How to draw an anime pencil?

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How to draw an anime pencil?

Anime is a Japanese animation that has acquireda huge audience of admirers. If you are a fan of this genre, then you can try to create your own anime character on a sheet of paper. Let's talk more about how to draw an anime pencil.

To draw anime-style pictures, prepare a simple pencil. Sharpen it with a knife and cut the lead at an angle - then your strokes will be more accurate.

Drawing an anime character

  1. First, draw a straight vertical line. Its length depends on what size your character will be. Start practicing with large drawings, it will be easier for you to learn. Then you can go to the shallowAnimework. Divide the line into six equal segments. The upper one will correspond to the head, the two following - the trunk, the three lower - to the legs.
  2. Now draw a sketch of the body, arms and legs. Torso depict in the form of a rectangle, arms and legs - in the form of sticks, a brush and a foot - in the form of ovals. If your character is dressed in a skirt or in a dress, designate the clothes with schematic lines.
  3. Rectangle outline the contours of the future head. In all the anime heroes, the head is, in fact, a rounded rectangle connected to a triangle-chin. So depict them and smooth out a little outline of the figures.
  4. Divide the head into two by a horizontal linehalves. On this line draw two points - this is the middle of future eyes. A little below two strokes, note the location of the lower eyelids. Now we'll work through the eyes in detail. Draw the upper eyelid, the pupil and the iris of the eye. The eyes should turn out to be large, stretched vertically, the iris and the pupil can not be drawn round - they also have an elongated shape. Go to the eyebrows - they are depicted in the form of fine lines. Eyebrow shapeAnimewill depend on what kind of facial expression you want to give to the character.
  5. Draw a nose. This is one of the simplest tasks. In the technique of anime, the nose does not appear, but is depicted very schematically, for example, with a light tick. A must - it must be small.
  6. Draw your ears and mouth. The ears are often hidden by the character's hair. If they are visible, then they should be small and neat. Mouth too sketch schematically, not drawing lips.
  7. Now go to your hair. It must match the image of your character. Usually girls have long and voluminous hair, and guys have short and carelessly laid hair.
  8. Now put on your hero. If you do not have enough imagination to come up with your own costume, try painting it, changing the details and the color solution. In the anime technique, usually a few basic colors are used, often 2-3. Consider this point when creating a picture.

If you are not yet confident in your own abilities, look at this page tutorial video, how to draw an anime with a pencil or read the contents of the article How to draw an anime in stages.

Before you begin to draw the hero you selected, read the article How to draw anime characters, which details the process of creating heroes of anime.

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