Making flowers wedding (photo)

Since the early childhood, every girl dreams about the dayof their wedding. About how her dress will overshadow the outfits of all the girlfriends, about how she will dance with the beautiful prince. And, of course, there must be a sea of ​​flowers. But why go expensive stereotypes, when you can show your imagination ?! And do not necessarily work yourself, in order to realize the dream. You can order the arrangement with the flowers of the wedding.

Wedding dreams

What can be more beautiful than the whole sea of ​​flowers? Only a woman in love in the midst of this magnificence!wedding decorationNo wonder the woman and the flower were compared by poets! Not for nothing that its beauty was emphasized by shadows and blushes, in order to strengthen the resemblance to the tea rose. And on the happiest day of her own wedding, a woman wants to be surrounded only by bright and joyful things. At the wedding, the flowers always have a place. Firstly, this is the most important bouquet in the life of the bride. Secondly, it can be an arch on the exit registration, twisted with flowers. Thirdly, these are bouquets of bridesmaids, which ideally should harmonize or contrast with the bouquet of the bride. The decoration of flowers for weddings is a new service, but in demand. Every bride wants to be in a flower paradise, but finance often does not allow such a service.

Flower Fashion

Making a flower wedding is the real thingart that requires a subtle taste and sense of proportion. This is a very refined, but very costly way to transform the room, make it festive and romantic. You can decorate only the restaurant, where the event will take place, but you can take care of the design of the house of the bride and registry office. Beautiful and gentle look petals of roses on the floor, a buttonhole with fresh flowers in the tone of a flower diadem. More often brides choose a flower wreath instead of the usual crown with a veil. Making wedding flowers is a choice of natural shades, fancy shapes and original textures. Well, the bonus is the fragrance of your favorite plants. Many studios offer partial decoration of flowers with flowers. Photos in numerous portfolios make sure that flowers blend harmoniously with the decoration flowers photoIn this situation, you can play with light,create a halftone and arrange an event in a specific topic. If you are afraid that the flowers will fade ahead of time, which is likely, given the fact that they are rarely sold completely fresh, then think about decorating the wedding with flowers and cloth, and the flowers can be artificial. But this option is good only if you do not have a prejudice against inanimate flowers.

Trend of the season

You probably noticed that now the wedding fashionsomewhat changed. The magnificent dresses of the ballroom silhouette have become delicious, all less often the brides clean their hair in a tall bunch, but the corset looks crooked and badly decorationHere came the fashion and wedding bouquets. In the trend, artificial bouquets of felt or beads, handmade flowers and bouquets with plush toys. On the one hand, this is a very practical and original option, since such a bouquet will stay at home for more than one year, retain its brightness and presentability, and photos with it will be original. But, on the other hand, do you really need a wedding bouquet at home? Maybe it's better to choose the arrangement of wedding flowers? Everything depends on the desire of the bride, but it must be taken into account that with any option and serious attitude to the event, the bouquet is the center accent, according to which the wedding is decorated with flowers.

Accents in the hall

If the finances and the temporary stock allow, it is better to pre-order the relevant services. For example, an order for wedding flowers should be made at least a month before the decoration with flowers and clothThe main accents will be at the youth table, wherea horizontal composition of flowers is usually constructed. There can be small compositions on guest tables. If the wedding is decorated in a certain color, then the plants will be in the same scale. By the way, in this case, costumes and flowers should be one composition. Many companies that offer flowers to decorate weddings, put photos in their albums from other people's florists, as there are certain successful tricks and combinations of colors. But is it worth paying for someone else's work, if you can just copy good options ?!

With your own hands

Yes, you can handle and do the decorationwedding flowers with their own hands. This option has both pluses and minuses. To the pluses we'll take the costs, because you do not have to pay for someone else's work, although you can hardly do all the work alone. We'll have to call friends and relatives, who then need to be fed, and in the process somehow entertained. By the way, it is worth remembering that all the assistants are already accredited in advance for your wedding. Next go unambiguous disadvantages. You will not be able to provide a presentable view of the flowers, since, most likely, they will have to be ordered from afar. Flowers will spend a lot of time on the way, and they can be wrinkled and scratched. So is the game worth the candle? Is it not better to entrust the job to a professional, from whom you can ask for the result?

What about money?

The total amount of expenses for a wedding consists ofmany factors. If you want, you can save a lot if you select flowers together with a florist, replace expensive fabrics with more democratic ones, and choose a less elegant decoration by flowersOn average, the complex design of the honeymoon zonecan be estimated at 10 thousand rubles. This is a standard option, but if you add thematic design, covers for chairs and premium backlit with lighting, then the price increases by almost half. Textile and flower decoration of tables for guests will cost about 200-500 rubles. For each column add another, at least, a thousand. If you have an exit ceremony, then the arch can also be decorated with flowers, which will take at least five thousand rubles according to the most conservative estimates.

Thematic wedding

For example, you want to play a wedding in the imageShrek and Fiona? Or maybe you always attracted the image of the Beauty and the Beast? Whatever it was, remember, that immediately suggests the idea of ​​fairy tales? Brightness of color! Color Fiona - green, and Beauty successfully combined in outfits sunny-yellow and blue colors. You can recall Cinderella, who emphasized her "blond" charm with a gently blue dress. You also want to shine, so why not make the wedding fabulous? Florists can decorate the hall in the tones of your favorite story, create original floral compositions with your names or other romantic attributes.decoration of coral wedding flowersTheir task is to create important accents. You can also order work in a certain color. For example, often choose the decoration of a coral wedding flowers. This is a very convenient color, although it is considered bright. You can add any shades, combine outfits of different tones. This color is feminine and flirty, but does not necessarily have to be interrupted with its use. The color scheme includes tulips and roses, poppies and amaryllis. Also you can show fantasy and combine tropical varieties of flowers.

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