Metro Belomorskaya in 2018 in Moscow

Metro "White Sea" will appear in 2018 in Moscow. It will be located between the “River Station” landing points - “Khovrino”, and will become part of the Zamoskvoretskaya branch, indicated in green in the scheme. The opening of the subway will be the best gift for a resident of the Levoberezhny microdistrict, who, from the moment the station operates, will be able to reach any part of Moscow much faster, more comfortable, cheaper.

General characteristics

The exact date of the opening of the station "Belomorskaya" in 2018 has not yet been determined. At the moment, the object is in the final stages of construction, so the subway, according to experts, will begin to function even before the start of the World Cup. The landing point will be located on Belomorskaya Street in the place where it intersects with Smolny. The subway exits will be made on both sides of the street, and they will run through specially equipped pedestrian crossings.

Station "White Sea" has the following characteristics:

  • depth - 25 m;
  • platform width - 12 m;
  • additional equipment - underground parking;
  • expected passenger traffic - 90 thousand people / day;
  • descent to the landing platform - stairs, escalators;
  • maximum capacity - 110 thousand people / day.

At rush hour in the morning and in the evening, the station will be able to receive up to 13 thousand people with an expected passenger traffic of 12.3 thousand. In the western part of the station, they will be equipped with a switch to the Khimki line (Third interchange circuit). It is expected that the “Belomorskaya” will have a police room and a ticket sales point.

History of creation

The first project for the construction of the Metro station with the working title "Belomorskaya Street" appeared in 1957. Two years later, a plan was approved for the construction of the metropolitan subway, but the landing point described was not there. In the 1970s and 1980s, attempts were made to revive the idea of ​​building the station, but due to various circumstances it did not come to fruition.

Put into operation "White Sea" decided in 2007. According to the development plan of the metropolitan Metropolitan, the Zamoskvoretskaya branch was extended to the Kovrino and Left-Bank districts, as a result of which the transportation problem in the north of the capital was solved.In 2011, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced a quick start of installation work, but local residents expressed dissatisfaction with the prospect of opening the subway, and construction was canceled. Nevertheless, many experts associate the refusal to open the “Belomorskaya” with the desire of the mayor’s office to reduce the cost of extending the Zamoskvoretskaya line.

After refusing to lay the subway, an initiative group of residents of Levoberezhny collected thousands of signatures and sent them to Marat Husnullin, deputy mayor of Moscow for urban planning policy. In July 2016, construction of the station started, and KMS, a subsidiary of Stroygazconsulting, won the tender for the contract. The estimated cost of installation was 5.77 billion rubles.

The station "Belomorskaya", opening in 2018, looks on the diagram as follows:

Design "White Sea"

Domestic specialists worked on the interior of the station. As a result, the design of the landing point turned out to be quite standard: with many columns on the sides of the platform and several benches in the niches next to them. The exit to the pedestrian crossings on Belomorskaya Street will be equipped with a staircase on the east side, and an escalator with three canvases on the west side.

As for the design of the walls of the "White Sea", then they will lay out a white stone with the original color splashes. Attentive visitors can even see the image of the Solovetsky Monastery. In addition to it, the contractor promises a few more panels with a natural theme. The station will also be bright due to the use of advanced fixtures with high energy savings. In general, the design of the subway turned out in a minimalist style, but it will not become less functional, attractive and interesting.

Construction technology

Now the construction of the station "White Sea" is in the final stages. As of August 2018, the following types of work were performed:

  • tunnel laying completed;
  • installation of track rails;
  • summed up and installed electrical equipment.

Today, tests of the bearing structures are being carried out, and the foundation of the platform is being poured. The contractor plans to start finishing work in early 2018.

Note that the construction of the "White Sea" was carried out by the open method. To reduce installation time and noise level, innovative technology “Top-Down” is used.In other words, construction is conducted from the top down, with the foundation pit being settled together with the underground niche and the foundation for future structures. The presented technology has a huge number of advantages, but requires increased attention to safety. The facility has several dozen people involved, each of whom performs his or her range of tasks. So far, no information has been received on cases of injury and death in the course of the construction of the Belomorskaya station. This gives reason to hope that the “Top-Down” method will be actively used further in the expansion of the Metro.

Thus, the exact date of the opening of the station "Belomorskaya" in 2018 has not yet been appointed, but, most likely, a significant event will occur in the summer. Until then, local residents will have to travel to various districts of the capital by road, which is becoming less and less efficient every year. No matter how expensive the construction of the underground would be, the authorities will have to develop this type of communications mainly in the future. Only thanks to the metro can you avoid traffic collapse, which has become the hallmark of Moscow.

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