Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars

Lisa Piterkina is the author of books and seminars,devoted to intimate relations. A huge number of Russian women, she is also known as the creator of video lessons. What are the reviews of her programs? How did Lisa Piterkina deal with the creation of her unusual techniques?

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The heroine of this article is a linguist. Her native city is Nizhny Novgorod. After graduating from the philological faculty of the local university, Lisa Piterkina continued her studies in Canada.

Problems arising in relations between menand a woman, were and remain relevant. This is the reason for the popularity of the author of publications on issues of intimate life. On this subject Lisa Piterkina wrote more than ten books. Among them - the bestseller "Alpha male". Piterkin, in addition, is a member of the Union of Writers. She writes not only guides for women on "How to be happy", but also poetic works, which, however, according to some reviews, are characterized by excessive shocking.

Participation in television projects

The topic of sexual relations Lisa Piterkin alwaysgave preference. For several years she wrote articles for one of the Nizhny Novgorod magazines. Her works were, as a rule, devoted to the topic of intimate relations and their influence on the fate of women. The author of unusual techniques is also the creator of the television program "Intimate details".

As for books, in addition to "Alpha-male"rather popular are the "Taoist secrets of the love of art." Lisa Piterkina, photo of which is presented in this article, took part in the program "School of Wives". She is also known to the female audience for work in the Internet project "I Want to Marry."

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Power Engineering

Knowledge in this field Lisa Piterkina hasthanks to one of the Chinese healers, who at one time was trained. Based on the received information on energy technology, she created several techniques. He also dedicates his readers to the art of Taoist love.

Healer, in communication with whom she podcherpnulaunique knowledge, called the master of Ji. Thanks to him, Peterkina had a correct understanding of the typology of men. This knowledge formed the basis of training programs.

What is the secret of choosing a life partner? The heroine of this article claims that every woman should be able to adequately assess her own energy resources. Because how to choose a man follows from the Chinese law on the conformity of yin-yang. The book "Alpha-male" is based on the following advice:

  1. Take note of the world around you.
  2. Pay attention to the content, but not on the bright cover.
  3. Assess the spiritual component of the partner.

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In the book, which became a best-seller, Piterkin alsogives advice to women on the search for the notorious "prince on a white horse." What if energy is not enough to attract a millionaire, and the desire to become the wife of a successful businessman does not give rest? Peterkina advises her readers to learn to love themselves, take care of themselves. With changes in one's own spiritual world, the path to happiness begins. Because even the most unhappy Cinderella, according to Piterkina, has the right to meet with the "Prince".


Produced by the author of books and video lessons for womenof different ages is Yulia Pryakhina. In 2014 the name Piterkina became a brand. The Academy of Intimate Art was created. In his webinars, Piterkin answers various questions today. Her seminars are extremely popular. In order to get acquainted with the activities of Piterkina, you do not need to acquire manuals in paper or video format. Some lessons she hosts online for free. In addition to creating books and manuals, Piterkin writes articles and essays.

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Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars Lisa Piterkina: books, seminars