Marble flat

Marble is a natural mineral, which is a limestone recrystallized under the action of high pressure and temperature. Since ancient times, thousands of years ago, people used marble to decorate their houses for them, they do it today.

The walls and floors of the rooms are trimmed with marble, tabletops, window sills, panels on the slopes are made of it.

The advantage of marble slabs is their high hardness and strength, resistance to abrasion, and the pronounced beauty of natural natural stone.
Before laying the surface of the marble carefully leveled and primed well.

Prepare the following tools and accessories:
• Bucket
• Clean cloth
• Level
• Glue
• Toothpick
• Protective tape (if necessary)
• Marble tiles
• Cross tiles
• Tile cutting machine with water to drive.
• Protective gloves
• Thick work gloves
• Sponge
• Acetone for cleaning tools
• Rubber spatula

Glue is applied to the floor with a toothed trowel, covering a small area of ​​the surface with it.

The tile is lowered onto the glue layer and slightly pressed on it, leveling its position with the level. Particularly carefully install the first row of tiles - it will serve as a beacon, the height of which will be installed the remaining tiles. They make sure that no glue gets on the front surface of the marble, if it happened - it is immediately removed with a damp sponge.

It is necessary to cut marble tiles very carefully, since natural stone tends to crack along the cracks in it. To prevent this from happening, you can additionally glue the tiles with protective tape.

After laying the tiles, wait at least a day for the glue to dry and harden well, after which it can be scrubbed. A small amount of grout is diluted in a small container, and the rubber spatula fills the seams with it, trying to penetrate to their full depth, after which the excess spatula is removed along the seam by movement of the spatula and form its surface. Ten minutes after applying the grout, all joints are additionally wiped with a damp sponge, often rinsing it - this removes the remnants of the fugue from the tile surface, and makes the seam smooth and shiny.

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