How to get rid of squeaking shoes when walking? Why creaks shoes

The purchase of new shoes should always be treated withspecial attention. And before you buy your favorite shoes or boots, do not be lazy to walk a little in the new thing. If when walking shoes make a creak, then do not hesitate to ask the seller for a replacement, because you got a defective pair. But what if the "melodic" shoes you bought on the Internet or in another place, where you can not return it? Or worse - to publish unpleasant sounds started old, but favorite shoes? In this case, some useful tips will help. This article will tell you how to get rid of the squeaking of shoes when to get rid of the creaking of shoes when walking

The causes of the creaking

Before dealing with imperfections of shoes,It is necessary to understand how they arise. The main reason why creaks shoes is marriage in production. First of all, the sound occurs if the shoemaker has tightened the seams holding the shoes. As a result, this leads to the fact that when walking, the threads unevenly pull the sole, which is expressed in an unpleasant creak. In this case, in time, the threads will stretch out slightly, and the shoes will cease to make sounds. Much worse is the situation with another defect that could have been tolerated in production. It is about the ingress of foreign particles (sand, pebbles, particles of earth) into the internal parts of shoes. In this case, you will not be able to get rid of the creaking.

Material imperfection

New shoes can produce unwanted sounds notonly because of manufacturing defects, but also because of the poor quality of the raw materials. Unsuitable material is the main reason why creaks of leather shoes. In this case, it will be very difficult to get rid of the nasty sound.

In addition, creaky shoes may be due to defectsheel or sole. In this case, it is better to return the defective pair to the store. If this is not possible, then take the shoes or shoes to the shoe shop. The shoemaker will help you get rid of such troubles.creaks shoes when walking what to do

Where does it creak?

Before you figure out how to get rid of the squeakshoes when walking, it is necessary to designate the place of origin of this sound. Well, just this problem should not arise, because the creaking of the soles is completely different from the sounds that the heel or leather publishes. Moreover, it is possible to determine the origin of the creaking by hearing or by sensation. Conduct an investigative experiment: for this, slow down the step and, lifting your foot, twist your foot. If at this point the shoes will not make a sound, then it's not about the heel or sole, but the skin. Now that we have understood the causes of the appearance of unpleasant sounds, we can proceed to the methods of combating this phenomenon.

How to get rid of squeaking shoes when walking at home

If you wear leather shoes when you wear shoessurface, then correct this defect will help goose fat or lard mixed with wax in a proportion of 3: 1. Wipe these products with shoes, without detracting from the threads that hold the material together with the sole. In this way, you will kill two birds with one stone: soften the material itself and help stretch the seams if they were tightened during the manufacture of shoes. In addition, it is superfluous to walk through fat and lightning, especially if it jams.

After handling, put the shoes in a warm place,but not under the battery, and leave it overnight to dry. In the morning, shoes or shoes will cease to make an unpleasant creaking, and you can wear them comfortably. But before you put on processed shoes, do not forget to remove excess fat. For this purpose, it is better to use usual pharmacy alcohol or cologne.why creaks shoes

How to get rid of squeaking shoes when walking justand fast? For this purpose one more national means will approach. Boots or boots that make an unpleasant sound, wrap with a damp rag, the one you wash the floor will do, and leave it for the night. This tool will help soften the shoes, but be prepared for the fact that a nasty scratch can return if by that time you do not carry a good pair.

Fighting with moisture

Sometimes it starts to squeak not only new, but alsoold favorite shoes. This phenomenon can be caused by the moisture content of the materials. For example, after a last walk in the rain, you forgot to dry your favorite pair of shoes. In addition, excessive sweating of the feet can also be the cause of an unpleasant sound. In this case, to combat imperfections will help the most common hair dryer. Heat the inner surface of the shoe for 10-15 minutes, then allow the steam to cool and repeat the procedure.

If this is a tedious process for you,attention to special heating insole, which can be purchased at the store. In addition, the damp shoes can be dried with talc or baby powder, which must be treated with an inner surface under the insole.creaks shoe outsole

Will help to get rid of moisture paper. To take advantage of this method, remove the insoles and shove the old newspaper into the inside of the shoe. Leave the steam for a while, then remove the damp paper and put the dry lumps inside.

If it's not the skin

What if the shoe soles creak? There are several ways to combat this defect:

  • You can process the sole of shoes ordinaryheated with drying oil. But at the same time try not to get this substance on the leather surface, because you can spoil your favorite pair. Saturated shoes must be soaked for 24 hours. After this period, you need to remove excess substances by wiping the sole with vinegar.
  • To soften the sole helps the hair dryer: heat the surface for 5 minutes, then thoroughly mash it. The product must acquire softness, which makes the unpleasant sound disappear.

Tightly tapered seams of the sole - another reasonwhy creaks shoes when walking. What to do with this defect? To get rid of an unpleasant squeak it is possible with the help of castor oil or hot wax. To do this, wipe the threads with these materials. After the procedure, the stitches will soften and you will forget about the creak.creaks leather shoes

Appear unpleasant sound can from poor qualityglued insole - this is another of the most common reasons why creaks shoes when walking. What to do in this case? Carefully tear off the insole and paste it again so that the materials do not rub against each other. Although this method is applicable only for leather shoes, because in ordinary shoes or boots, the insole is made of paper, which will disintegrate as soon as you begin to tear it off. If this happens, then get more quality insoles in the store and glue them to the shoes.

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