Manufacturer Ford will present Escape (Kuga) 2017 model year

The Los Angeles Auto Show will start very soon, and a well-known manufacturer will delight the public with a presentation of a restyled model.Ford Escape 2017of the year. On the eve of this event, a popular brand shared photos and data about its new product.

In Russia and in Europe, this car will be known asFord Kuga 2017. Today's restyling is complex and touched not only the design, but also made changes to the technical component of the car.

Changes in the exterior are perfectly combined with an improved interior and advanced optional equipment. The car has become much more serious, richer and more attractive.

Changes in the appearance of the car

Although innovations in the exterior of the novelty cannot be called grandiose, one can immediately see that thanks to many of them, the appearance of the model has noticeably improved and become more spectacular.

The appearance of the crossover has changed, it turned out more refined compared to its predecessor,designers added a number of stylistic solutions to it in the front area of ​​the model Edge. The manufacturer will offer six new design discs, the rear lights are made in a completely new form.

Among other innovations, there is an optional package called Sport Apperance Package, available for Titanium and SE modifications with three types of painting: light blue, golden white, orange.

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Ford 2017 was equipped with the original grille with active aerodynamic dampers. Engineers have completely revised the LED - lights installed in the back. All of these innovations gave the crossover a look something like the exterior of its older "brother" Edge.

Interior decoration

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The interior of the updated model was equipped with a new steering wheel, a modernized center console, a more comfortable armrest, as well as a platform for a pair of cup holders. The change of the mechanical-type parking brake lever to electronic one, allowed to slightly increase the amount of free space.

I would also like to say about the presence of new air intakes, as well as an increased range of finishing materials. In general, we can say that the interior looks richer, more modern, and the increased amount of free space will have a positive effect on the comfort of the passengers inside.

New car equipment

This model among all the creations of the company acquired a new multimedia complex SYNC 3 with an instant response to pressing, an improved voice control system, as well as support for files from the SYNC Connect app, which give the driver access to a modern function — using a mobile device, the driver can remotely enable / turn off the engine, close / open the doors of the car, receive information about the volume of fuel and the need to perform maintenance.

The interface of this entertainment and information complex, due to the QNX firmware, from the Blackberry manufacturer, has a similar design as the smartphone shell.

Ford escape characteristics

For the updated Escape model, from Ford, a sports kit is available, three fresh body colors, and two, not available before the bundle - Titanium and SE.

In addition to this, the off-road car is completely crammed with the most advanced features and safety systems, as well as electronic assistants, including cruise control with an automatic braking system, automatic transition from high to low beam, a system that monitors "blind" zones, an assistant at the start movement uphill and others.

Vehicle specifications

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In the engine line of this crossover, the EcoBoost power unit, with a capacity of 1.6 liters, replaced the fresh 1.5 - liter turbine four with a maximum power of 180 hp. This engine is also included in the EcoBoost family, turned out to be 15 hp. more productive than its predecessor.

Also, an improved EcoBoost power unit with a volume of two liters, which produces 245 hp, was added to the line. Due to the modernization of the intake system and installation of new pistons, the engine has become virtually silent. Both powertrains are equipped with a stop-start function, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption (5-7% less). The modifications did not affect only the 168-strong atmospheric power unit.

The novelty will be equipped with a six-band manual non-alternative transmission.

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