How to keep a personal diary for girls and boys: ideas, tips, examples, design rules, pictures and photos

on 03.07.2018

Almost every girl and even some guys had a personal diary. All experiences, love sufferings, achievements, offenses and many other things were recorded in it. Modern technologies allow keeping a diary not only “in the old fashioned way” in a notebook or notebook, but also in electronic form.Have you ever wondered why you need to keep such diaries? No? Then let's try to figure out why we need such a book of our own, and how to conduct it correctly.

The main thing in the article

Why keep a personal diary of a girl or boy?

Asa personal diary is a collection of feelings and emotions, then the first thing for which it is necessary is the formation of one’s experiences, and their “verbal” expression.The diary is especially relevant for teenagers, because their moral principles have not yet been formed, and all experiences are thousands of times brighter than those of adults. Writing down their emotions in a diary, they learn to express in words all positive and negative feelings, and thoughts that may not be deep in age are formed.

Regardless of the gender of the teenager, the diary helps to develop observation, forms the handwriting, develops imagination and speech, teaches to express their point of view.

The second reason to start a diary is an opportunity to speak out. After all, not everyone is able to bare a piece of his soul and tell other people about his experiences. An excellent exit would be a diary that “listens” and “keeps” all the secrets. And, as you know, if you talk about a problem, it immediately becomes easier.

How many years do you need to keep a personal diary?

The desire to have a personal diary should not be limited by age. Of course, starting to write down your thoughts at 10 years old is a bit early, but if the child has a desire, do not interfere. The first self-expression may be funny, but you need to look for positive aspects in this.The child will develop the technique of writing, develop speech and learn independence.

The best time to start keeping a diary is agewhen a personality begins to form:

  • for girls it’s 12–14 years old
  • for boys 14–16 years old.

There are no age limits for keeping a personal diary!It will be relevant both for a teenager or a student, as well as for an older business woman or polar explorer. Fixing his thoughts, a person learns, sets goals and rejoices when he achieves them. I would like to cite as an example excerpts from the personal diary of the great writer L. Tolstoy, who was born on September 9, 1828. At 23, he made the following entries in his personal diary:
After a year, words like laziness, gluttony, and self-love are no longer found in a personal diary. The entries became more purposeful and had the following form:
It can be seen that a person thanks to a diary could cultivate. Therefore, the answer to the questionhow many years you can keep a diary, unequivocal - at any age!

Is it helpful to keep a personal diary?

For many, keeping a diary is just youthful fun, and probably no one thought about the benefits of such an activity.And in vain! We list the main points due to whichkeeping a diary is not only useful, but also necessary:

  1. Achievements of goals.As described by the example of L.N. Tolstoy, a personal diary helps to achieve the goals and objectives. After all, when you think out loud, the brain subconsciously begins to look for a rational solution of the task.
  2. Preservation of ideas. Very often ingenious thoughts may come to mind. But under the influence of fuss or lack of resources for their implementation, they are simply lost. The personal diary will not allow this, as the ideas will be written down on paper.
  3. Enhance self-discipline.If you plan your day in the diary for tomorrow, then you will not be able to miss anything, as it happens if you keep all your plans in your head.
  4. Gaining confidence. All the achievements described in the diary, raise self-esteem and make a person confident in their abilities. Each time, turning over the pages, a person will feel confident that the unattainable does not exist.

Enumerate the useful side of the personal journal can be endless. Here is what experts say about the benefits of keeping a diary:
It is interesting!A study of the doctor of science in psychology D.Pennebeyker showed that keeping a diary improves well-being. It's not just psychosomatics, laboratory tests have shown that people who regularly make diary entries have more immune cells in their blood (T-lymphocytes). And it improves the protective functions of the body, improves mood and mental activity.

Where to keep a personal diary?

It is not only useful, but also interesting to make entries in your personal diary.if they are produced in a certain "tasty" place. If you have a favorite cafe, where you like to drink coffee, or do you like to wrap up a blanket at home and sit on the couch with your favorite music, then why not fill out the diary there? Over time, you will wait for these pleasant moments to enjoy the setting and write a few lines in your personal diary.

