How to Make a Tea Rose Liqueur

Today it is almost impossible to meeta flower grower who would not try his hand at cultivating such luxurious flowers as roses. And these plants can bring not only aesthetic pleasure. A tea rose is used both in cooking and in perfumery. From it make tinctures, teas, jam, butter, cologne, etc. Today we will learn how to prepare a liqueur from the petals of a tea rose.

tea rose liqueur

Beverage Benefits

Once you try the tea rose liqueur, youyou will understand that it is one of the most delicious and delicious alcoholic beverages. The recipe for its preparation is very simple, but the result is always excellent. In order to make a liqueur, you can use both light petals of a tea rose, and flowers of bright pink color. This will in no way affect the taste of the drink. However, the brighter the lobes used, the more saturated the color will have the finished liqueur. In addition, in the process of preparation, you can add a flower of the rose "Semeynaya". It has a bright red color, which will add a little saturation to the color of your home beverage.

tea rose liqueur

Necessary ingredients

In order to cook delicious andthe most delicious liquor from the tea rose, we will need the following products: the actual flowers of the rose - 40 pieces, a pound of granulated sugar, five hundred milliliters of vodka, one and a half teaspoons of citric acid and one and a half liters of water. From this number of ingredients as a result, we should get two liters of the finished drink.

Liqueur of tea rose: recipe

First of all, we need to collect flowers. It is recommended to do this in the morning, when they are filled with aroma, moisture and freshness. We cut the petals of the tea rose into a deep enamel bowl. We boil one and a half liters of water. Then pour the cooked petals. Add one and a half teaspoons of citric acid and mix. After the given weight has cooled down, cover the dishes with a lid and send it to the refrigerator. Here, our future tea rose liqueur must be infused for two days. At the same time, at least four times a day, the mass must be stirred with a wooden spoon or spatula. This is done to ensure that the petals of the rose bestow a liquid color, taste and aroma.

tea rose liqueur recipe

After a lapse of two days, it is necessary to wring outpetals. You can also filter the resulting liquid through a double gauze. Then add the cooked 500 grams of granulated sugar and mix well. If you like a more sweet drink, then you can use more sugar. We pour the tincture into a saucepan of suitable size, put it on the fire and bring it to a boil. As soon as the liquid starts to boil, we remove the pan from the fire and leave it to cool. Then add a half liter of vodka. It is very important that it is of good quality, otherwise all your efforts can end badly.

When you add to the future liquor from the petalstea rose vodka and mix well the resulting liquid, it should be poured over cans. In this case, pour should be on the very edge of the dishes. From above we cover the jars with dense capron cap so that all the air is released. Not very scary if a little tincture spills. The main thing is to get all the air out of the jar. After this drink should be kept at least for seven to ten days at room temperature.

Then the finished tea rose liqueur can be pouredon beautiful decanters or bottles and serve on the table. This drink is sure to be enjoyed by your family members and guests. In addition, it can be added to tea or ice cream, and also used to impregnate biscuit cakes.

petals of a tea rose

Another recipe for pink liquor

There are many options for cooking thisdelicious and aromatic drink. We offer you another recipe for tea rose liqueur. So, we need two hundred grams of pink petals, two tablespoons of citric acid, five glasses of sugar and half a liter of quality high-quality vodka.

Cooking Instructions

In a two-liter jar pour the cookedtea rose petals, and also add citric acid and granulated sugar. All mix well, grinding the contents of the container to a liquid state. We ram the resulting mass and ship for three days in the fridge. After this time in a saucepan, mix three glasses of water with four glasses of granulated sugar. We put on the fire and bring the mass to a boil. Let the contents of the saucepan cool, then pour it over the petals and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass is again removed in the refrigerator, this time for ten days. After that, squeeze the rose petals, and add 500 milliliters of vodka to the syrup. Delicious and fragrant liqueur from tea rose is ready! You can proceed to tasting.

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