New Mutants - 2019 Movie

  • Original name:"TheNewMutants».
  • Country of Origin:USA.
  • Tagline:“EveryoneHasDemons"(" In each there are demons ").
  • Producer:Josh Boone
  • Premiere:February 20, 2019 (world), February 21, 2019 (Russian Federation).
  • Genre:fiction, horrors, thriller.
  • Age limit:16+.
  • Starring:Anya Taylor-Joy, Macy Williams, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga and others.

In 2019, the film company “20thCentury Fox, in conjunction with Marvel Studios, will launch another project about people with supernatural power and abilities on large screens. If some components remain traditional and familiar to the viewer (the introduction of young heroes as protagonists, the presence of a common enemy, etc.), then some elements will be truly unexpected - for example, keeping the narration in the genre of gloomy, chilling horror.

Usually, superhero films were different - bright, life-affirming, positive, but the “New Mutants” of 2019, which are part 13 of the “X-Men” movie series, apparently decided to start another subgenre. What is the risk of turning into such a bold idea?


Acquaintance with the world: belonging to the universe

The creation of the American director and screenwriter Josh Boone will continue to tell sophisticated film fans about one of the most canonical and beloved reality fans, recreating the comic strips on film, which began to be released for the first time in September 1963. It is about the world of X people - amazing creatures of nature, which are distinguished from ordinary inhabitants of the planet by a special “Factor X” genome, which provokes mutational changes in their bodies.

More specifically, “The New Mutants” will be created on the basis of their own eponymous comic strip from Marvel Comics, which, in spite of everything, is still part of a single, grandiose universe. The work with many pictures was published back in 1982 thanks to the efforts of the artist Bob MacLeod and novelist and screenwriter Christopher "Chris" Clairmont. The series became a complete trilogy: after 1982, the stories were also published in 2003 and 2009. That is why today the creators of the adaptation project decided not to abandon a similar principle - with due success they plan to produce a total of 3 pictures.

All about the director

Currently, "New Mutants" are in post-production. This means that Josh Boone and his team of assistants approached their brainchild extremely responsibly: you will not have to worry about the film being released on the designated day of 2019, and it will turn out to be solid, complete and authentic, because there is plenty of time for revision. The creators declare that they are now working on giving the picture the most eerie and frightening atmosphere, for which they were inspired by the successful box office collections of the “Ono” and “Off” tapes. To ensure the success of their creation, the responsible persons decided to focus on the elements of horror.

New Mutants Comics

Such an unusual, at first glance, idea for a superhero movie belonged to his future director Josh Boone, who co-authored with his childhood friend Nate Lee to create his comic based on the original Clarmont source material. The unique development, which differs from everything that the public has seen before, was liked by Simon Kinberg, the producer responsible for X-Men. In addition to friends, Loren Schuler Donner was involved in the work, and she has established herself as an expert in the production of first-tier products (Vulkan, Konstantin, Dave, Lady Hawk, and many others).She shared the armchair of the producer with Kinberg himself and Karen Rosenfelt - the woman who presented the world with “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Thief of Books”, “Marly and I”, “See you”.

Of course, all this would simply not have happened without the participation of the caring Josh Boone - a man, by his personal mention, raised in religious dogma and assured by his parents that "the devil is real and demons exist." Perhaps it is from this that the director is interested in an otherworldly theme, which finally found its logical resolution in a “full-fledged horror film” sustained in an impressionistic, dark and surrealistic style without the use of costumes and without introducing supervillates into the narrative. The desire to look at the finished product turns out to be only stronger, if we recall that before that Boone had made only 2 films, both of which belonged to the genres of drama and melodrama, this is “Stuck in love” (2012) and “Guilty stars” (2014). The projects were accepted favorably by the audience and the community of critics (7.4 and 7.8 rating points, respectively). Hopefully, this time the director will be able to produce something truly disturbing.

Josh Boone


What kind of actors managed to be invited to the film "New Mutants"? It is precisely known that in 2019 on the big screens will appear:

  • Anya Taylor-Joy ("Split", "Atlantis", "Morgan", "Witch", etc.) in the role of Ilyana Rasputina, or Magic - a girl capable of creating teleports.
  • Charlie Heaton (“Very Weird Things”, “Resident of the Shadows,“ Locked Up ”) - Sam Guthrie, or the Cannonball, able to use the power of the thermo-chemical energy field.
  • Macy Williams ("Game of Thrones", "Doctor Who", "Cyber-Torro") - Rein Sickler, or Wolf, who has the ability to become a wolf.
  • Alice Braga (“I Am Legend”, “Elysium: Paradise Is Not On Earth”, “The Rippers”) - Dr. Cecilia Reyes.
  • Henry Zaga ("13 Reasons Why", "Werewolf", "Secrets of Laura") - Roberto de Costa, or Sanspot. Able to absorb solar energy and use it for their own purposes.
  • Blue Hunt (“The Ancients”) - Daniella Munstar, or Mirage. Able to create illusions and use psychotronic weapons.
  • Mickey Gilmore ("November criminals").
  • Thomas Key ("Judgment Night 3", "School Ties").
  • Jeffrey Corazzini (“Papa Dosvidos,” “What Does Olivia Know?”).

The cast of the film New Mutants

At the same time, the information that James McAvoy as Professor Xavier and Alexander Shipp in the role of Storm will appear in the motion picture has been refuted by the creators themselves.

Plot and trailer

The official video announcement, published on October 13, 2017, opens the veil of secrecy over what will happen in the film. Fans of intense action will be able to plunge into the hopeless atmosphere of a psychiatric clinic isolated from the rest of the world, where five unusual teenagers will be placed to study their abilities and conduct inhuman experiments.

The monstrous place for these guys is not just a hospital and not even a high-security prison, but a real house of horrors, where the harsh reality and terrible fiction come into contact with each other. The enemies of the comrades in misfortune are not only people, but also mysterious, as if mythical creatures. Friends will need to unite in the fight against those and others in order to survive and escape from a secret object, which is under surveillance around the clock.

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