The place to fill in the diary is not considered to be a matter of principle, but if you choose a pleasant atmosphere, then thoughts will be much brighter, richer and more interesting.

How to start keeping a personal diary?

Initially prepare a thick notebook or large notebook. You can decorate it on your own. Interesting ideas can spyHERE.On the first page, sign the start date of keeping a personal diary, and leave the end date open, because it is not known if you finish it in a year, or this exercise will delay so much that the next, next and next will appear after this notebook.

The phrase, to begin with, is considered ideal, to begin with:

  • "Hello my Name Is…"

Start with it, and then describe yourself as you see. Occupation, social status, favorite things and everything that at this moment comes to mind. You may be surprised at how many unused resources you have, hidden talents, interesting activities that should be developed, and there is not enough time. Or maybe in your life there are a lot of minor troubles (buying new jeans, a broken nail) that you simply need to take out of your thoughts, and not focus on them, because there are more significant things.

How to keep a personal diary of the girl: tips and examples

The personal diary is not only dry, reproducible text. Perhaps this will be enough in old age, but adolescents preferbright, unusual, fun diaries.In addition to describing events and thoughts in the diary, it can be supplemented with thematic pictures, fun photos or significant items. In girls, this can be a glued dried chamomile, which was presented by a boyfriend she likes, or a valentine, presented by an object of desire.

The main advice - a personal diary should please its owner, then she will more often look into it and write all new lines related to her current life.

See photo examples of making a diary for a girl below.

How can you keep a boy from LD: ideas and advice

Guys are less romantic natures, therefore their personal diary is made out more restrained and there are no nice or mi-mishnyh pictures to be found there. Boys can decorate their diary in a sporty style, or they can decorate it in the theme of their favorite movie hero (cowboy, super-heroes, macho). In addition to their achievements, boys can write interesting events in a diary, describe their friends, set goals. Photo ideas will help to interestingly arrange a diary for the boy.

How beautiful to keep a personal diary: pictures and photos

Personal diary should not meet certain requirements. It is enough to arrange a diary as you like it.

How to keep a personal diary: the rules of registration

If we talk about specific strict rules of registration diary, they are not. There are generally accepted principles, which adhere to the owners of personal diaries:

  1. The first page should contain information about the owner of the diary.
  2. It should begin with a little story about yourself.
  3. The diary describes the events that are accompanied by an open reaction, and I want to talk about them.
  4. Each new entry on the diary pages must begin with the date, month and year.
  5. Do not be afraid to supplement the diary with pictures, photos and other significant attributes.

Now it remains the case for small things: to start a diary and make his first entry in it.

How to keep a personal diary online?

For more advanced, keeping a paper diary is not so relevant. Therefore, they can fill out their diary online. There are no rules for such a diary, and everyone keeps it as he wants. You can create a personal diary in the following services:

  • Mypage;
  • Avant-Host. Com.
  • Blogger.

The convenience of such a resource is that it can be accessed through any gadget, at any time, in any place where there is Internet access.I got a good idea in my head - no need to wait until you get home, where a paper diary is waiting for you. It is enough to open it on your device online and make your thoughts right away.

VIDEO: Jim Ron on how to keep a personal diary

The benefit of a personal diary is difficult to overestimate. He can become a loyal friend, advisor, and in some moments even a teacher. Design your diary beautifully, choose a “tasty” place to fill it up and improve every day more and more.

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How to keep a personal diary for girls and boys: ideas, tips, examples, design rules, pictures and photos 44

How to keep a personal diary for girls and boys: ideas, tips, examples, design rules, pictures and photos 68

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How to keep a personal diary for girls and boys: ideas, tips, examples, design rules, pictures and photos 44

How to keep a personal diary for girls and boys: ideas, tips, examples, design rules, pictures and photos 38