Light and sound siren. Fire alarm system

The light and sound annunciator can become convenientmeans of transmission of light and sound signals in the event of emergencies in buildings of a very different type and purpose. Light and sound annunciators provide timely signals about the beginning of evacuation, remaining active throughout the day, functioning from a standard power grid.


light and sound detector 220vVarious models and modifications of light and sound annunciators are actively used to ensure safety at industrial facilities, in trade establishments, entertainment and public areas.

Each device mustcorrespond to the features and purpose of the room in which it is installed. Usually a suitable light and sound detector is selected based on the noise level that is present in the room. It also takes into account the activities of people who are in it.

Features of operation

Before performing the installation of a light and soundit is necessary to determine the mode in which it should operate. This can be a general, simplified or special mode of operation. The latter option is most often used in guard posts and in medical institutions, in the control rooms, when the fire alarm system is controlled by specially trained personnel.

Fire alarm system

In the standard mode, the sirens work inpublic, residential and rented premises. To ensure integrated security, several devices are mounted on opposite walls, connected to the alarm system and operate from a conventional power supply network.


Join the security systemThe light and sound detector (220V) can be either soldered or standard, provided by the default screw method. The connection of input and output wires through the terminals of the siren is done by duplicating them.

light and sound siren

The operation of the siren in standby mode presupposesinstallation in which the communication control is performed by connecting the wires to the final element. Usually such element is a resistor with a diode. When installing sirens, external connection of the diodes is not permissible.

Types of annunciators

The fire alarm system may containa number of light and sound annunciators of various models and modifications. Currently, the most common models are round and square warning devices.

If we talk about the possibilities of exploitation and constructive differences, then there are:

  • external type of annunciators that provide security in open areas;
  • Internal sirens widely used for indoor use.

Regardless of the type, such a device asa light and sound detector can be installed on objects with fire and security alarms, not only to provide light and sound signals during the evacuation of people, but also when certain signals are required to be sent to personnel.

Standard and combined models

Despite the relatively limitedfunctionality, which is dictated by the purpose of standard sirens, at present there is a sufficient number of various modifications of devices for this purpose. Modified annunciators are intended for use in the most innovative integrated security systems and modern fire alarm systems.

light and sound detector

Among the main advantages that distinguishlight and sound combined siren, it is worth highlighting the modern design, the availability of conditions for installation both outside and inside the premises, as well as the possibility of issuing sound and light signals simultaneously. This, in turn, is becoming extremely important for ensuring security at sites with high noise and smoke pollution.

Light and sound siren: price

light and sound combined sirenCost of light and sound sirensdomestic production refers to the average price range. The price of the most simple models varies from 70 to 150 rubles. The cost of combined and modified devices can reach 350 rubles, which fully corresponds to their functionality.

Naturally, the same sirenlight and sound can differ in different cost depending on the price policy of a particular trading network. However, for most consumers, the price of domestic and imported devices remains more than acceptable. Therefore, such security systems are available to the widest range of interested buyers.

Light and sound siren "Mayak"

If we talk about the most accessible fordomestic consumer, popular models, then on the first place there are light and sound devices of mark "Mayak". Today, such relatively inexpensive, really reliable, functional and durable systems are widely used in domestic industrial, commercial, entertainment, exhibition, public facilities. If necessary, beacons of the "Mayak" brand can be equipped with a fire alarm system in living quarters.


Lighters "Mayak" perfectly cope with theirthe main task - to alert people about the emergence of an emergency situation using signals that can simultaneously affect the sight and hearing of a person. With this task, the devices of the mark "Mayak" cope perfectly well, which is confirmed by the practice and numerous reviews of specialists.

In the event of an emergency situation, devicesof this category are illuminated by a bright pulsating light, which is highlighted by a special alarm or direction indicator. A light signal is heard that is loud and clearly audible in the presence of increased noises by a siren. At present, such annunciators are in demand not only when security is needed at enterprises, but also among individuals.

However, preferring light and soundto the Mayak lighters, it is necessary to understand that for their effective operation it is necessary to select the correct type of device that corresponds to the features of the existing alarm system. It is also necessary to calculate in advance a sufficient number of them, based on the conditions and features of the premises. Therefore, it is wise to approach the choice of annunciators, preferably relying on the advice and opinions of experienced specialists.

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