How to turn off the alarm?

It is known that problems with signaling have the property to arise at the most inopportune moment. How to disable the alarm on the machine, if the key chain does not work? Consider the most common cases.

Possible reasons

Do not panic immediately. If you are in the center of a metropolis, then it is likely that the signal does not pass because of active radio interference. Try to turn off the alarm, reducing the range - just go close to the car and bring the keychain to the place where the central lock or receiver antenna is located. The disconnection of the alarm may not work, either due to the discharge of the battery or the battery itself. In an emergency, you need to remove the battery from the key fob and tap it lightly. This should be enough for one trip. But how can I turn off the alarm if the problem is more serious?

How to disable the alarm without a key fob

To begin with, so as not to irritate othersUnpleasant sounds should be turned off speaker (speaker). To do this, you need to open the hood, find the bell and mute the alarm key. You can do it and it's easier to disconnect the contact.

To put the alarm in the service modeit is necessary to find a secret button of the car alarm, which is usually hidden near the safety block under the torpedo or in the cabin. Further actions are described in detail in the relevant section of the instructions for the alarm system. If there is no instruction, you can not do without a call to the service center where the alarm was installed.

Having found the button it is necessary to enter the secret code. There are two options for this. First: turn on the ignition, briefly press the secret button once, turn off the ignition. The second option: turn on the ignition, briefly four times press the secret button, turn off the ignition.

It is better to study the introduction of the pin code in more detail, especially if the car is equipped with a sophisticated GSM-signal system. Entering the code, start the engine and connect the speaker.

You can turn off the alarm by disabling its fuse, which is either under the instrument panel on the wires, or near the central unit under the hood.

If all the above ways of disabling the alarm failed, then you need to turn to a specialist for help - your problem is more complicated than it seemed at first glance.

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