KHL in 2018-2019 year: teams, schedule, start of the season

Before the start of the 2018-2019 KHL season, very little time is left, and millions of hockey fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the championship. The current draw promises a lot of interesting things, including matches in the open air and the expansion of Internet broadcasts. In addition, solid financial investments in the Eastern Conference teams (Avangard, AK Bars, Salavat Yulaev) should put an end to the hegemony of the Western clubs in the Gagarin Cup. All this will make the tournament even more spectacular, unpredictable and attractive for fans.

Regular Championship Calendar

The KHL schedule for 2018-2019, the leadership of the league promised to submit more on June 15, but the final version was completed only by the beginning of July. The reason for the transfer was the move of “CSKA” to the arena of “Spartak”, as a result of which at least one day break is established between the home games of these teams. This is the minimum amount of time it takes to pour ice and prepare the arena for the game.According to the bosses of the league, almost all wishes of the participants of the tournament were taken into account, as well as the interests of the national team in preparation for the World Cup. As a result, it was necessary to tinker with the schedule, because it is still compiled by hand.

KHL games

The beginning of the 2018-2019 KHL season will be held on September 1 at the Kazan Arena. In the opening match, Kazan 'AK Bars' winner of the Gagarin Cup and the winner of the Continental Cup from St. Petersburg “SKA” will meet. The next day the regular championship starts, which will last until February 22. Each league team will hold 62 matches, which will determine the 16 best clubs participating in the playoffs. Among the main innovations of the calendar KHL 2018-2019, we note:

  • September 7, from now on, will become a game day (earlier matches on this day were not held in connection with the tragedy of HC Lokomotiv);
  • the match of all the KHL Stars will take place in Kazan from January 18 to January 20 and will include a competition day along with a division tournament;
  • rendered matches Slovan - CSKA and CSKA - Dynamo (Riga) will take place on the ice arenas of Western Europe in Vienna and Zurich;
  • On January 20, in Riga, the second open-air match in the history of the league will take place, in which the local Dynamo and Yokerit or Slovan will meet.

KHL season 2018-2019 will end no later than April 25.This day will be held, if necessary, the seventh match of the final series between the best clubs of the Western and Eastern conferences. As a result, the wishes of the FHR were implemented, having requested at least two weeks of preparation for the national team for the upcoming World Hockey Championship. Many discussions were held about the preservation of September 7 as a day off from KHL matches, but in a tight schedule, each date was on the account. Nevertheless, all the teams that will go on the ice on September 7 will play with mourning ribbons in memory of the Lokomotiv hockey players who died in the crash.

Without "overlays" has not done

The KHL match schedule for the 2018-2019 season provides for a number of pauses in accordance with the IIHF calendar. Among them are breaks in games:

  • November 8-11 (Eurotour in Finland);
  • December 13-16 (Eurotour in Russia);
  • February 7-10 (Eurotour in Sweden).

The KHL leadership arrived in principle and did not cancel the big game day on November 12th. Given the fact that on the eve of the 11th day the Russian team will hold their match in Helsinki, not all players will be able to arrive at the location of their clubs. And if you can fly to Moscow or St. Petersburg overnight, then, for example, in Omsk, Kazan or Cherepovets, it is unlikely to be able to do this.As a result, coaches of a number of teams will have to break their brains over the starting lineup on November 11.

Who will take part in the championship?

In the 2018-2019 KHL, there will be 25 teams that will play at least two matches with the rest of the participants (on their ice and in the opponent's arena). In addition, two clubs will play two matches each other within their division and two games with randomly selected opponents from other divisions. After the exclusion of “Lada” and “Ugra” from the current KHL draw, the list of participants in the league looks like this:

Eastern Conference

Western Conference


Dynamo (Moscow)

"AK Bars"

Dynamo (Riga)












Dynamo (Minsk)





"Salavat Yulaev"





Torpedo was transferred to the Eastern Conference, the question of whose participation was acute before the start of the KHL 2018-2019. Fortunately for local fans, the bosses of the team found financial reserves, almost completely paying off wage arrears to the players.Dinamo (Minsk) and Slovan clubs were transferred to the Tarasov Division, and Dynamo and Severstal took their places in the Bobrov division.

Tournament regulations

The 2018-2019 KHL Championship has not undergone major changes. As before, the league tournament table will be formed based on the points scored in the matches. For a victory in the main time (for three periods) 3 points will be awarded. If the match is won in extra time or in the shootout, then the winner is awarded 2 points, and the losing squad - 1 point. This is the main difference between the tournament and the NHL, where last year changes were introduced: for winning the team is now awarded two points, including if it is scored in extra time. Lose in extra time squad is awarded 1 point.

KHL match

In the playoffs of the Gagarin Cup come out of the top 8 teams from each conference. Couples are formed according to the principle of “criss-cross”, that is, the first squad will play from the eighth, the second from the seventh, etc. A 10-minute overtime is assigned to the first abandoned puck.In the final series for the Gagarin Cup, the best hockey teams of the West and the East will meet.

KHL calendar 2018-2019 year provides a huge number of matches that will be held in a fierce fight. During the tournament, viewers will see a lot of spectacular moments, power moves and pucks. Recently, the league level has grown significantly, and the current rally will not be an exception.

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