New 2019 in Kaliningrad

The new 2019 in Kaliningrad will be an excellent opportunity to brightly and unforgettably meet the holiday in the very European city of Russia. During the Christmas holidays, thousands of tourists come here who want to feel the fabulous atmosphere, walk along the original decorated streets and visit the famous fairs. Since Soviet times, the traditions of mass folk festivals are strong in Kaliningrad, so the Russian tourist will probably not be bored here.

Options for celebrating the New Year

When arriving in Kaliningrad for the first time during the Christmas holidays, the main thing is to correctly allocate free time. There is so much entertainment in the city that you can only taste from a long journey. In the case of a 3-5-day tour to the most western point of Russia, we recommend choosing one of the following leisure options:

  • visiting the main tree of the city;
  • sightseeing;
  • camping in places of entertainment;
  • shopping at fairs or in shopping centers.

Country rest is very popular among tourists, since there are several dozens of sanatoriums and boarding houses in the Kaliningrad region. On average, the price of staying in them ranges from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles / day, and the cost already includes meals, use of the infrastructure of establishments, a number of medical procedures. New Year's banquet is paid separately, and the entrance ticket is usually in the range of 1-2 thousand rubles.

New Year in Kaliningrad

With children for the New Year 2019 in Kaliningrad, you can go to the local exoterium, zoo, palaces of culture, where festive performances and concerts will take place. In the park "Youth" for kids opened rope town, butterfly pavilion, karting. Surely children will enjoy the house “Upside-down”, where the furniture hangs directly over the heads of visitors, carousels and funny jokes of animators.

Mass festivities

Thousands of tourists and residents of the "Russian Europe" will gather to meet the New 2019 on Victory Square. Here they will install the main Christmas tree of the city, decorated with illuminated illumination, along with the figures of fairy-tale characters. On the night of January 1, the mayor’s office promises the following entertainment program:

  • a disco;
  • performances by artists;
  • long salute;
  • incendiary contests, etc.

On the afternoon of January 1, theatrical performances, the march of Grandfathers Frost and other interesting events will take place on Victory Square. You can buy souvenirs, clothing and crafts by craftsmen, as well as enjoy hot pancakes at a nearby fair, which will run until Orthodox Christmas.

New Year at Susaninskaya Square

Among other places of mass folk festivals, we note the area near the Cathedral, the Central City Park and the territory near the zoo. Dozens of ice arenas offer ice skating in Kaliningrad on the eve of New Year 2019, but the most popular with tourists is the skating rink in Yunost Park. Unfortunately, on the night of January 1, it will be closed, but on all other days the playground is open from 9:00 to 22:00. Skate rental will cost only 300 rubles.

Recreation facilities of Kaliningrad

There are several dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes in Kaliningrad, which will open their doors to visitors in the New Year's Eve. The list of the most popular places includes:

  • "Hop";
  • "Tyrol";
  • "Parmesan";
  • Madame Boucher;
  • "Bravo Italy";
  • "Aunt Fisher" and others.

The price of holidays in Kaliningrad for the New 2019 is significantly lower than in the neighboring Baltic States or Poland. For example, the cost of a New Year's banquet will cost only 4-5 thousand rubles from the table, while in Latvia or Estonia, visiting a restaurant in the evening of December 31 costs between 8-9 thousand rubles. In addition, "Russian Europe" has always been famous for seafood dishes, in particular sprats, baked fish, shrimp salads. Proximity to Germany predetermined a variety of sorts of beer: in almost every establishment they are offered several types (porter, stout, bitter, golden ale, etc.).

The city's attractions

The list of iconic places that every tourist should visit on New Year's Eve in Kaliningrad includes:

  • Königsberg Cathedral - built over 700 years ago;
  • Curonian Spit - Plant and Animal Preserve;
  • Amber Museum - contains interesting expositions of this stone;
  • The Blindage Museum is a real underground bunker from the times of the Great Patriotic War;
  • Museum of the World Ocean - offers to visit the deck of ships and submarines.

Königsberg Cathedral

Special attention is given to the Fish Village - the quarter of Kaliningrad with many cafes, restaurants and hotels.There is also an old lighthouse, which in the last century served as a guide for ships arriving at the port. During the Christmas holidays, except January 1, most of the attractions will be open to the visit of tourists. The cost of admission to museums is no more than 300-400 rubles, and you can go to the city zoo for 800 rubles (400 rubles a children's ticket).

Offers of tour operators

Tours to Kaliningrad for the New 2019 are implemented by hundreds of companies throughout Russia. The price of a 3-day voucher starts from 40 thousand rubles for two, and a weekly trip will cost from 60 thousand rubles. This amount includes:

  • medical insurance;
  • hotel accommodation 4 *;
  • flight and transfer to the hotel;
  • at least 3 meals;
  • excursions and New Year's banquet in the restaurant.

Kaliningrad in winter

The main advantage of the trip to Kaliningrad will be the proximity to Europe. With a Schengen visa, you can visit the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and even Finland at the same time. When traveling by plane from Russia, a visa to the westernmost city of the country is not required, but if you plan to go there by road, then you will definitely need it when crossing the border.

Thus, the New 2019 in Kaliningrad will be pleased with affordable prices, high level of service and entertainment for all tastes. Having been in the "Russian Europe", you will be able to appreciate all the beauty of the region, and want to come here again.

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