Lump sum payment from maternity capital in 2017

Maternal capital is the most successful program for helping young families. It is not a secret for anyone that the birth of a child in our time is an expensive pleasure, and the general decline in the birth rate testifies to the lack of funds in the population for raising and raising children.

In order to improve the demographic situation in Russia, a program was introduced according to which families who gave birth or adopted a second, third or subsequent child between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2016, are entitled to receive a certificate for issuing maternity capital.

Moreover, the child must be a citizen of Russia, and the parents who have a second or subsequent child, or who adopted a second or subsequent child, did not use other additional measures of state support. In this article we will touch on the topic.lump-sum payments from maternity capital 2017.

This social program is aimed at improving the demographic situation in Russia. The means of maternity capital are most often spent by citizens on improving the living conditions of the family. Also matkapital can go to the pension savings of the mother or to receive a child’s education.

Lump sum payout

If you follow the latest news, you can make a bold conclusion about the beginning of the indexation of a lump-sum payment from the maternity capital until 2017 inclusive.

So, throughout 2016, this payment will gradually increase.up to the amount of 453 thousand rubles. Already in 2017, the payment will be increased by a few percent andwill rise to 480 thousand rubles.

The fate of maternity capital in 2017

extension of maternity capital paymentsInitially it was assumed that this very necessary program will expire on December 31, 2016. However, in the office of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, they declare a possible extension of the payments of matkapital.

If the child is born in 2017, the mother of the baby will have the full right to receive the maternity capital, since the funds for this program are already incorporated in the draft state budget.

Meanwhile, amendments to the legislation on the account of the prolongation of the program of the maternity capital will be considered later. And the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation reports that the government is not yet considering the possibility of extending the program for 2017.

“For the time being, it’s only that according to certificates received before the end of 2016, payments will continue in subsequent years. Speeches on the extension of the maternity capital program for 2017 yet. This requires a change in legislation. ”

That is, it is possible to tune into the fact that on January 1, 2017, for the program, the maternity capital will come “over time”. From this point on, the right to receive such state support to families who have given birth or adopted a second or subsequent children will simply cease to be granted.

Such a gloomy perspective cannot but disturb those who only planned the expansion of the family and set up this issue after 2016.

Is it possible the action of the program maternity capital in 2017

Experts have calculated the scenario of the likely development of events and offer us several options:

  1. Certificates of maternity capital will continue to issue after the introduction of the provisions of the programsome adjustments.

Maternity capital in 2017More specifically, state aid will now be provided only to low-income families. According to Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, after 2016, only low- or middle-income families should receive support from the state. Thus, those who can really do without the means of the parent capital will not receive certificates.

  1. Extension of the program of maternity capital until 2025 in finding the right amount of funds.

The amount of payments in this scenario can be increased to 1-1.5 million rubles. However, only families who have given birth or adopted a third and subsequent child can receive payment. The initiative of this proposal comes from the Belgorod deputies. Among other things, the list of permitted areas of possible capital expenditure can be expanded.

  1. The program will expire within the time limits specified by law.

But it is not all that bad. As compensation, the government will necessarily take measures to mitigate the negative consequences of closing the program. According to experts, it can be:

  • an increase in child benefits (in some cases doubled);
  • increase in compensation for attending preschool institutions.

The size of the parent capital from 2007 to 2017:

Of the year The amount of funds MK, RUB. Note
2007 250 000,00
2008 276 250,00 + 10.5%, inflation for 2007 of 11.87%
2009 312 162,50 + 13%, inflation for 2008 is 13.28%
2010 343 378,80 + 10%, inflation for 2009 is 8.80%
2011 365 698,40 + 6.5%, inflation for 2010 is 8.78%
2012 387 640,30 + 6%, inflation for 2011 is 6.10%
2013 408 960,50 + 5.5%, inflation for 2012 6.58%
2014 429 408,50 + 5%, inflation for 2013 6.45%
2015 453 026,00 + 5.5%, inflation for 2014 is 11.36%
2016* 473 412,00
2017* 492 348,00

* data for the years 2016-2017 provided by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. That is, it can be assumed that the funds for the maternity capital program have already been included in the budget plan.

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