How to pinch a friend?

For many of us, it has always been interestingthink out jokes for your friends. After all, the very reaction to this "experiment" can be quite unexpected, especially after the disclosure of the idea itself. We offer you several drawings from the endless series "How to pin a friend".

Fun Instructions

A comic contest, with which you canplay at once 2 friends. At the very beginning it is necessary to announce that the winner of this contest will receive a prize. Put a matchbox on the table and put them opposite each other. The winner is the one who blows the boxes to the knees of the enemy. Give opponents at first to try, then tie their eyes. Then put on the table instead of a box of a plate of flour. The command is given: "Attention, march!" And friends-rivals let them blow until they guess.

Ask a third person to call your friend. He is represented by the employee of the housing office and warns that in the next two hours the water will be turned off for two days, and it is desirable to dial it into all free capacities. After a certain time, call him back and ask: "Did you get water? Now warm it up! We now bring the elephant to washing! "

How to poke a friend with words

  1. Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you should not abuse it.
  2. Whom we see! You still decided to release from the zoo?
  3. I would have put a shoe on your face, but I will not. From this you will only become more beautiful.
  4. The only advantage of your figure is that it is not as scary as your face.
  5. If cranks on the letter "m" will fly, then you will be the squadron commander.
  6. If I had such a face like yours, I would drag my parents through the courts.
  7. Do not meditate, otherwise you can get a fracture of the brain.
  8. You say that you love nature? And this is all after what she did to you?
  9. If human dullness was measured, then you could be the standard.
  10. Are you always such an asshole, or are you having a holiday today?
  11. You are the current confirmation that a person can live without brains.
  12. Speak, do not stop, maybe you will be able to say at least one clever word.

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