air, which leaves small bubbles through the holes. There are devices with several modes of massage and functions of ozonization and heating of the air, imitating the effect of a whirlpool.

Hydro massage mat
The rug can perform the role of the simplest bath with hydromassage. Perfect if you really want a jacuzzi, and there is no time to repair the bathroom

This option is absolutely suitable for any bath and will not cause problems during installation. Moreover, the size and shape of the tank does not matter - the mat quietly bends, which does not affect its performance.

Care is a guarantee of many years of pleasure.

All buyers have one desire - that the acquired bath with hydromassage lasts a long time. It is good that for at least 10 years it performed its functions without problems. This is possible, because many European manufacturers give a 10-year warranty on their equipment.

The pledge of many years of pleasure from the sessions of hydromassage is the correct use and maintenance of the equipment.First, you need to carefully read the instructions. And use the whirlpool bath as indicated there - do not pour foam, salt, dyes or other cosmetics, the use of which is prohibited by the manufacturer.

Jacuzzi care
Many manufacturers indicate in their product manuals the names of products that can be used to wash the jacuzzi.

Secondly, it is necessary to regularly wash and disinfect the bathing tank with all the equipment. The manual has recommendations on how often this work should be done. Usually, after each session of the hydromassage, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the bowl of the container, removing any impurities from the walls and bottom. As for disinfection, it is desirable to do this in 5-7 procedures.

Thirdly, for washing and disinfection should use special products recommended or authorized by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can cause irreparable harm to your personal mini spa.

Fourth, do not forget about your jacuzzi. It is necessary to switch on the hydromassage system at least once a week. In the case of prolonged downtime, equipment can quickly fail.

Spa bath in the interior
The hydromassage bath, both acrylic and cast iron, likes to be wiped dry with a soft cloth after washing.

Timely care, disinfection, the use of only special means for hot tubs will not only get rid of trouble, but also allow you to enjoy the massage for at least 10 years.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Instructions for choosing a hot tub:

Overview of the cast-iron bath with Jacuzzi function:

Video clip on how to make a hydromassage from any bath:

Visual aid for installation of equipment for hydromassage in a bath of acrylic:

Assessing the characteristics of your home and the needs of residents, you can choose a suitable bath with hydromassage, which will delight everyone with its functions. It should be remembered that high-quality equipment can last for at least 10 years if properly maintained. Also, when carrying out massage procedures, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers and not pour milk, various oils, foam and other additives into the water.

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