How to get rid of mosquitoes in the apartment, in nature - the best effective means

Oh, these mosquitoes - a nasty insect belonging to the order of Diptera, in which there are more than 80 thousand different insects. This seemingly small, harmless creature at first glance brings us many unpleasant moments in nature, in the country, in the apartment. Stories are known when, due to the invasion of small mosquitoes, the inhabitants of the ancient city of Mius had to leave their homes and seek shelter in Miletus.

With the onset of summer, warm days, we strive to spend more time in nature. Be it a cottage, or a rest by the river. However, often, the rest is darkened by the annoying itching of mosquitoes, which not only hinder us with their squeaks, but also by drinking blood.


Mosquitoes in the open air, somehow still bearable. But if they settled in the apartment, and you go to bed and there is an unpleasant squeak over your ear. This is, of course, bust.If you do not take action, then all night instead of sleep, you will listen and try to destroy the insolent bloodsucker.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the house, apartment

So, what to do if mosquitoes appeared in your apartment.

There are chemical protection against mosquitoes that are purchased in stores, and folk. The second option differs from the first in lower financial costs, the availability of products for use or the preparation of protective equipment at hand.

The best and safest remedy for mosquitoes are essential oils. They not only scare away insects, but also have a medicinal effect on the bite site.

lavender flowers

The most effective among all oils are tea tree, basil, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, thyme, clove and rosemary. Moreover, lavender oil and clove are the most effective compared to others. Oils are used in special oil burners.

A common method is the use of fumigators. The device is attached to the outlet, a plate is inserted into it or a bottle of liquid is screwed on.When heated, the plate or liquid emit a peculiar odor that repels mosquitoes. For a person, he is completely harmless and insensitive, and therefore it is possible to use a fumigator when a person is in a room.

mosquito fumigator

One of the innovations that is being used so far is ultrasound. The device is based on the fact that it makes a sound that in nature is similar to the sound of male mosquitoes.

Females, after fertilization, are forced to fly to drink blood in order to feed their offspring. The sounds of the males, calling them to mate, at this moment for them are a signal to fly away, which they do.

But the most important thing is the mosquito net on the windows, the net on the ventilation holes. Then the penetration of mosquitoes into the room will become impossible. But what if you are going to go on nature?

How to escape from mosquitoes in nature

The very first thing that comes to mind when gathering in nature is to visit a shop, to buy an appropriate means of protection there.

These are mainly a variety of aerosols, gels and sprays. One of the most common products, which is sold both in the form of sprays, and in the form of ointments - "Moskitol" (Mosquitall).There are a lot of repellents on store shelves; everyone chooses the most suitable one both in action and in allergy.

mosquito spray

If you do not like chemicals, you can use natural. For example, essential oils are well suited for use in nature. To do this, rub the open areas of the body with any essential oil. Anise oil and eucalyptus oil are particularly suitable.

You can use the leaves of bird cherry or rowan. To do this, they need to grind and rub open areas of the body.

For some time, you can protect yourself from mosquitoes and black flies with an alcohol solution of valerian drops (10-15 drops per 30-40 ml of alcohol)

Another good tool is a decoction of the roots of wormwood. Grind the roots of wormwood, pour 1.5 liters of water and boil. After that, the decoction is infused for 30 minutes. It is applied very simply - just wash them, rub your hands and mosquitoes will not come close to you.

Another recipe based cloves. On 250 ml of water we put 5 g of cloves and boil for 15 minutes. After that we drop a few drops of any cologne and the product is ready for use. They spread open areas of the body.You can use a clove cologne.

A bonfire in nature can also be a good help from mosquitoes.

mosquito screen

The best way is to throw a pine cone into a fire.

Video tip - how to choose the best mosquito repellent in nature

Most people spend holidays or weekends in the country. And this is not only any work, but also a rest on the veranda with or without barbecue. And if mosquitoes are annoying you at this time, then it is necessary to apply certain measures.

How to deal with mosquitoes at their summer cottage

In principle, the measures for protection against mosquitoes at the dacha are all the same as in the apartment and in nature. If you need to get rid of harmful insects in the house, then you can help aromasvechi, fumigator or spiral.

mosquito candles

If you work in the garden or sit in the evening on the veranda, then use a variety of essential oils, or use sprays and aerosols. Many gardeners recommend planting an elder near the windows or around the veranda. She well repels mosquitoes.

Mosquito lamp

You can use the latest inventions of science - ultraviolet lamps, on which the whole mosquito district flies and dies inside these lamps. In the trading network you will be offered from inexpensive devicesto the super - allowing you to get rid of this scourge on the area up to 50 acres.

