Kitchen. Which laminate to choose?

The kitchen is used not only for cooking and eating, but also for family meals, where they discuss their concerns and current affairs. The more thoughtful will be the interior of the kitchen, the more pleasant it will be to spend time there. One of the most important steps towards a harmonious interior is choosing the right floor covering. Increasingly, designers recommend to pay attention to the laminate, as one of the most suitable types of material for the kitchen floor.

To make the right choice and decide whether the laminate is the best solution for a particular kitchen, you should have a clear idea of ​​its basic characteristics, performance and distinctive features.
What is good laminated floor in the kitchen?
Laminate is attractive primarily because of its soft texture, which is much more pleasant for feet than hard and cold ceramic tiles. High-quality laminate is easy to install, just take care of it. In addition, it is practical, since chips or cracks appear extremely rarely on it.

To avoid the sonorous sound from the laminated canvas, experts advise the use of sound-absorbing substrate.
A wide range of patterns and shades makes this material attractive for lovers of eco-interiors or rustic style in the decoration.
Laminate in the majority of its negative impact of moisture, so a simple unprotected material is strictly not suitable for the kitchen. Water-resistant and moisture-resistant varieties, which are more suitable for use in conditions of critical humidity, are usually quite expensive.

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Before purchasing such material for the floor, you should be familiar with its composition: the presence of formaldehyde can be hazardous to health.
When choosing a laminate for the kitchen, experts advise focusing on the following indicators:
Material class The minimum class suitable for kitchen conditions is 32, since the material with lower rates will not be sufficiently strong and reliable for difficult conditions.
The density of the panel for the kitchen should be from 900 kg / cubic meter. Information about the density and other characteristics of the selected material should be sought in the certificate of quality, which the seller must provide for each product.
The lack of chamfers on the panels is a prerequisite for the kitchen floor, since it is they who accumulate moisture and become the place from which the destruction of the material begins.

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Artificial materials should be chosen as the substrate for the kitchen covering, and the best is a synthetic PVC substrate.
Special attention is paid to the laminate with a pattern of ceramic tiles. When laying such material, designers have two goals: to leave the traditional tiled floor in the kitchen, but to make it softer and warmer. Externally identical to marble, granite or ceramic tile, laminate is an ideal option when the floor requires only a visual effect, and not the strength and coolness of the stone.
Unlike a bathroom or toilet, which are considered “wet” zones, closed to the laminate, the kitchen is quite worthy to have such a floor. Despite the high level of humidity and the likelihood of water on the floor surface, the kitchen is normal - it is a dry and warm room. In this case, the usual laminate with a low level of protection from moisture feels uncomfortable in the kitchen: this material too quickly loses its appearance, soaks and loses its original shape.
Manufacturers of laminates, not wanting to lose potential customers interested in laying this type of material in kitchens, started to produce special types of such a coating adapted to the harsh conditions of the kitchen. So, moisture-resistant and water-resistant laminates appeared on the market, which differ in their characteristics and cost.
Moisture resistant laminate is a material that is resistant to high humidity of the room and a small amount of water on the surface for a short time. The maximum period of water on this floor is about 20 minutes, because after that the upper layer begins to absorb water and deform the canvas.

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Experts recommend for greater material resistance to moisture during laying laminate to process butt joints with sealant.
Waterproof laminate is a much more durable material that does not respond to moisture on its surface. Spilled tea or milk for waterproof laminate is not a problem, as is tile. Experts allow the possibility of laying this type of coating, even in the bathroom. With this butt seams,representing a zone of risk for conventional or moisture-resistant laminate, in this type of coating are processed in the factory, so there is no need to cover the seams with a protective compound.
It should be understood that really high-quality and reliable moisture-resistant or waterproof laminate can not be cheap. The best samples of such a coating that can withstand even immersion in hot water are made by Vintage (Switzerland), Egger (Austria), Alloc (Norway) and others.
Features care for laminate flooring in the kitchen
Caring for a laminated board is simple: it is enough to wipe it with a cloth, depending on the degree of contamination - dry or wet. In addition, for maintaining such a floor in perfect condition, experts recommend the use of special protective equipment that will help keep the floor intact.

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Near the sink and slab laminate can be covered with special rubber mats - this will protect its surface from frequent moisture.
To preserve the material in case of furniture movement, legs of tables, chairs and other products should be provided with soft felt nozzles.
Laminate in the kitchen is not a myth, but a very real opportunity to get not only a warm and pleasant, but also a floor protected from water. Competent choice of coating, its high-quality installation and proper care with the use of additional funds can be a guarantee of a long life of high-quality laminated floor in the kitchen.

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