How to paint the wallpaper

January 27, 2018

 How to paint the wallpaper
Decorating walls with wallpaper for painting is a common method of finishing, especially in spacious rooms that are not particularly loaded with furniture. Especially this way of finishing is indispensable in those cases when you want to combine design minimalism with comfort and warmth. In the building stores, there is a separate line of wallpaper for painting: they are appropriately labeled, and, as a rule, they have an inconspicuous embossed drawing in white.

After the wallpaper is glued in accordance with all technological requirements, and well dried, you can start the painting process, which takes place in the following sequence:

1. Prepare the necessary tools. In this case, the most important tool is the paint roller. For painting wallpapers, the most effective is a fabric tool with a long fleet of 5–8 cm, which will provide coverage of the entire canvas, including textural hollows. For coloring wallpaper in the corners and along the edges of the ceiling and floor is best suited not very wide brush.For dipping the roller, a special tray is used that has a raskatochny nut.

2. Buy paint.
For painting wallpapers, basically, all paints that usually coat putty ceiling and wall ties - acrylic, latex or water-based are suitable. As a rule, they are some functional differences (this may relate to the degree of moisture resistance, the possibility of bathing, etc.), so when buying, all these nuances can be found out from the seller-consultant. These paints are mainly available in white, so tinting will need to be done independently. This task can be entrusted to specialists from the departments of paints, or perform independently. In any case, it is recommended to first test the prepared solution on a small piece of wallpaper residue, because after applying the paint may look slightly different than in a can.

3. Preparing the room.Furniture from the walls should be moved to the middle, or, if possible, carried to other rooms. The floor along the walls, the windowsill, the slopes, the doors need to be covered with a protective film. Floor plinths, door casing, radiators, covers for outlets and switches are best removed, otherwise white unpainted areas may gleam after painting.
 How to paint the wallpaper
4. Painting.Depending on the quality of the paint, this process is done in one or two layers. In order to achieve solidity of the painting layer, it is best to conduct the painting gradually, moving from the corner, capturing plots of approximately 1 m2. At the same time, at first, the corners, the areas under the ceiling and near the floor, near the batteries and pipes are stained with a brush, inaccessible to the roller. Then the roller is turned on - it needs to be well moistened so that there are no gaps, the excess paint is removed when rolled on a tray tray. Under the ceiling it is best to paint in horizontal directions or downward movements - this will protect against splashing the ceiling. Painting wallpaper is made continuously: if you need a pause, then it is allowed to do only if the entire wall is painted. Otherwise, unpleasant influxes and transitions between painting zones may occur.

If it is necessary to apply a second layer, this can be done only after the first one has dried (usually 24 hours). When applying paint, it is important to observe the expressiveness of the wallpaper design: if necessary, a small foam roller is used for this.

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