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Many buyers want to know everything, and she asks the seller, most often the questions are related to the manufacturers who make the backlight for pictures. This issue should be given time, because no one wants to buy just that. The device for lighting must be of high quality first of all, so that it does not break after a month of work, and you do not have to go to change it.

Now it is worth saying a few words about the factories that are engaged in the production of lighting fixtures for illuminating paintings. Multifunctional and highly specialized lighting corporations in Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy can offer us various options for lighting of any style using different types of lamps.

The Italian company OMA is one of the best in this field. It is considered one of the few that produces LED backlights. The main material that this factory uses is brass, it is polished, covered with 24 carat gold or chrome, there are also variants of bronze, silver and nickel plating.

As for the Spanish company Pale, it produces special lighting devices with local switches, it is even possible to dim them the rays of light. The innovation of this corporation is that you can choose a color: from antique gold and classic gloss to wenge (under ebony) and special bronze. This factory most often uses fluorescent lamps in their lighting fixtures.

The Italian corporation Pas can offer you a considerable choice and a variety of fixtures that differ in the length of devices (40-160 cm). Another distinctive feature of such products is that all models are equipped with standard switches in the form of threads of silk or chains.

The backlight for the artwork of another BCM company is unusual in that it is produced with beautiful inserts made of transparent or colored organic glass.

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