Modern style small bedroom

You have to be a great craftsman, a real virtuoso in design creativity, so that the small bedroom turns into a beautiful room with a modern interior. And at the same time the functionality of the room is fully preserved, as it is part of a small apartment.

Today, many produce the interior of the bedroom on their own, as they better understand and feel that they are more suitable for character and soul.

Own fantasy, advice from friends, reading articles on the Internet will allow you to safely undertake this not easy work.

Suppose you need to create a small bedroom interior. A standard set of furniture as if we did not try, to place will not work. Only the bed will take about 4 square meters. meters Yes, and bedside tables, will have to sacrifice. Replace them with shelves or tall narrow cabinets on either side of the bed.

Probably, to create a modern interior, buy a bed with drawers that can be moved in, they can accommodate many different necessary things and thus get rid of the dresser. It would be original to build a bed in the wall. Or you can simply replace the wide bed with a folding sofa, but it is uncomfortable to sleep on the sofa.

For a long time, leading positions are occupied by wardrobes. And when you want to make it beautiful in a small bedroom, the desire to use wardrobes only increases. They are widely used in small one-bedroom apartments.

Free space can be increased not only real, but also visually expanding the space. Ceilings, furniture, walls, floor should be light. It is necessary to use a common color scheme, so that there is no crushing of an already small room. Of course, dark is fashionable for a bedroom, but it will make an already small room quite tiny.

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