New Year 2019 in Karelia

Traveling in the New Year holidays will only emphasize the peculiarity of the main winter holiday. In order to experience a lot of pleasant impressions, there is no need to go abroad. In Russia, many places where you can have a great time in the winter. New Year 2019 in Karelia is just one of the opportunities to see interesting places, but it is worth going there to get the maximum amount of pleasant emotions.

Accommodation in Karelia

For several years the flow of New Year tourists to Karelia has been steadily growing. The indescribable beauty of the winter nature of this corner of the country attracts with its mystery and sense of intact. The increase in the number of guests spurred Karelia to the development of tourist infrastructure - now spending time here in the winter is much nicer and more comfortable.

At the same time there was a small problem - the supply of rental housing is not enough to demand. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve in advance. And we are not talking about booking a house or rooms for 2-3 weeks - you should worry about housing in the fall.Holidays in Karelia on the New Year can be very different. When placed in large settlements, the amount of winter entertainment is very different from the fun possible in country camp sites.

For the most budget holiday in the country there is the possibility of accommodation in a hostel with payment only for a bed. On New Year's Eve, you can get out in a cafe or arrange a banquet in the common kitchen.

Most tourists prefer to stay outside the city. This is where you can experience a lot of unusual emotions from entertainment, typical for winter Karelia. Also in the countryside there is an opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of these magnificent places.

You can rent a house in such places:

  1. Karju Kala.
  2. Chalet Segozero.
  3. Guest House Za Onegu.
  4. Holiday Park Tri Ostrova.
  5. Ladozhskaya Usadba Country Hotel Complex.

It is worth knowing that in Karelia only one big city is the capital of the Republic of Petrozavodsk. The remaining settlements are rather small - 30 or less than thousands of inhabitants. There are few cities in Karelia, and almost 800 villages and villages, but they are very small. In most cases, accommodation is possible both in hotels and hostels of Petrozavodsk, as well as in specialized guest houses and tourist bases near villages or even in a deep forest.

Recreation and entertainment

The beauty of nature allows you to simply spend time in contemplation, but in Karelia and beyond that there are many interesting activities. There are 33 museums and exhibition halls in the republic. The main part of the museums is located in Petrozavodsk, but several of them are located outside of it.

The latter include:

  1. Kem district museum.
  2. Olonets museum of local lore.
  3. Medvezhyegorsk City Museum.
  4. Segezha local history museum.
  5. Belomorsky regional museum of local lore.
  6. Republican Museum "Northern Priladozhie".
  7. National Museum of Karelov-Livvik them. N.G. Prilukin.
  8. Pitkäranta City Museum of Local Lore. V.F. Sebina.
  9. Kizhi State Historical-Architectural and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve.

In addition to museums, you can visit the Olonets art gallery and numerous monuments in Petrozavodsk. You can also see the Holy Trinity Monastery of Alexander Svirsky, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Resurrection Skete and many churches.

If you celebrate New Year 2019 in Karelia, then you can find entertainment of a different nature. Those interested can visit the lakes and rivers for winter fishing, enjoy the mountain park “Ruskeala”, the mountain Vottovaara and the Marble Canyon.Another unusual excursion will be a trip to the kennel in a visit to the local Santa Claus.

Curious to know! In this northern republic, there are two Grandfather Frost at once - Talvi Ukko and Pakkaine. The first one is “Winter Grandfather”, and the second is “Frost”. Each of them has their own residence, and visual images are a little similar. Talvi Ukko - the usual version of the winter wizard, and Pakkayne without a beard and with red hair, and he is not a grandfather at all, but a relatively young perky guy.

In the residences of Grandfathers Frost you can try out for yourself unusual entertainment - riding on reindeer and dog sledding. You can try to master dog tracking and even arrange a photo session with real riding reindeer. In addition, guests of the republic have access to all winter fun - skating and skiing, cheesecakes and sleighs, as well as playing snowballs. Fans of fast driving can rent snowmobiles.

Ready New Year Tours

Not everyone wants to spend their time choosing a house or a hotel close to the most interesting places in Karelia. Tour operators offer a comprehensive New Year program with various excursions.You can choose a two-day tour to celebrate the New Year, or a comprehensive vacation with several trips to interesting places of the republic.

A number of operators allows you to create your own vacation plan with excursions to specific places from the list. Usually this applies to New Year's tours with the possibility of choosing a banquet and trips to places far from the hotel.

These tours also include a mandatory advance booking rule. Closer to the New Year 2019 in Karelia can only stay with permits in an uncomfortable place, requiring long trips to interesting places.

New Year holidays in this republic have not just become popular - the indescribable beauty of nature and the possibility of maximum distance from civilization in the countryside are combined with a full-fledged infrastructure of cities and a developed area of ​​sightseeing tourism. Karelia is able to fascinate at first sight, it is beautiful both in summer and in winter. If one adds to her beauty the expectation of a miracle before the New Year, then every corner of the republic becomes a little magical.

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