How to polish glass and car headlights? Answers here

Every driver wants his "iron horse"or "beloved babe", in the sense of a car, looked all the time. A shiny body, bright eyes-headlights, brand new glasses and wheels - beauty, whatever you say. However, alas, the tires wear over time, the headlights become cloudy, and the small road stones do their "black" work. We have to think how to polish glass, because a good owner of a car should always have a respectable look, and scratches are not the place.

How to polish glassYou can solve this problem by contactingworkshop. Professional services and good equipment will certainly lead to the desired result, however, it will not be cheap. With small scratches and traces from the wipers, you can manage yourself. And then the question arises as to how to polish the glass.

In our world everything is simple, and almost everythingconsumer requests the modern manufacturers have already given their answer in the form of a finished product. You can buy polishing powder in specialized shops, and as an equipment you can use an ordinary drill equipped with a special nozzle. The Bulgarian or the sanding machine in this case will not work, as it is possible to polish the glass only at rather low speeds (1200-1700).

Preparatory work is compulsory. This is a thorough cleaning (the usual liquid for glasses is suitable) and mandatory tracing of the damage spots with the marker, the marks being made on the inside. Do not forget to cover the machine itself with a protective film, and glue its edges around the windshield with adhesive tape, so that the liquid and splashes do not get anywhere. By the way, it will be superfluous to take care of protecting yourself and the garage walls from unnecessary pollution.How to polish glass

Now directly on how to polishglass. The powder, approximately 80-150 g, is diluted with plain water until a creamy consistency is obtained. If a drill is used while working, a special velcro mandrel is attached to it, and then a felt circle is applied to its surface. In the process, you may also need a napkin and a water bottle equipped with a sprinkler. A bit of the prepared mixture is applied to the felt circle and rubbed on the glass without the inclusion of polishing equipment. Then, gently, without excessive pressure, move the working device at a small angle within the required area (preferably, if it is a small -25 X 25cm). The main thing is not to let the polish dry, but for this you need to constantly sprinkle the surface of the glass with water. At the end, the treated area is wiped with a tissue to ensure that the defect has disappeared. If necessary, the process continues.

Important!!! Before polishing the glass, on which there are significant chips - repair it. Otherwise, getting rid of small scuffs, you risk getting a big crack.

How to polish the glass of a headlightIllumination of the road is one of the most important factorssafe ride. The light of the headlamps of appropriate brightness is of particular importance, and the yellowness, pollution and other defects interfere with normal operation. How to polish the glass headlights? About the same way as the front. With the only difference, that if desired, the headlight itself can be removed in order not to think about the protection of the body. For best effect, the initial sanding is recommended and then the polishing compound. Some very economical car enthusiasts use toothpaste instead of a special powder, and they say they are happy with the result. The choice is yours.

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How to polish glass and car headlights Answers here How to polish glass and car headlights Answers here How to polish glass and car headlights Answers here How to polish glass and car headlights Answers here How to polish glass and car headlights Answers here How to polish glass and car headlights Answers here