New buildings in Yekaterinburg, 2018-2019

In 2018-2019, the developers of Yekaterinburg, which is the administrative center of the Ural Federal District and a city with a population of about 1.5 million people, plan to commission about 70 residential complexes. All new buildings will be built according to the established building standards, however, they will be different according to such criteria as price, architectural design, the surrounding infrastructure and proximity to metro stations. To choose from an extensive list was easier, the most interesting options should be compared precisely on these indicators.


Seven of the best: noteworthy

Today in Yekaterinburg there is a gradual renovation of the housing stock. Old and unpretentious five-story buildings, constituting about 30% of all buildings in the city, are slowly but surely being replaced by multifunctional and innovative multi-layered buildings of their own kind, ideal for living for both single and family people. At the same time, real estate can belong to the category of "economy" and to the category of "luxury", because developers take care to provide offers in different price categories.


October, microdistrict Koltsovo, st. Bahchivandzhi, 46993-65509 p / sq. m., the developer "Stroy-Accent". The monolith-brick 13-storey new building with parking for 44 places for small vehicles, an elevator and a concierge room is located next to sports and children's playgrounds, dentistry, gardens, schools, grocery stores and a bus stop. Apartments and studios are located in the building, starting from the 2nd floor, while at 1 office space is leased. Commissioning has already begun in the first quarter of this year and is still ongoing.

LCD "Horizon"LCD "Horizon"LCD "Horizon"

"Makarovsky quarter"

Railway, st. Chelyuskintsev, 90000-123052 r. / Sq. M. m., LLC UGMK-Holding, IV-2018. In the near future, the developer, registered back in 1999 and specializing in the construction of civil and industrial facilities, will undertake the upgrading of the territory of the former city flour mill. In its place will appear a comfortable residential complex, which will be represented by 2 categories of buildings with variable number of floors (from 9 to 11):

  • "Elite" class;
  • "Business" class.

The connecting links between them will be infrastructure facilities: isolated parking,closed house space, restaurant, shopping gallery, kindergarten and even a museum! The overall composition and uniform style of the complex will be complemented by large windows, spacious comfortable terraces, unchanged architectural monuments (ancient brick paths, historical facades, etc.).

LCD "Makarovsky Quarter"LCD "Makarovsky Quarter"LCD "Makarovsky Quarter"LCD "Makarovsky Quarter"LCD "Makarovsky Quarter"LCD "Makarovsky Quarter"LCD "Makarovsky Quarter"


Chkalovsky, st. Proninoy, 47275-67409 p / sq. m., "ALTA", I / II-2018. In this complex, a progressively European approach will be implemented - a combination of closed club-type housing with the cleanest environment of one of the healthiest Yekaterinburg districts, located in the Uktussky mountains and even going to Uktussky park. In the 4-storey houses there is a sale of apartments with a fine finish and everything that a modern person needs for a decent existence: this equipment is equipped with networks of hot and cold water supply, heating, sewage, as well as outlets for Internet, television and technical devices. The buildings have passenger elevators with improved cab finishes.

The apartments and studios offer picturesque views of green forests, and the premises themselves, offered for purchase by customers, are filled with fresh air and natural light.A distinctive feature of "Greenwood" will be the creation on the first floors of not only a multitude of banks, shops, pharmacies, but also restaurants.

LCD GreenwoodLCD GreenwoodLCD GreenwoodLCD GreenwoodLCD Greenwood


Leninsky Str. Khokhryakhov, metro station Geological (4 minutes by car), 90303-112674 p / sq. m., “Optima (Yekaterinburg)”, IV-2018. The new building of the next district is perfect for life for those people who need it:

  • transport accessibility to key places in the city;
  • social infrastructure with a wide variety of facilities (bank offices, fitness centers, commercial facilities, institutions for the upbringing and education of children).

The building, faced in light green and orange tones, after commissioning will be under video surveillance and control of the concierge. Nearby there is an underground guest parking for 287 places.

LCD "Trinity"


Leninsky, Yugo-Zapadny microdistrict, Academician Postovsky, 15, 57500-75000 r. / Sq. m., "SKON". A distinctive feature of this LCD will be its proximity to a natural source with clean water. However, this is not the only unique feature of the Spring. It will also be the first “comfort” class object to appear in the indicated zone. 3 newly built new buildings,the start of sales of which is timed to the third quarter of 2019, will stand out against the background of the surrounding buildings with individual architecture, combining both monumental grandeur and surprising lightness. This can be achieved through the simultaneous use of classical and modern architectural solutions.

LCD Rodnik

Newton Park

Leninsky Str. Redwoods, 56037-80121 p. / Sq. m., “Prinzip”, III-2019. This residential complex will be designed in the style of New York in the 1930s, which the developer will be able to achieve by involving the R1 Urals bureau and the English workshop Twelve Architects to work on the project.

It is interesting! "Newton Park" will be made in line with the architectural direction "Art Deco", which is characterized by strict geometry of lines, ethnicity of patterns, chic, luxury and the use of such modern materials as ivory, wood, aluminum, silver and others. Style is the quintessence of neoclassicism and modernity.

In addition to its location in the forest park zone, the residential complex will offer citizens a 7-level parking for 650 cars and a “dry” fountain - a kind of design solution that can change its function depending on the time of year.In the summer, it will delight everyone with its original beauty, and in winter it will turn into a skating rink for big and small!

LCD "Newton Park"


October, st. Zwilligan, 58, pm Botanical or Chkalovskaya (17 minutes by car), 67000-79000 r / sq. m., ATOMSTROYKOMPLEKS, I-2019. The developer, founded more than 20 years ago and never stained his reputation by failing to meet deadlines, plans to commission a new residential complex in January-March next year, which, according to preliminary analysis, will be most in demand among young and active audiences, who value the proximity equally to the city center, multifunctionality and brightness in architecture.

The location near the main road motorways will not cause irritating noise and gas pollution of the territory due to a well-thought-out layout, according to which the building will fit inside the building. The movement of vehicles will be prohibited in the local area, due to which a true oasis of peace and relaxation is formed here.

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New buildings in Yekaterinburg, 2018-2019 96

New buildings in Yekaterinburg, 2018-2019 85

New buildings in Yekaterinburg, 2018-2019 91

New buildings in Yekaterinburg, 2018-2019 40

New buildings in Yekaterinburg, 2018-2019 65

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