Mailbox Application

Boxes for the temporary storage of correspondence, which is delivered by the postal service, are widely demanded in various directions.

  • Each organization or manufacturing enterprise conduct business correspondence with suppliers, customers and partners. By subscription, they receive newspapers, magazines, various business publications. Often, organizations work in leased offices of business centers or in their private offices. To distribute mail to departments, you need mailboxes to collect mailings.
  • In public organizations, institutions, shopping centers, people receive letters, requests and inquiries. In such public places, boxes are set to receive mail for each unit to which it is addressed.
  • In the cities on the first floors of multi-storey buildings, multi-compartment boxes are installed to serve the residents of each entrance.
  • For residents of private houses, mailboxes are installed on the gates or installed on any structures at the entrance to the house.

Mailbox Design

Depending on the category of the population, they are performed in different constructive solutions.

1. The most common individual mailboxes. They are a box with a receiving compartment in the form of a narrow long notch, with a hinged lid, locked with a key, to extract attachments.

2. For collective use, modifications are intended that have one basis, on which several sections are located, each with an individual door that can be locked with a key.

Due to the fact that mailboxes are used not only indoors, but also outdoors, they should not be exposed to precipitation and should be resistant to mechanical stress.

In addition, they are made in different designs to match the interior of the building on which they are installed.

Basically they are made of metal, covered with anti-corrosion paints. The back wall provides mounting holes for fixing to the wall. Mailbox doors are equipped with a locking mechanism, complete with two keys.

The door of a multi-compartment mailbox that has become unusable can be repaired or replaced without dismantling the entire mailbox.

On the front part there are plate holders in which the name of the correspondence recipient is embedded. In the sectional drawers of apartment buildings there are labels for the apartment number of the addressee.

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