Names for dogs-boys. How to name?

You finally got a pet - a dog. Perhaps this is a big shaggy dog, or maybe a little puppy, who is destined to turn into a formidable guard at home. Whatever it was, it is very important to choose the correct, sonorous name for the dog.

Names for dog-boys can be searched online and found there a huge number. But, before you name it as a pet, you need to think about a suitable dog name.

It is worth saying that the problem, how to call ita puppy-boy or an adult dog, even before the experienced dog owners. Moreover, it is not easy to make a beginner dog. Help comes all sorts of reference names and nicknames for animals. And after reading a few useful recommendations on how to choose the right nickname for a dog, you will be able to determine the best of all possible options.

Choose the appropriatenames for dog-boys

Before choosing a dog's nickname, especially for a male, it is advisable to study the following recommendations:

  • The shorter the name, the better. It would be good to choose a name from two or three syllables, and ideally, from one;
  • the name should sound. So try to pick up the letters "p", "z" or other voiced consonants;
  • the name of the dog should not be humanized. It is not very nice to duplicate human names from an aesthetic point of view;
  • try to make the pet's name sound original, or at least not widespread enough. And then, God forbid, another hundred dogs with the same name will run for the call of the "master."

To choose a name for the dog-boy, longI do not have to puzzle myself. Fortunately, there are plenty of them. But, if you take a dog for certain purposes, try, based on this, to come up with a worthy name. Suppose, for the service dog, who needs training, the short battle nicknames, even a little harsh, will do. So the dog will better remember and respond to a certain command - in a word, will become a real guardian! Names Titan, Zeus, Rex just fit the definition of a brief severity and correspond to the goal - to protect the peace of the owner.

The name of the pet for the house

If the dog should become a friend of your children, orThe pet is taken only as a pet, the best names for dog-boys - with a relaxed syllable, bearing a good-natured shade. Here, for example: Cupid, Ajax, Amber, Thomas or the original Queen. These are great names for the pet, with which your children will be friends and play.

Names for mighty dogs

If you have chosen a pedigree, impressive size of a male, then call it "royal". Excellent names Count, Caesar, King and others with the same meaning.

Geographical canine names

Sometimes lovers of travel give their pets the names of the places they visited: the Danube, the Valdai, Marseille, etc.

Also names for dog-boys can be selected, based on the nature of the pet. Buyan, if he is riotous, or, if the dog is kind, cheerful, call it Vesely.

Unsurprisingly canine names

Some want to call their dog unique,so that the nickname does not repeat any of the above options. In this case, you can make a nickname from the first syllables of the names of your household members or from the first letters of your full name. So family names are formed for dogs like Phil (Filatov Igor Leonidovich), Allel (Alexander Lily) and the like. Choose a beautiful, sonorous dog name, using this recommendation.

Names for dogs with a pedigree

A certain canine name will also be found in the dog withpedigree. That is, the name is usually given by the breeders, and can consist of several words, but in everyday life it is significantly reduced. A pedigreed thoroughbred dog, most likely, will be referred to as some Riz, though by the pedigree its full name is Doriz von Richter.

Finally, remember: a well-chosen name, according to some dog owners, affects the instincts and character of your pet.

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