How to fix the plastic plinth?

January 25, 2018
Home improvement

When the floors have already been laid, it remains only to install the final touch - a plastic plinth. It is set so that moisture when washing floors or other effects does not penetrate the joints of the floor and walls. And also completely closed look makes the room more aesthetic. It follows from this that they install the baseboards not only for beauty, they are really necessary to complete the complete flooring. The plinth on screws is fastened using a screwdriver. Here you can buy a Makita screwdriver, which is distinguished by reliability and ease of use.

 How to fix the plastic plinth?

The plinth is fastened with the help of fasteners to the wall. Decide on its size, pick the right one. The size of the dowel and its material for fasteners need to know. Use polypropylene dowel, its diameter is six millimeters. The screw is also useful, its size is three and a half by forty millimeters. For drilling suitable pobedit drill, its diameter must coincide with the parameters of the dowel - also six millimeters.

If you live in a panel house, then the drill will not work here, you will have to drill too many holes, the drill will delay the process for a long time, you need a hammer drill. For the drywall wall dowels are not needed, use only screws, the same with a wall made of wood.

 How to fix the plastic plinth?

There is a large selection of colored screws, but if your plinth has a protective cover, then the color is not important. Cut the corners off the baseboard, thereby preparing it. Drill holes in the baseboard using a drill with a diameter of three millimeters, so you will also mark the wall. So that the plinth does not move away from the walls and is not bulging, make holes with a small step from each other.

Sometimes the walls may not be completely smooth, but the plastic plinth flexes well, so drill in view of the irregularities, do not be afraid. It does not matter that the distance between them will be different, the main thing is the fit density, only it makes sense.

 How to fix the plastic plinth?

Now move the baseboard aside. Take in hand pobeditovy drill and insert into the cartridge. Start drilling holes in the concrete on the markup. The depth of the hole must not exceed the length of the dowel. The dowels themselves are hammered with an ordinary hammer.When the holes are drilled, attach a baseboard to them. Take the prepared screws and fit them under the holes, where the dowels are already driven in beforehand. Fix the screws by tightening them; a screwdriver is suitable for this. By itself, the baseboard is quite soft, so when you fasten it, do not strongly press on the tool in order to avoid deformation.

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