MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics

The MiG-31BM is currently one of thethe most universal interceptor fighter in the world. In international codification, the supersonic aircraft was called Foxhound, which means "fox hound". It is safe to say that the MiG-31 is the best in all characteristics. It is designed to detect and destroy the enemy at maximum altitudes under any conditions.

History of appearance

The MiG-31BM project was approved only inearly 1970's. Before that, the best military engineers of the Soviet Union, led by A. Chumachenko, were engaged in the creation of the MiG-31 strike fighter for several years. Since 1975 the project was headed by K. Vasilchenko. On his shoulders lay not only the development of the concept of a supersonic aircraft, but also his testing.

Initially, the interceptor MiG-31BM couldto hit targets in the daytime. Gradually the navigation equipment was improved. In the spring of 1976 it was decided to introduce new electronic tracking devices into the software package of the aircraft. Thanks to this, the combat capabilities of the fighter expanded. So, on board was a radar with a phased antenna.

moment 31bmThe aircraft was built according to the "tandem" scheme, that is,The crew was supposed to accommodate only two people. The pilot was assigned the functions of piloting, and on the navigator - the processing of operational data. The first successful tests of the aircraft took place at the end of 1978, and a year and a half later the USSR government decree completed the project.

Distinctive features of the series

MiG-31BM has a number of important distinctivefeatures from the original MiG-31. First of all, this concerns the airborne radar complex. Thanks to this equipment, the crew is able to detect up to 24 targets in a matter of seconds. In addition, a third of them can be attacked at a time.
The Mig-31BM technicalcharacteristics relating to the anti-radar protection system. It includes such missile installations as X-25MPU, X-29T, X-31P and others. In addition, the distinctive features of the series can include a modernized laser guidance system.Characteristics of the moment 31bm multifunctional fighterFor the comfort of the crew, a specialthe layout of the cabins. Now the pilot has the opportunity to receive timely information about tactical training. Previously, the commander could not know what his navigator was doing. To monitor the situation, the pilot's cabin is equipped with a multi-function indicator with a diagonal of 10 inches. The navigator, in turn, was able to display radar information on the screen.

Design of a fighter

The 31BM glider model was developed on the basis ofMiG-25. During the design, special attention was paid to the hull, which is capable of withstanding the lifting load by 25% more than previous versions. The shell consists of 50% of steel, 33% of a high-strength aluminum alloy and 13% of titanium. The rocket launcher is half locked in the casing.
The MiG-31BM aircraft technical characteristicsengines are similar to prototypes from the Tu-134. It's about the D-30F6 engine, which was developed back in 1979. These are powerful modular engines with a nozzle and afterburner. When launching a fighter, the "fire track" method is used. Vibration is automatically eliminated by a combined collector. The engines themselves are made of titanium, iron and nickel.

Radar characteristics

MiG-31BM is a multifunctional fighter of a new generation. Its main advantage over the enemy is the universal radar, which consists of two modernized systems.Moment 31bm SpecificationsThe first one was called "Screening". It was adopted in 1981. The system is able to detect a ground target with an error probability of 0.5% at a distance of up to 200 km. The range of visibility in the air is 35 km. "Screen" allows you to simultaneously attack 8 channels. The fighter is able to hit targets in the "dead loop" mode.

Additional radar "Zaslon-M" was received byArms in 2008. It makes it possible to detect flying targets up to 320 km and defeat up to 290 km. At the moment, there are no such characteristics for any fighter in the world. In addition, in the "Zaslon-M" built-in heat locator 8TP, able to determine live targets up to 56 km, even in difficult climatic conditions.

The system includes a digital noise protection system from the MiG-31.

Description: Technical characteristics

The length of the fighter version 31BM is 21.6 mat a wingspan of 13.5 m. The mass of the supersonic apparatus is 21.8 tons. The maximum weight with full load is up to 47 tons. The total volume of tanks is 17 thousand liters of fuel.moment 31 description tactical specificationsThe total thrust of engines on afterburner is 31 000 kgf. The maximum operational overload threshold is 5G. Not without reason the most "hardy" fighter in the world is the MiG-31BM.

Specifications of on-board equipmentallow the supersonic interceptor to reach a high-speed barrier of 3000 km / h. At the same time, the cruising acceleration is 2500 km / h. Without refueling, the fighter can fly to a distance of up to 3000 km. The ceiling height is 20.5 km. The average duration of the flight without refueling is 3.3 hours.

Armament Characteristics

The MiG-31BM is equipped with a 23 mmmulti-shot gun series GSh-6-23M, as well as guided missiles R-33, P-40T, R-60 and R-60M. It is worth noting the rate of installation of GSh-6-23M. It is up to 80 shells per minute.

Missile systems are located on 6 pendants. Plus two additional points for the PTB. Suspension brackets are fixed evenly on the body and wings. Shock installations include 4 large and medium-range missiles. In the modernized models there is a system of UR R-77 with 4 rounds.fighter interceptor 31mbArming the fighter gives the crewto hit targets with high accuracy both on the ground and in the air. Bombardment is carried out through laser navigation. The maximum mass of the total combat load is 9 tons.

In-demand modifications

Since the project "MiG-31" was launchedthere was a huge number of different variations of the aircraft. The most popular of these was the MiG-31BM. This multifunctional supersonic interceptor is capable not only of attacking targets at long distances, but also of reconnaissance thanks to the integrated next-generation radar. The simplified version of the version is the MiG-31B.

The letters "D" and "I" are designed to runsmall satellite devices. MiG-31LL is an air laboratory. The 31M fighter has enhanced armament and is often used as a bomber. Models "FE" and "E" are export options.

The use of a fighter

The MiG-31 generation aircraft were designed to replaceobsolete versions of the Tu-128 and Su-15. In the fall of 1984, fighters entered the USSR Air Force on the island of Sakhalin. After 10 years on the balance of Russia were about three hundred interceptors. It was these winged vehicles that controlled the air during the second Chechen war.31 seconds best in all characteristicsIn 2014, the government of the country decided to modernize all the MiG-31s ​​in the ranks. It is expected that in 5-6 years all obsolete models of the series will be upgraded to the MiG-31BM.

To date, fighters are used in exploration.

Basics and exports

The aircraft MiG-31BM technical characteristics,literally, amaze the imagination. That is why these fighters are so in demand in other countries. Nevertheless, most of the devices are located in the air force of Russia.

At the moment, the model 31BM is based on 6 military airfields. Most of them are in Yelizovo - about 30 units. Next come the base of Khotilovo (24 pcs.) And Central Corner (14 pcs.).

The country-leader in the content of export MiG-31 is Kazakhstan. At the aerodrome of Karaganda, as part of the 610th base, there are 33 fighters.

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MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics MiG-31BM: technical characteristics. MiG-31: the best in all characteristics