Montenegro in October: where is the best place to rest? Weather in Montenegro in October

Montenegro in October attracts those tourists,who seek to delay the arrival of rainy, dank pores, want to enjoy the last crumbs of heat and improve their health. Warm sea and unspoilt beaches will give unforgettable impressions. And of course, a lot of positive emotions will provide excursions to ancient castles, ancient monasteries. Let's see if Montenegro will justify its hopes in October.

Montenegro in October

What attracts the country?

A tourist trip guarantees a multi-faceted vacation. Montenegro in October allows you to get real pleasure from:

  1. Beach vacation. At this time, the weather is rather attractive. Although officially the beach season is already closed, the sea is able to please tourists with warmth.
  2. Excursions to numerous castles, ancient castles, monasteries. The country's architectural values ​​will not leave anyone indifferent.
  3. Walking in the mountains and canyons. Beautiful huge fir trees that germinate in these areas, saturate the air with medicinal properties. In addition, you can witness the ancient weddings. After all, according to tradition, marriage ceremonies take place in the mountains.
  4. Sports and entertainment events. The country is famous for its numerous festivals and festivals. They will appeal not only to adults, but also to children.

Montenegro is famous for its developed infrastructure and excellent hotels, which will allow you to comfortably spend your holidays.

Weather in October

It is difficult to predict how the country of tourists will meet. The weather in Montenegro in October, like the mood of a capricious girl, can change. However, one can say with certainty. Until the middle of October, tourists will not need warm clothes at all.

The first half of the month will be pleased by the sunny hot days. The air temperature is maintained at 22-25aboutIn the evening, it drops somewhat and varies between 15-17aboutC. Periodically there may be rain. They are usually short-term and drizzly.

weather in Montenegro in October

The weather in Montenegro is beginning to change in October in the second half of the month. More often precipitation occurs. They have a very intense character. The air cools down to 12-20aboutS. And in the mountainous region it is already necessary to put on a jacket.

Things to do?

Rest in Montenegro in October is nostalgia forpassed a hot summer. People who visited the country at this time, get a great opportunity to find the last warm days. In addition, this month allows tourists to relax and relax.

After all, it is at this time that you can gladly touch the pristine nature:

  • to visit reserves;
  • to participate in rock climbing, trekking, walking or biking;
  • collect mushrooms;
  • go fishing.

In addition, October provides a unique opportunity to slowly explore historical monuments. Do not forget about the wellness procedures at the famous balneological resorts.

Relax on the beach

Of course, the greatest interest of tourists is the question: what kind of sea in Montenegro in October? At the beginning of the month the swimming season is still going on, as the water temperature is about 20-22aboutC. It should be noted that the sea is much warmer than at the end of May.

However, to promise that you will be able to enjoywarm climate and turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, weather forecasters are difficult. Unfortunately, it's impossible to vouch for the weather. Sometimes the sunny dry days persist throughout the first half of October.

holiday in Montenegro in October

But you should be prepared for another scenario. At this time, cold undercurrents, gusty wind, heavy rains are possible.

Montenegro at the end of October is absolutely not suitable for beach leisure, even for seasoned tourists. The water cools down to 18-19aboutC. But a certain discomfort is not delivered by it, but by cold air. However, there are always exceptions.

But even during cold days, when beach rest is impossible, tourists will find, than occupy themselves.

Price policy

A real find for people with a limited budget is Montenegro in October. The tourists' reviews confirm that a vacation of approximately 35-45% is cheaper than in the summer.

The specific price of the tour depends on the typeAccommodation (apartments, villa, hotel) and the duration of the tour. A great opportunity to save money will be presented with burning offers. The big plus is the lack of the need to issue a visa.

In addition, the price level in Montenegro is much lower than in other European countries.

Fine hotels

Where it is better to have a rest in Montenegro in October? The country is small in size, so all resort areas are quite compact. Almost all the hotels are close to the beaches.

Montenegro in October reviews

In addition, regardless of star, they are alloffer tourists a decent service. The average cost varies from 14-45 euros per day. Elite hotels will cost a little more. The average cost of such rooms is 70-100 euros.

Among 5-star hotels are in great demand:

  • Splendid;
  • Forza Mare;
  • Vardar;
  • Aman Sveti Stefan;
  • Villa Montenegro.

