Ladder - strength and modernity

The most popular material is wood. For a staircase, a quality tree must be chosen, since the safety of the structure directly depends on this. Of the types of wood noted: Pine. Budget, affordable option, which has a beautiful natural pattern. However, the pine will quickly turn yellow and has a short lifespan, but it is easy to process.

Beech. Durable, but capricious material. Even after treatment with special means, beech can easily be deformed with changes in temperature or humidity. Not suitable for seasonal private homes that the owners visit from time to time and do not maintain the temperature regime throughout the year. Birch Available type of wood with a nice pattern.

Amenable to processing easier than pine. Boasts a long service life. Ash. Durable material that is hard to process due to its hardness. The texture of the ash is not everyone will like. Oak.A kind of tree that knows no equal among domestic "competitors". It is strong, durable, reliable. For the quality will have to pay well.

Also, the stairs are made of concrete, heavy-duty glass and metal. There are also combined options. Concrete stairs are distinguished by monumentality. Such structures are located in multi-storey buildings. Do not be mistaken about the clumsy appearance of concrete stairs. If this structure is poured into a private house, then it can be given an original shape, and the additional decor completely eliminates the similarity with the similar “official” element.

Metal stairs are good because they are combined with any other materials. Designs of glass are considered "an amateur", as they are suitable only for a narrow range of modern styles, led by high-tech.

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