And while you enjoy a warm evening on the veranda, light a spiral in the house. By the time you go to sleep, its smoke will drive out all the mosquitoes.

The best folk remedies for mosquitoes

People have long come up with protection against mosquitoes. They have been tested for centuries, the most effective have survived.

In principle, most of what is used has already been described previously. But here I want to repeat a bit, describing the best. Let's start with the essential oils. They are now gaining popularity not only because of their naturalness, but also medicinal properties. By the way, the use of oils is very extensive. Take at least a bath.

To repel mosquitoes apply special aromalampy. They are sold everywhere, even there are souvenir options. Surely you have seen similar products in stores.

mosquito oil burner

On top of the lamp is a bowl where oil is poured, and a candle is placed at the bottom. In the bowl pour a few spoons of water, it all depends on the volume of the bowl. A few drops or one oil are dripped into the water, or a composition of several oils is created.

For example, the volume of some essential oils for the oil burner:

  • Eucalyptus oil - 4-7 drops;
  • Tea tree - 3-5 drops;
  • Juniper - 3-6 drops;
  • Melissa - 4-6 drops;
  • Basil, geranium - 3-5 drops.

It is recommended to light such a lamp for 30 minutes twice a day.

In the second place is a specially prepared solution that sprinkles the room, house, etc. For 1.5 liters of water, add 20 ml of vodka, 1 teaspoon of salt and 10 drops of any essential oil. This solution is poured into a spray bottle and sprayed all over the living space.

Mosquitoes do not like the smell of camphor, if a few drops in a hot frying pan, in a few minutes your house will be free of mosquitoes and midges. If you mix camphor alcohol with petroleum jelly 1:10, put the mixture on a napkin, put it near the bed, then your sleep until the morning will not be disturbed by a mosquito squeak.

A simple and very inexpensive option - dried plants. Dried chamomile, bird cherry, wormwood, lemon balm, thyme, lemongrass or basil we arrange them around the house on window sills, on tables and other places.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the apartment, in nature - the best effective means

Another folk remedy is garlic. From it we also make an aqueous solution. To do this, pour a few cloves (one medium head is enough) with a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes.The resulting solution is poured into a spray bottle and sprayed around the room.

8 folk remedies - video tips from youtube

The most effective mosquito repellent

One of the most effective and well-proven means is homemade adhesive tape. This is an analogue of store tapes, but if you are in the country, and there is no possibility to buy such tape, you can prepare it yourself. To do this, take the gelatin glue (you can make a starch paste). Apply glue to a strip of paper and pour dried and pounded basil or crushed dry leaves of bird cherry. This tape is enough for a day, after which it must be changed.

homemade mosquito tape

Among the repellents that are sold in stores, according to reviews, the most effective are such brands as “OZZ” (sprays, creams and gels), “Contra”, “Atas” and “Off”.

But perhaps the most effective tool is the mosquito net. Toward the end of spring, place it on your windows and there will be no mosquitoes, as there will be no other flying insects.

Then you do not have to purchase fumigators, spirals, spray with sprays and spray dichlorvos.

In addition to fumigators, a special repeller can be plugged into the outlet, which makes a nasty sound for mosquitoes.

electric mosquito repeller

According to reviews, the Typhoon LS-200 wide-band repeller is very effective, which emits frequencies from 5 to 18 kHz.

Remedies for children

All of these remedies are good if you do not have allergies, if you have healthy skin. For most adults, they are suitable. But what about children? They have more tender skin, especially in babies.

The best thing if you are in a house or apartment is the use of fumigators and ultrasonic emitters.

Special bracelets and stickers are widely used for very young children. Unlike the bracelet, which is attached to the arm, the sticker can be stuck on the stroller and near the baby’s bed.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the apartment, in nature - the best effective means

If you and your child went out into nature, then there are also special children's remedies. For babies up to one year, Taiga Carnation spray or Moskidos cream is well suited. For older ones, there is a whole line of protection from Mosquitall.

From folk remedies you can offer such an option as a cream based on vanilla. To make it, baby cream is taken, mixed with vanilla and vegetable oil. This cream is applied not only on the skin, but also on clothes.

But, as already mentioned, the best protection against mosquitoes in the room is the mosquito net.

If it so happened that none of the products helped, you were bitten by mosquitoes, do not brush the bite site. Eliminate the burning and itching can be a solution of baking soda or ammonia, 1/2 tsp. dissolve in a glass of water. Swipe itchy place.

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