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Marketing research is the foundation of any business and advertising campaign. You will never be confident in the success of marketing new products or the effect of advertising, without conducting pre-marketing research aimed at finding out the needs of your target audience, its preferences, attitudes to one or another type of advertising products.
With the seeming cost, marketing research can save millions of rubles or dollars by firing an apple and making any advertising as effective as possible.
Creativity is the creative embodiment of the original idea of ​​an advertising campaign in the form of text and a visual image. We recommend ordering the manufacture of thin light panels in Moscow under the link The advertising circle “Solar Circle” (Moscow) specializes in the development, production, installation and maintenance of outdoor advertising objects.
Creative, speaking in Russian, is an important creative component of advertising. Thanks to the idea, it is possible to achieve huge success for a small amount of money, to make advertising effective and truly interesting for the consumer.

PR or public relations is a type of marketing aimed at creating friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the organization and the public.
In the life of any company, there are situations when “public relations” is much more effective than direct advertising. And sometimes, for example, when the company is actively entering the market, advertising and public relations complement each other well. PR technologies are being improved and advertising placement in the media or on any media is the most expensive part for the client. For example: the production of a television commercial costs an average of 3 million rubles. However, its placement on the central television channels is incomparably more expensive - for 3 million you can get 1-3 shows in prime time.

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