How to get rid of body hair?

Surely more than once all women were wondering,how to get rid of hair on your body forever at home? This is always the case, because women tend to be perfect. The war with superfluous woman conducts since time immemorial. How to get rid of hair on the body, still remains a mystery to many.

This remains a dream for women, because the legs and tummyso they will look much more seductive. Only professional cosmetologists know how to get rid of hair on your stomach forever. Especially when it comes to the zone of bikini and armpits. A woman who takes care of herself will never allow outrageous tufts of hair from sticking out.

Only feminists and Old Believers allow themselvesbe in such a neglected form. With the development of modern technology, many women know how to get rid of hair on the body - by depilation. Fortunately, for this, painless ways to fight unwanted hair appear.

In order to understand which method isthe most effective and acceptable for you, you need to understand, and what methods generally exist at the moment in the beauty industry in the field of hair removal. There is a difference between the concept of depilation and hair removal, but many women still do not know what's the difference?

Depilation is the removal of that part of the hair,which is visible on the surface of the skin, while not affecting the onion part of this hair. This method includes hair removal with shaving, wax strips and depilation creams.

This method is good because hair removaloccurs simply and quickly. However, after a short time, they again begin to grow, and they have to be removed again and again. This is because the hair follicle is not removed, it still continues to function.

Epilation is different in that it gradually destroysthe root of the hair itself. However, this method should be used regularly and for a long time, and only after a while hair becomes thinner, light and then completely begin to disappear.

How to get rid of hair on the body in undesirable places with the help of hair removal?

There are several ways, and this is ultrasound,electroepilation, light exposure and enzyme hair removal. The most proven and reliable way is to epilate with the help of electricity. For this, the skin, in those places where hair removal is planned, is pierced with a needle through which electricity passes, it affects the hair follicles, and after a while you get rid of 95% of unwanted hair. However, this method has contraindications, this is pregnancy, heart disease, and any skin damage. As you can see, this method is not so useful for your health. And on sensitive skin, there may even be scars or burns.

How to get rid of hair on the body more sparingmethod? After all, if you find yourself in an unprofessional cosmetologist, then the hair not only can not disappear, but also can begin to grow into the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously consider the forthcoming procedure, and do it only in well-known salons that have proven themselves from the best side.

After passing such a procedure, do notIt is recommended to expose the damaged skin to ultraviolet radiation, so carry out this exercise in winter or autumn. This process is quite painful, so you need to take an anesthetic before you will do this procedure.

Also use the method of hair removal with the help ofvarious particles of light that act on the hair bulb and allow you to get rid of 80% of unwanted hair on the skin. This method is less painful than electric hair removal. But this method also has a lot of contraindications.

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