How to choose an apartment

You decide to buy an apartment, then you should weigh everything well and analyze. Real estate Ivanovo, as well as all cities is diverse. Apartments in the primary and secondary markets differ in prices and quality. This is quite a difficult and responsible choice, which should be approached with all seriousness and attentiveness. Do not rush, analyze the pros and cons. Examine the location of your possible purchase, look at the prices of other apartments in the area, if you do not pay more than necessary. Be sure to consider factors such as the presence of a school, kindergarten, hospital, transportation and other necessary for a full, comfortable life, characteristics. How wonderful it is when a wonderful, well-kept park or a supermarket is located near the house, right under the windows, or a small market where you can buy fresh food at any time without spending a lot of time and effort.

But which apartment to buy, in the primary or secondary market? This question is individual for each person.There are many advantages in the primary market, but there are also disadvantages. An apartment in a new building will meet modern standards and requirements, but it will not always be of higher quality than secondary housing. New, fresh rooms in which you can carry out repairs, do everything to your taste, will please the eye. New elevators are not always reliability and quality, they also tend to break, but their lifespan has just begun, which means they are more reliable than the old ones. But if in the secondary market you know exactly how much you will pay for utilities, and this cost is rather small, then at the primary one, the cost of utilities and home maintenance increases your costs. Therefore, everyone should determine for himself which purchase will be the most useful for him.

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