Kia Soul 2018

The 2018 Kia Soul from Kia Motors is one of the most unusual cars of the year! Both experts and owners hotly argue about his class, attributing the model to urban crossovers or to minivans. Exactly one thing - a spacious, comfortable and charismatic car, with truly revolutionary design, will not go unnoticed and will emphasize the individuality of its owner.

Without a doubt, it is the appearance that makes the car truly unique and deprives the closest competitors of any chance!

2018 Kia Soul

Model history

Kia Soul was first introduced to the public in 2008.

First generationThe car quickly found its buyer in Russia in Korea, in the USA, in many European countries and, of course, in Russia. We sold cars that were assembled at the Avtotor plant (Kaliningrad).

In 2011, a restyled version of the first Soul was released, and the production of a model in the hatchback body was launched.

Second generationput on the market in 2013. These cars today are presented in many car dealerships.

For almost 10 years, the demand for a spectacular Korean car has remained high. In an effort to implement the most innovative technologies in the popular model and all the wishes of model lovers, Kia Motors management decided to release an updated version of Soul.

Third generationKia Soul has already been officially presented. Moreover, Russian auto shows are ready to accept orders for a model in a new body!

Kia Soul 1st generationKia Soul 2nd generationKia Soul 3rd generation

Exterior new items

In 2018, Kia Soul received a new body, which, according to the manufacturer, allowed the car to become even more stylish, significantly improving the reliability and controllability of the car.

Overall dimensions of the model are:


4140 mm


1800 mm


1605 mm


2570 mm


150 mm

The design of the car is designed with emphasis on the tastes of the youth audience. Owners of such auto designers of the company see people active, who value off-road qualities and individuality of their cars. The new Soul was both stylish and futuristic. In its appearance, an irrepressible drive is read, and new design decisions give the model some aggressiveness.

Soul 3 generation

When you first met seen such significant changes as:

  • New design of the bumper with integrated fog lamps, which hoisted even more and gained a stylish look thanks to LED technology.
  • The modified form of head optics. Lights now consist of rectangular LED modules, which gives the car a special charm and provides excellent illumination of the roadway in all conditions.
  • Roof. In addition to the fact that in the new model it will differ in color from the main tone of the car, it became known that Kia Motors plans to release a “charged” Soul with a luxurious panoramic roof.
  • The wheels have grown to an impressive 18 inches and have received an effective design that emphasizes the non-standard color scheme of the car body.
  • A stylish solution to the rear bumper with large round-shaped lanterns.
  • Unusual design of the tailgate with narrow strips of LED elements.
  • Reinforced thresholds emphasizing the off-road qualities of the new model.
  • Reliable roof rails.
  • Frontal flowed in, which has become even larger, which should significantly improve visibility and increase driver comfort.

2018 Kia Soul Rear Bumper


Not only the exterior, but also the interior of the model has been updated.Inside, the new Kia Soul will be even more spacious and comfortable than its predecessor, which is fully confirmed by the real photos of the model.

Kia designers focused on the fact that the new Soul Salon is the most ideal interpretation of taste, because they realized all the wishes in terms of comfort and functionality that were available to owners of cars of the 1st and 2nd generation.

Interior Kia Soul 2018

The 2018 model received a number of improvements in terms of functionality, design and ergonomics of the space, namely:

  • leather steering wheel with the original arrangement of numerous control buttons;
  • large touch screen on the center panel;
  • convenient dashboard, which combines analog speedometer and tachometer with a digital unit, which displays basic information from the onboard computer;
  • UVO3 innovative multimedia system with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces;
  • powerful acoustics, providing the perfect sound of any musical compositions;
  • functional navigation system with a set of maps;
  • climate control of the last generation;
  • comfortable ergonomic chairs, providing comfort during the trip, as well as a comfortable fit and disembarkation.

Salon 2018 new Kia Soul

Specifications Soul 3 generation

Not spared modernization and the technical side of the model. If we consider Soul as a city front-wheel-drive crossover (and it is precisely to this class, the model approached after the update), then we can confidently say that it claims high marks in its class.

Like the version of the 2nd generation, the new model will be available in several configuration options:

  • Classic;
  • Comfort;
  • Luxe;
  • Prestige;
  • Premium;
  • GT.

The difference in the equipment of these cars will be significant, starting from the size of the rims and the material of the upholstery and ending with the power units and all sorts of additional options.

New Kia Soul

In the “charged” version, the Soul will be able to fully experience the advantage of having such innovative solutions as:

  • emergency prevention system;
  • the presence of several control modes;
  • floor gas pedal;
  • management with the help of paddle shifters;
  • Soul Exclaim (blind spot monitoring system).

The line of power units will be represented by gasoline and diesel engines.

engine's type



Gasoline aspirated

1.6 liters

124 l. from.

Petrol Turbocharged T-GDI

1.6 liters

204 l. from.


1.6 or 1.8 l.

120 l. from.

You can also expect the appearance of a hybrid Kia Soul with an economical electric drive.

Depending on the configuration, the new Soul will be equipped with a manual transmission, a 6-speed automatic transmission or an improved 7-speed automatic.

Electric car Kia Soul

Price and start of sales

In the showrooms of Russia, the novelty can be expected at the beginning of this year. Experts are unanimous that the price of the new Kia Soul in 2018 will start from the position of 1.5 million rubles, while the cost of the charged version can reach 2.3 million rubles.

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