How to prepare a salad from "Anakom"?

What to do if the guests have suddenly come, andtreat them to nothing? The fastest and most delicious menu: hot sandwiches with sausage and cheese, salad from "Anakom" and sweet biscuit to tea. At the preparation of all dishes will leave a minimum of products and not more than 40 minutes of time, and as a result you will get a very good table. How to bake a biscuit and make sandwiches, probably, every housewife knows, but how to prepare a salad from "Anakom"? The recipe for this appetizer is given in the article.

What is "Anakoma"

First, figure out what "Anakoma" is. This is not a vegetable, not a fruit and not a sort of cheese. This is the brand of instant vermicelli. It is prepared very quickly indeed. Enough semifinished product pour steep boiling water for 5-8 minutes, and the dish is ready! Reviews about this product are different. Some people note good taste and an optimal price-quality ratio, others say that the product has too much "chemistry", and do not advise them to get involved. In any case, for a quick salad "Anakoma" is an excellent option.

In principle, the "Doshirak", "Mivina" or "Rolton" is suitable, it will also be very tasty.


anakom salad recipe

According to the classic recipe, the salad from "Anakom" is prepared from such products:

  • eggs of chicken - 2 pieces;
  • mayonnaise fatty - 2-3 tablespoons;
  • garlic - 1 large tooth;
  • vermicelli "Anakoma" - 1 pack.

As you can see, for this dish you need a minimum set of products, which is always in the refrigerator.

Picking Lettuce

instant vermicelli

Prepare a salad from "Anakom" is very simple! Even the beginning hostess can cope with this.

First you need to boil the hard boiled eggs. Transfer them to cold water.

We prepare vermicelli separately. Grind the semi-finished product with your hands, put it in a deep bowl, pour out the contents of the sachets that are attached to the semi-finished product (usually seasoning and fat). All steaming glass of steep boiling water, leave under the lid for 5-7 minutes.

After a while, remove the remaining vermicelli from the vermicelli, add the crushed eggs to the bowl, squeeze out the garlic and season with mayonnaise. For the taste of salad, you can salt and pepper a little. The dish is ready!


salad from anakoma

How to diversify the salad from "Anakom"? This should include the imagination of the cook. There can be many options. We offer several successful solutions.

  1. Grate the melted cheese and add to salad. Cheese will give the dish softness and viscosity, it will set off its taste. Such a product can be spread on bread: sandwiches will turn out very tasty.
  2. If you add boiled sausages to the salad,cut a dice, and a fresh cucumber, you get an original dish that can be served at the festive table. Only in this case it is better not to put garlic.
  3. A very delicious dish will be served if the original recipe is supplemented with an ingredient such as fried mushrooms. Mushrooms are best.
  4. Another good option is to vary the salad from"Anakoma" potatoes, sausage, green peas. Only it is worth considering that a portion of this dish will not only be delicious, but also very hearty and high in calories, so it is better to serve the dish in the morning.

In general, a salad from "Anakom" is a universal dish. It is prepared quickly, it is cheap, it can be varied with other products, including herbs and vegetables.

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