Nativity of the Blessed Virgin 2018

This holiday is one of the most important in the Christian calendar. All religions have been honoring him for more than one hundred years. Therefore, such a large number of people are interested in how many will be the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos in 2018. The holiday is also valuable because it has a unique history and is accompanied by interesting traditions.


Date of celebration

This day is one of the twentieth festivals in the Christian religion. It is not transitory and therefore marks on the same date.

Orthodox 21.09
Catholics 08.09

Orthodox Christians in 2018 holiday falls on Friday. Since it refers to purely religious celebrations and is not a public one, this day will be a working day.

Despite this, the holiday will be widely celebrated by all Christians. It is dedicated to the birth of the mother of Jesus Christ - the Virgin Mary. From that day began the biblical story, according to which the Most Holy Theotokos gave birth to our Savior.According to church canons, this holiday has its own characteristics:

  • forefeast - one day;
  • after the celebration - four days.

These days it is emphasized that the Virgin Mary is an example of the great righteous who stood up for the people and that she made a great contribution to the eternal salvation of all people, giving birth to Christ.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin 2018

The story of the birth of the Virgin Mary

According to the Bible, Joachim and Anna were the parents of the Virgin Mary. The father belonged to the family of King David, and the mother came from a family of clergy. Her niece Elizabeth would later give birth to John the Baptist.

The family was wealthy at the time and engaged in raising livestock. Spouses were respected and loved for their mercy towards their neighbors and reverent love for God. However, there was one depressing circumstance - the family had no children. At that time, the Jews believed that it was a kind of punishment of God. Joachim and Anna constantly prayed and asked the Most High child. Over the years, faith in miracles remained ever less. Once, when Joachim brought another gift to God, he was distressed only by Reuben, who hinted that he was not worthy of respect, as he was fruitless. The man was so upset by this hard reproach that he went into the desert to fast and dedicate himself to prayer.

Anna felt that her husband was doing such an act in vain and pleaded guilty to bezchadii. She began to pray with great zeal. Some time later, during one of the prayers, an angel appeared to the woman, who said that God had heard her and that she would soon have a blessed daughter who should be called Mary. Anna thanked Angel for the good news and promised that if she really had a daughter, she would give her to the service of God.

Joachim also visited the angel and said that his spouses will soon have a daughter and her birth will rejoice all the people around. He ordered his husband to go to his wife, who would be waiting for him at the Golden Gate in Jerusalem. Having met at the appointed place, they carried their gifts to God as a sign of gratitude, and went home to Nazareth. There, after a fixed period of womb, Anna had a daughter. The couple gave her the name Mary, as the Angel ordered.

After the due time, the righteous Anna gave birth to a daughter, whom she called Mary, as the Angel commanded.

As Anna promised, the daughter at an early age was given to the Jerusalem monastery to serve God. She grew up a modest girl, who were close prayers and handicrafts.When she became an adult, she continued to serve God, and even made an oath that she would remain innocent for the sake of the Most High. For this, she took a man of old age. In the future, God will choose her - as the mother of Jesus Christ.

The holiday began to celebrate officially in the Byzantine Empire in the middle of the fifth century. This is evidenced by Pope Gelasiy's bailiff (426 - 492).

Holiday value

Virgin Mary symbolizes the salvation of the world. After all, it was thanks to her that our Savior appeared. According to the scriptures, Mary was a bright, modest and peaceful woman. On this day, it is very important to observe traditions and rituals.

Christmas of the Most Holy Theotokos 2018 will help people to believe in a bright future and that hopes and dreams will come true. On the example of Anna and Joachim, it is clear that miracles happen. The main thing to believe in them.

On this holiday, decided to rejoice. All believers thank the Virgin Mary for Jesus. On this solemn day, the priests will dress in festive clothes and pray with the parishioners for the glory of Our Lady.

Christmas of the Most Holy Theotokos 2018. What is the number of the Orthodox, signs that it is impossible to do on this day

This day has always been considered a female day in Russia. Women went to the temple and asked the Virgin Mary for advice, as well as help in family matters.

Celebration traditions

  • Before the holiday it was decided to clean the house and decorate the house with autumn flowers.
  • As a rule, the day begins with the Prayer to the Theotokos, in which believers ask for the forgiveness of their sins and protection from the hardships of life.
  • Earlier this day, women went to church and put candles by the icon of the Mother of God. They wrapped them with little notes with wishes. It was believed that if the candle burned completely with the paper, then the wishes would come true.
  • You also need to light a candle in your home. This indicates that the joy of the birth of the Virgin Mary came to your home.
  • On this day, it is also customary to go to the cemetery and treat all the needy along the way. This is especially important to do unmarried girls, so as not to remain barren.
  • During this period there is a fast, so no one is satisfied with the feasts. Although, on holiday it is allowed to eat fish. In Russian villages on this day it was made to bake pies with fish or mushrooms.
  • On a holiday, they are allowed to visit relatives in order to convey greetings and treat them with something tasty, such as oatmeal cookies.
  • Even for the holiday special bread was baked for all family members and for refreshments.In some places it was necessary to put a few loaves of bread near the icon of the Theotokos. They were left there until Christmas.
  • On and after the holiday, the period of sending matchmakers to girls begins. After fasting begins the period of weddings.

What not to do on this day

This holiday is considered the day of universal joy from the birth of the one who gave us all our Savior. On this day, do not advise:

  • swear;
  • speak foul language
  • do bad things;
  • to engage in hard physical labor;
  • arrange lush parties with alcohol.

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