How to make a house of matches? Make a house of matches with your own hands

In today's world, things thatmade by themselves. It is always pleasant to receive such gifts: they contain the donor's soul, as well as his free time, and in fact for some this is the time - a great luxury. It's doubly pleasant to think that someone has spent their efforts and efforts on you. This article will teach you how to make a house of matches on its own.

Crafts for the development of assiduity and mindfulness

how to make a house of matchesIn the upbringing and development of the child,time development of his diligence and mindfulness. Without these qualities, the child will have to be much more difficult in kindergarten and school, and it will also be difficult to cope with work at a more adult age, and generally in life. Excellent practice - the creation of crafts from matches. Matches are cheap and affordable material, which can not be doubted in the environment. And the process itself will not only give you and your child a unique work as a result, but also help the child become more patient and smart, precise in movements and attentive to detail, teach to achieve goals, develop taste and creative activity. Therefore, do not hesitate - consider this review in more detail and proceed directly to the process of designing the product.

Great material for crafts!

In order to answer the question of howmake a house of matches, do not need a lot of talent, and experience and skill to you will definitely come in the process. It should be noted that such pastime is pleasant and interesting not only for children, but also for adults. The lesson calms, it looks like a kind of meditation. From matches it is possible to combine crafts of any sizes, beginning from a small well and finishing with the big lock. With such crafts, you can beautifully and stylishly decorate the interior, painting them with bright colors or leaving it in its original form. The resulting stylish and original crafts can be presented to relatives and friends. When modeling a house, it is better to use glue (silicate or PVA), but you can do without it. However, keep in mind that without the use of glue make a house of matches will be an order of magnitude more difficult. Matches can be used in their entirety, or they can be broken into pieces.

match houseAdvice for adults

Do we make a house of matches? If so, you should pay attention to one important advice: do not leave very young children alone with matches because of their fire hazard (remember the famous phrase "Matches for children is not a toy"?) If the house is already assembled, make the baby a photo of the item for memory, and the hand-craft better disassemble.

Materials and tools needed to create crafts from matches

How to build a house from matches? We need:

  • seven or eight boxes of matches (depends on the size of the planned crafts);
  • coin or button;
  • stand from a thick sheet of cardboard, a book or a CD-ROM, on which our building will be located.

Let's start building a house

Let's try to figure out how to make a house frommatches. First of all, we form the foundation of our future house. We lay out two matches in parallel at a distance, and on the top - one row of eight matches, so that they are perpendicular to the bottom two. Matches are stacked at the same distance from each other and make sure that the last ones form the right quadrilateral with our "stand". Spread the next row - again perpendicular to the bottom layer, in an amount of eight pieces.

How to make a house of matches beautiful and tidy? We make a structure of seven or eight rows, and that the house had an aesthetic appeal, make sure that the matchheads are located around.

how to build a house from matchesHere you can stay on the "well" or a littlefinalize and get a small house of matches - with their own hands, as you will see later, it is not difficult to make it. To do this, make another layer using eight matches, perpendicular to the top we put six more. Then we put on them a coin or a button. Take the "well" and install one match at each corner. They permeate the top layer and must come out into the ground. Make sure that the "well" does not move. After the house is fortified at four corners, we stick new details along the perimeter of all the walls. For even greater reliability we squeeze the house by hand, pushing the matches to the button (or coin), and then extract it.

Details that are inserted with the button, compress inhouse, and the product gently press on each side. Now the foundation of our "well" will be the basis for the roof. We proceed to the walls. To do this, add two match rows to each wall of the house. One row should be vertical (matches are inserted upwards with heads), and the second one - horizontal (we put the material "well", the matchheads alternate with the tips). After the work is finished, you need to squeeze the house once again, press the heads of the parts that protrude, so that the matches are well pressed and attached.

Building a roof for future crafts

For the roof, the parts are pulled out of the finished building - first we pull out the match from the corner, and then the vertical matches of the wall are poked from below and pulled upwards.
When we pulled out all the building elements, fill the roof of the building. Lay the matches perpendicular to the top layer from the very edge of our house. The roof pattern should resemble a chess pattern.

Finally, the final stage is the constructionthe roof slope of the house. We will make it out of matches, putting them to the center with heads across the entire roof. We stack two rows - and press the match heads on the sides, fixing the roof. Now our house with the roof is ready!master class house of matches

For beauty, you can even finish the house, decorateits windows, a door or, for example, a pipe. The pipe can be created from half the match by inserting it head overhead into the roof of the house. This is a small house of matches without glue, having learned to do it, you can go to much more monumental structures.

Additional buildings to the house

A fence for a house can be built from match wheels. Wheels can be made in various sizes and can also be used to decorate the house itself, to create wells and so on. There are several options for manufacturing these parts, so you should consider this process in more detail.

Creating casters from matches

To create casters from matches you do not needUse glue, since matches will be held without it, thanks to the frictional force. We stack one match as the base through two, three, four supporting matches (this is the first variant of wheel construction). The wheel will have fifteen vertices, and for its construction you need a hundred and five matches.

The second variant - we stack on two basicmatches, then the wheel will consist of ninety-five parts with nineteen peaks and a small diameter. Such wheels will allow us to put them into bigger pieces.

House of matches with your own handsThe third option - we create wheels, stacking them through three supporting matches. The tops will be twenty-one, and the details need eighty-four. These wheels will be smaller than the previous ones.

To create the wheel with the smallest diameter, we must stack matches through four support wheels, such a wheel will have twenty-two vertices and consist of sixty-six parts.

Helpful Tips

If you decide to create your house of matches, then you should get acquainted with several useful tips. They will greatly facilitate the whole process.

  1. how to build a house of matchesBefore the beginning of painstaking work, prepareworkplace. If you decided to build a house with glue, then it's better to make a place with oilcloth material, so as not to soil the surface. Immediately determine the place where your finished crafts will dry.
  2. Prepare for the glue dishes and a brush, better small and thin. Instead of a brush, you can also use a toothpick or sharpened match.
  3. Sort the details before proceedingwork. In any box there are more beautiful and even matches, and there are - with chips or brown. The material that is most beautiful, it is better to use for the walls of the house, the roof, so our artwork will look more accurate and presentable.
  4. You can cut off match heads wellsharpened scissors or use a clerical knife, then the house will be even more smooth and tidy. However, this work should be done solely by adults, not allowing children to enter it to avoid injury.
  5. You can make the resulting products more attractive by painting them in bright colors. Use gouache or paint in sprays.
  6. Remember that this work is very, verypainstaking, so be patient and do not rush. Otherwise, the house will drive into anguish, and not give joy from the realization of their capabilities.

Excellent pastime for children and adults!

We hope you enjoyed our master class. The house of matches, if you follow the steps described in the article, will turn out to be beautiful and original. And the time spent on making a house of matches will bring a lot of pleasure.

What can we say in conclusion?

a house of matches for beginners

In this article, the stages were examined, with the help ofwho can build a house of matches. For beginners this can be a start-up phase, and in the future, using their experience and imagination, it will be possible to create more serious objects. For example, from matches make palaces, mugs, towers, horses and even portraits. Therefore, start small: collect the whole family, read an article on how to build a house of matches and begin the construction process. And maybe, very soon, on one of the sites we will come across photos of your beautiful and original handicrafts.

Good luck with your efforts and success in creatinghouse! If you do your best and take advantage of all your imagination, then you will not have any problems with designing products from such material as matches.

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