New 2019 BMW X5

The new BMW X5 2019 is now available. During the first stage of sales, the crossover will gradually receive several updates: a kind of permanent restyling.


BMW X5 2019 model year received a completely new body. The proportions of sports, the crossover is not "heavy", as the main competitors, and does not look like a raised wagon. Although the length increased slightly (4922 mm), and the height decreased (1745 mm).

  • New BMW X5 2019 front
  • new BMW x5 2019 rear
  • new bmw x5 2019 from the side
  • Hoffmeister window line in place. Questions are caused by the rejection of the corporate edge passing through the door handles. Now this line is reminiscent of the Chevrolet Camaro: the sporty contour of the rear wing looks appropriate on a car with such character, but still there are traditions.
  • The facade is modified, but not radically. Fans, looking at the photo of the BMW X5 2019, can breathe a sigh of relief. Rumors of a new grille have not been confirmed. Just branded nostrils became wider (in the sense above).
  • But with the headlamps designers did the right thing. The new X5 has laser optics with small lenses. It seems that large glasses are no longer needed, but the proportions are preserved, and the former shape is “drawn” by contour DRLs in the form of glasses.Inside there is an interesting division of lighting zones in the form of blue plastic inserts.
  • The food is not amazing, some fans even draw parallels with Mercedes. Although it is clear from any angle: in front of us is the BMW X5.

New BMW X5 2019 Photo

The interior is different, but the style is preserved.

The practical side is unchanged: spacious seats with lateral support, the ability to order a third row, various massages, fans, multi-zone heating - just taken from the previous generation. But the "torpedo" is completely different.

new BMW x5 2019 interior
new bmw x5 2019 display
new bmw x5 2019 rear seats
  • All selected elements became larger (climate unit with air ducts, central display visor, insert with piano lacquer). The main screen has a diagonal of 12.3 inches.
  • Before the driver, there are no more dial gauges with a combination that has not changed for several decades. Now before the eyes of the driver, an LCD screen on which the navigator takes center stage. There is unconfirmed information about the introduction of a night vision system next year.
  • On the screen, you can display various configurations of the virtual tidy, but the basic picture is as follows: broken scales, to the left the speedometer, to the right a tachometer with the reverse digitization of the scale.That is, with a set of speed and speed, the drawn arrows move towards each other.
  • The design of the central tunnel has been completely rethought, although the functionality of the governing bodies is unchanged. Is that the button "START" moved down, next to the joystick of the automatic transmission selector.

new bmw x5 2019 joystick

For potential buyers

The price of the new BMW X5 2019 starts from 4.2 million rubles. For this money you get a basic 3 liter diesel with a conventional (as for BMW, of course) automatic transmission. The maximum possible diesel: the same 3 liters, but with 4 turbines. Power 400 hp Petrol options: from 340 hp turbosterski biturbo eight to 462 hp

For Russia, only the four-wheel drive X-Drive, rear-wheel drive versions are also offered across the ocean.

According to the results of the test drive (video), the BMW X5 2019 slightly changed the habits in the direction of comfort. Although the sport has not gone away: thanks to a completely new CLAR platform. Still in cars of this brand, the main one is the driver, and not the electronics at all (which, however, is enough).

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