How to make a garland?

Garland - one of the most elegant, spectacular and inAlso, the time of affordable home decorations for any holiday - New Year, Easter or the birthday of the child. A garland, made by own hands, will certainly deliver your child a special joy of complicity in creating this festive miracle. The most simple are in the manufacture of garlands made of multi-colored paper or balloons. Materials for their manufacture are easily accessible, inexpensive and safe even for the smallest masters.

Garland-chain of paper

Options how to make a garland, invented a greatbut all of them are based on the same principle: on a strong thread, fishing line or string, any beautiful objects are strung. All of you, probably, remember the simplest way how to make a garland of paper. Even a string is not required for him. From glossy colored paper, painted on both sides, we cut ribbons of the same size (width 2 and length 20 cm). The first strip is folded into a ring and gently glued along a narrow edge. We pass the second strip of another color into the resulting ring, and also glue its edges. This resulted in a chain of two links. We continue to string new links in this way, not forgetting to alternate the colors until we reach the necessary length of the garland. To the extreme links tied to the rope, for which it hangs in the right place.

Garland of paper flags

If you do not know how to make a New Yeargarland, try to thread on the line multicolored flags made of colored paper. To do this, cut out rectangles with sides 8 and 24 cm, bend them in half, color side outward, and hang on the line, gluing from inside to keep. You can decorate the flags the way your imagination tells you. Stick them on applications in the form of primitive Christmas trees and snowflakes, figures of the new year carved from shiny paper or letters forming the inscription "Happy New Year!", And the original festive garland will be ready.

Vertical Garland Curtain

Another interesting idea is how to make a garlandwith their own hands - to create a curtain of snowflakes. From a thick white paper, carefully cut openwork snowflakes, preferably of different shapes, and fasten them on the line at certain intervals. Make a few of these garlands and hang them at one end in a window or doorway. Now in your room all the time will go the magic New Year's snow.

Garland of balloons

Recently, unusualgarlands made of balloons. Professional designers decorate the halls for all sorts of presentations, weddings and other celebrations. Such a garland, only a smaller one, you can try to make your own.

Before you make a garland of ballsmaster some simple rules of its assembly, decide on the color composition of the future creation and do not forget to buy balls. Now we blow our balls apart individually and make sure they are the same size. We bind them in pairs, getting the construction in the form of a figure-eight.

Then two such pairs, stacked on top of each other,we twist among ourselves and get a kind of flower of four petals. String our "flowers" on the line or twine, like rings on the children's pyramid, tightly pressing the layers of balls, making sure that there are no gaps. So we collect the whole garland. At first glance this may seem rather complicated, but after having trained several times, you will certainly learn how to make such beautiful garlands yourself.

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