LED lighting for warehouse

Lighting warehouse can not be anyhow, as in this direction there are specific standards and quality indicators that must be complied with without fail. In addition to natural lighting, which is ensured due to the presence in the warehouse of special openings, artificial lighting, which is the main one, is being actively used, and it is specifically to it that special requirements are imposed. In some warehouses, natural lighting is completely absent.

Recently, for lighting warehouses are increasingly choosing LED lamps. Such a lighting system is currently recognized as one of the most effective in several ways. First of all, it is necessary to note the ability of LED-elements to instantly launch, which distinguishes them from outdated counterparts, which require several minutes to complete the work.

The use of a lighting system for storage facilities of this type is the complete absence of pulsation,which provides more comfortable working conditions in the warehouse and in industrial premises, thereby allowing to reduce injuries among employees, not to mention the absence of eye-irritating “flicker” effect.

Energy efficiency is also one of the most important advantages of LED luminaires used in stock. It is LED equipment that allows to reduce the cost of electricity in industrial conditions by three times. It is impossible not to note the fact that LED lamps can significantly relieve energy power, and therefore for their installation, you can use a cable of a smaller section, thus reducing costs at the stage of laying the cable in storage and production facilities.


Only LED equipment can fully function at low temperatures, such lamps can operate at temperatures from -60 to + 60 ° C, so that they can be used not only in warehouses, but also in the conditions of the Far North. Given that the duty cycle of each LED lamp is more than 100,000 hours, we can safely say thatthat during the whole period of its operation, neither replacement nor maintenance is required, which for many large enterprises is also one of the important parameters of the warehouse operation.

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