I do this gymnastics (about a year) - this is Tibetan hormonal gymnastics. I learned to do it by video, there is a lot of material about it on the Internet. This is not a very accurate description, but there is no 8th gymnastics exercise, it is not power gymnastics. The order of performance here is different, and there is one condition that must be adhered to - gymnastics must be carried out strictly before 6 am. The effect really exists, everyone has a different feeling as if I was born again. A huge burst of energy, there is no trace of sleep, the vigor rolls over, I want to move mountains. Immediately I start to go about my business without rocking, saving time and have a lot of time to do. This is my personal feeling. PS - I by no means criticize this article. I just shared my experience. If you use this option, the result will certainly be positive. And do not forget about a positive attitude, if you do it without desire, through force - do not start, better, there certainly will not be any result.It is written correctly about water - it is necessary to drink after a gymnastics, all organs and the circulatory system are activated when in such a complex gymnastics + water. GOOD LUCK !!!!! TAKE AND WILL BE TO YOU !!!!!!

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