Such hotels can be rightly calledperfect. They are distinguished by impeccable staff, high technical equipment. The hotels offer wellness facilities and SPA. In addition, they provide tourists with excellent wellness procedures and provide gyms.

A wonderful holiday will provide 4-star and 3-star hotels. Such hotels offer tourists comfortable rooms. Most of the complexes have a swimming pool. Pleased with quite reasonable prices.

People who are thinking where to relax in Montenegro in October, are able to admire the quality of service, comfortable and cozy atmosphere 4-star hotels:

  • Mediteran;
  • Xanadu;
  • Montenegro;
  • Rivijera;
  • Azimut.

Montenegro in late October

Some of the best 3-star hotels in the country are:

  • Admiral Club;
  • Villa Lux;
  • Villa Aquarius;
  • Slovenska Plaza;
  • Palazzo Radomiri Hotel;
  • Apartments Sumet;
  • Kazanegra;
  • New Bell Mare.

Excursions and entertainments

How to spend a holiday in Montenegro in October? It is better to plan your route in advance. Because the country has a lot of beautiful sights, which can not be ignored.

Indelible impressions and an abundance of pleasant emotions will bring you to the following places:

  1. Church of Vlasha. It is located in Cetinje. Ancient church is decorated with the finest frescoes of Greek masters.
  2. Vladin House. Previously, it was a government meeting. Today the building houses several rooms of the National Museum.
  3. Cetinsky monastery. To this day, he keeps a unique relic - the Hand of John the Baptist. Tourists will have the opportunity to see the shroud embroidered with their own hands Catherine II.

Extremely exciting is the excursion, perfecton the mountain Lovcen. But initially make sure there is no fog. At the top of the mountain is the mausoleum of Peter II Negus. At the same time, it is not only the construction that is fascinating, but also the path that you will overcome. Before your eyes will open the most beautiful natural beauty.

sea ​​in Montenegro in October

Serpentine meandering path will take you tonice town of Kotor. There are many ancient buildings that UNESCO has protected. And then you will see the magnificent and fascinating Boka-Kotorska bay.

Montenegro is distinguished by a multitude of churches, temples, and Orthodox monasteries. Most of them store the relics of the holy martyrs. That is why pilgrimage tourism in the country has been widely developed.

Festivals and holidays

Will leave the most pleasant and unforgettablememories of Montenegro in October. At this time in the country are amazing events. To not be sad during the closing season, residents of Budva diversified this period with national traditions. At the beginning of the month they celebrate the Day of Shirun with great honors. The tradition of celebrating such a holiday has been preserved for more than 40 years.

The area of ​​the Old Town becomes a placethe main events. There are various entertainment programs. For adult tourists, tastings of beer and wine are provided. On mangalas, right on the open air, a delicious treat is prepared - a delicious mackerel.

Competitive entertainment causes a lotpositive. The next contest is compulsory. A dried ham is hung on a wooden pillar. A competition is announced: who will reach him faster.

Fans of sports will be delighted with the Podgorica Marathon. In addition to the race, he will enjoy a variety of activities.

Jazz fans will enjoy the festival of music in Beshkich.

Reviews of tourists

Almost all tourists were satisfied with theirrest, which they provided hospitable Montenegro in October. Reviews of tourists make sure that even at this time the weather is quite warm. People admire the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. Although assure that the sea is already somewhat cool. Pleasure is delivered by beaches that are not overcrowded with vacationers.

Tourists testify that a city dweller,tired of the constant bustle, can spend a quiet and peaceful holiday here. Much attention is given to people at prices. The cost of products and housing is acceptable to all segments of the population.

where to rest in Montenegro in October

As for hotels, in most casestourists are positive about the residence. Popular hotels Montenegro, Villa Aquarius, Mediteran. Tourists confirm that the accommodation is comfortable, the service is magnificent. In addition, special attention is paid to nutrition. People who vacationed in Montenegro, argue that the diet is varied enough, and portions are large. This allows you to enjoy a delicious meal.

And of course, great pleasure is deliveredvarious excursions. It is simply impossible to visit Montenegro and not to visit the unique sights of this small but so beautiful country.


As you can see, rest in October in Montenegro possessesand pluses and minuses. Therefore, when planning your vacation, start from the main priorities: bathing in the sea or getting acquainted with the unique sights of a beautiful country.

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