Many-sided ceramic tiles

Once people believed that with the help of alchemy you can turn a stone into gold, but centuries of experiments have not yielded positive results. But the masters engaged in ceramic tiles managed to create products resembling the appearance of stone, wood, leather, textiles, really turn the clay under their feet into a ringing coin. Today, manufacturers continue to work on giving the shard all sorts of textures and shades.

We have already got used to using ceramic tiles as a finishing material, especially in rooms with high humidity, we can hardly refuse it in the near future. As it is known from the Bible, the Creator chose clay as the raw material for the creation of man; this probably explains our love for pottery. Incredible high performance characteristics of ceramics do not cease to amaze us.

The porous structure of ceramic products can retain heat, but absorbs water. People learned to resist the penetration of moisture by first using surface treatment of samples with glaze, enamels, and later by sintering blanks in powerful ovens at high temperatures.The result was the creation of high-quality ceramic tiles capable of withstanding the action of many elements, resist loads, absolutely do not miss the water (gres, porcelain stoneware).

Today, tiles are used almost everywhere: they revet walls and floors, cover worktops in the kitchen, trim pools, fireplaces. Ceramics went out into the street, often decorating facades, socles of buildings with tiles, arranging hard surfaces of terraces and paths. Although tiles are used in the most extreme conditions, one should be aware that it is not universal, for each specific situation one should take a specialized type of ceramics.

Of particular note is the decorative ability of ceramic tiles, the aesthetic variety of its range is incomparable with any other building material. For thousands of years of production artisans invented majolica, tile, tiles, and today they have come to the aid of modern technology for the manufacture of ceramic products.

In order to improve the tile itself and its use in the interior, designers put maximum effort, constantly developing new collections of not only tiles, but also decorative elements such as borders, inserts, reliefs, friezes.The purely utilitarian function of ceramic tiles is increasingly giving way to the wide decorative, aesthetic possibilities of the material. The area where ceramic tiles are used has expanded considerably.

Now the tile can be found not only in the bathroom, bathroom, in the kitchen, but more often in the front hall, corridor, dining room and even the living room, bedroom. With the help of warm floors, you can neutralize the “cold” touch of ceramic tiles in winter, and in the summer it will bring the desired coolness.

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