How to treat a back?

Depending on what disease you haveback, modern medicine can provide a large number of treatment options. The most important factor in this is the correct diagnosis. Most doctors, with back pain, diagnose - osteochondrosis, and treat it. Most often, prescribe some drugs from him, or, at best, exercise therapy or gymnastics, as well as massage and physiotherapy. These procedures lead to recovery not in all cases. And sometimes they lead only to a complication of the situation with the back. That is why it is so important to formulate and deliver an accurate diagnosis, with back pain. Consider options for how to treat your back in certain situations that arise.


You can start with the most common reasonback pain. Let's say you work at home, wear furniture, you have 30 degrees on the street, you certainly sweated, at the break you went to the store for water, well, and the store has air conditioners, and the cold air flow was directly on you, or more precisely to you in the back, you felt cold. In the morning of the next day, your back started hurting. Thus, you have blown your back. How to treat? - you ask, because now you are unbearable to rise or unwind, the pain has a constant and cutting character, and it is quite unpleasant.

The first thing you can do isrub your back, some kind of warming ointment, such as "Nikofleks", "Finalgona", or "Fastum-gel." If there is no ointment, then you can use alcohol. When you apply ointment or alcohol on your back, wrap it with something warm, or a scarf, or a towel. When you go out, also wrap your back with something warm. Rubbing your back is necessary until complete recovery.

But, if the back is still, after alldone procedures, still continues to hurt, it is better to consult a doctor, who in theory, most likely, will assign you injections, which almost immediately help relieve pain in the back. The injections are administered individually to each patient, for example, you can pierce movalis, for 5 days, or milgamma through an ampoule every other day. The injections are prescribed only by a doctor.

If you blow your back from time to time, you can buy a special belt from the dog or sheep's wool in the pharmacy, which you will wear on the street, although it is completely invisible under the clothes.

Lumbago or lumbago

First you need to determine which onepain worries you, whether acute, or dull, or can be aching when it appears. For example, you often go to the garage, or in the cellar, and wear some weight at the same time. Let it be either a bucket of potatoes, or some spare part, it does not matter, in general, the main thing is that you carry weight. And besides, you sometimes have a sharp pain in the lower back, which can give in the leg, but the pain quickly passes, and you calm down. You did not attach much importance to this and work further. Continue to wear the weights again, the pain returns, and you straighten your back, and the pain intensified, but also soon passed. Just the time has come to think about the pain in your back, how to treat it, if you do not know what exactly happened?

Symptoms that manifest themselves from thisexample, can show that you probably have the first stage of lumbosacral radiculitis, which is popularly called a lumbago, and in scientific - lumbago. This is the so called first stage of radiculitis, which can take place when the body moves abruptly, that is, you turn sharply, straightened, or you constantly wear weights. In the absence of treatment, pain can be repeated, given in the leg, strengthened with body tension - when coughing, sneezing. In general, we are interested in the question of when a person tore his back, how to treat this unpleasant phenomenon and how to help in this case.

The first thing that needs to be done isthere is pain in the lower back, so it's to put a person on a hard surface, on the floor, or on the bed, but under the mattress it will be necessary to put a sheet of plywood. To reduce pain, the patient can give an anesthetic - "Analgin", "Spazmolgon". And the most important thing is not to put a person in a hot bath, because the pain will intensify even more! You can also give the victim a dry hot-water bottle, in case it does not help, it is worth rubbing in the waist of the butadiene or indomethacin ointment, or those ointments that are advertised on TV, and from which the patient does not have allergies

  • It is necessary to limit the consumption of salt and liquid
  • Bed rest for 4-5 days
  • If treatment at home has not helped, call a doctor, so that he would already make his own professional conclusions, and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Intervertebral hernia

You suffered in the back, continued to studyrepair, or carry weights, everyone thought that it would pass, but you were wrong. The pain became permanent, became even more intense when walking, relief is felt when you just lie. How to cure a back? You will think, after all it is possible or probable already signs of an intervertebral hernia. This is the second stage of radiculitis, in which pain in the lower back becomes permanent, and a feeling of numbness in the lower back may appear. Pain also manifests itself when the trunk is bending forward, flexing the legs.

  • When treating this disease, the patient is prescribed rest and bed rest
  • Anesthetic preparations are accepted - "Spazmolgon", "Analgin"
  • Called a doctor who will already draw certain conclusions
  • Relieve pain can corset or belt weightlifter

Lumbar osteochondrosis

Back ache can also be caused by osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis is a disease in which the spinal disc does not receive proper nutrition. When the disk does not receive the necessary trace elements, it dries up, and as a result, the load on the spine becomes stronger.

To treat an osteochondrosis it is necessary consistently, correctly and with desire, as this disease of chronic character. When the disease requires:

  • Manual therapy
  • Massages
  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Proper nutrition, which must contain trace elements to strengthen the tone of bones.

If you do not know where to treat your back, you cancall a doctor at home, but it will be more expensive, it is better to go to the nearest hospital or polyclinic, where you will already be prompted to whom and where to go the best way about this.

And a few words about the prevention of back pain:

  • Every day, in breaks from work, you need to do a five-minute physical workout, to strengthen the bones and muscles of the back.
  • It is required to follow the posture when you are in a sitting position, sit straight, squaring your shoulders.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to do a massage, but not at home, but with a specialist, since pain points can not be known and only harm.
  • If you already have a backache, what to treat, only a specialist will say, as self-medication can only hurt.

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