Modern architecture

Most of the creative people associated with architecture have a unique way of thinking and are able to mentally create interesting projects that are later recreated in drawing and graphic versions, in constructed houses and buildings.

Architectural buildings tend to transmit even the current social regime. So, for example, massive, “heavy” structures with a brutal patina are characteristic of a totalitarian society, whereas the liberal way is characterized by light and elegant architectural elements.

Modern architecture is ambiguous. This is due to the fact that the majority of Russian developers are business people with a commercial mindset, i.e., it’s not the style that interests you, but the earliest possible profit. While overseas business and society interact with each other, it’s almost impossible to inspire the developer about the importance of comfort and coziness, and not just the room space. As a result, during construction, the main emphasis is placed on the bright and catchy appearance of buildings bordering on the vulgarity.

Today there are not many people who are not concerned about additional confirmation of their social status. This is reflected in modern Russian architecture. Opinions of architects in this matter are rarely taken into account. Whereas previously its main task was to create the main concept of the future building and guide the process of its construction, the Soviet period radically changed its meaning and functions. Now the architect has become rather a designer, engaged in the material embodiment, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity, of the developer’s wishes, the so-called “painting” of the facades. Unfortunately, deviations from this state of affairs are quite rare.

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