Okroshka - 9 simple and delicious cooking recipes

A traditional Russian dish, after borsch, is cold okroshka. It is called so, because all the ingredients should be very finely crumbled. Its fillers can be different types of meat, both simultaneously and separately. Fish, vegetables from the garden as well as boiled, salted and fried, and various aromatic herbs.

Okroshka was filled with white kvass, which, unlike rye, was not at all sweet.

Today, kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka, and sour cream are used as a dressing for okroshka, diluting with water or without water. The know-how of our time is white birch kvass, a drink from Kombucha, mineral water, various tasty brines, and even a beer drink.

Cold okroshka is especially honorable in hot summer days. No dining table is complete without it. What can I say, I have a lot of familiar familieswhich have a chopped preparation for hash in the refrigerator, any day of the week.But I want to say that in fact it is prepared far beyond the borders of Russia. Kefir okroshka came to us from Central Asia. My family lived there for many years, and cooked traditional okroshka on kefir or interfered with suzyma with water in a 1: 1 ratio and used instead of kefir.

And today okroshka is the most favorite cold soup in summer. It is prepared at home for themselves, for guests, served in canteens and cafes, and even in some restaurants.


The classic recipe for okroshka kvass

Quick, easy and very tasty way of cooking okroshka. If in the fridge you already have cold kvass, boiled meat and vegetables, then in exactly fifteen minutes you will enjoy this beautiful cold soup.


  • Boiled meat (I had beef) - 0.3 g;
  • Ready potatoes - 4pcs;
  • Boiled eggs - 5pcs;
  • Cucumber - 4pcs;
  • Green onion - 1 bunch;
  • Sour cream - 250 grams;
  • Greens - 1 bunch;
  • Granulated sugar - 1⁄2 tsp;
  • Salt - 1⁄2 tablespoon;
  • Mustard - 1⁄2 tsp;
  • Kvass is not sweet - 1500 ml;

Let's start:

Previously, the okroshka did not specially cook meat, but put what was left of the previous dishes.

And if you read the old recipes okroshka, then you can find in the composition and the meat of black grouse, and turkey, and suckling pig. Of course, we will not be so exhausted, but simply take boiled beef.

Although sometimes I read cooking methods with fried meat. And you can generally collect a mixture of different types of meat.

It’s time to start, take the meat ready and cold from the refrigerator, because it will be easier to cut it.

Products for okroshka can be cut into cubes, and you can grate. I tried a similar okroshka, it turned out very much even.

Cut boiled meat into cubes.
Potatoes and testicles also boil, cool and cut into squares no larger than one centimeter.Green onion a little chop. 1⁄2 part to put aside, and the other half thoroughly grind with salt until the selection of juice.

Cut the cucumber into cubes. Cut off the stiff rind. Mix all the cut pieces. Finely chop the whole bunch of greens.Mix sour cream with onion juice, chopped herbs, mustard, sugar and salt. Dill while you do not need to put.Then pour a little kvass into it, mix until smooth,that would not float white lumps and pour into vegetables with meat.

Now this batch needs to be slightly cooled in the fridge to be fed with juice.
Next, pour all the remaining kvass and dill.

Now you can call households to the table and pour fragrant okroshka into plates.
Sometimes I also add radishes, okroshka does not get worse from this, on the contrary, an unusual highlight appears.This recipe is also good because all the ingredients are well kept separately from each other and are not kneaded immediately, but at your convenience.

You can determine the amount of kvass you pour yourself, depending on the thickness you prefer. Not everyone loves liquid okroshka, but they want such that they would stand straight in it.

The same can be said about the mustard, adjust the sharpness of cold soup to taste.

Classic Okroshka on kvass with sausage

This is the most frequently prepared recipe from the variety of methods of cooking okroshka. Since it is not necessary to cook meat for a long time, but simply cut the sausage purchased at the store.

And it is really convenient. You run from work on Friday, run to the nearest store, grab the right products from the counter and gallop rush to the garden.

And there it is already easy to cook this favorite dish.How I cooked classic okroshka with sausage on kefir I described in great detail in my last article. And now I want to tell you about the recipe with kvass.

Products for cooking:

  • Boiled sausage - 0.3 kg;
  • Boiled potatoes - 4 pieces;
  • Chicken egg - 5 pieces;
  • Fresh cucumber - 4 things;
  • Onion green - 1 bunch;
  • Various greens - 1 bunch;
  • Radish - 1 cup;
  • Smetanka - 250 grams;
  • Granulated sugar - 1⁄2 tsp;
  • Salt - 1⁄2 tablespoons;
  • Mustard - 1⁄2 tsp; Kvass - 1.6 liters.

First, let's talk about sausage. Do not be stingy, buy a good sausage. You will see the taste of okroshka from this will be much tastier than with the cheap option. After all, you need it at all a lot, and it is better to slightly overpay. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

Once I was told: “If everything is crushed and mixed in okroshka, why spend money on an expensive sausage?” I don’t even want to say anything about it. This decision is individual.

The second condition, it should not be fat. In cold soup, fat is not the most pleasant thing. I advise you to choose between the "Doctor" or "Ostankino".Even smoked sausage is allowed.I know people who cook okroshka only with such a sausage. Or you can add semi smoked slightly fatty meat. And there are those who add boiled sausages to okroshka. Here is everyone's business.

The main thing is that your chosen product has good taste.

Let's start:

Potatoes, eggs, cucumbers and sausage cut into identical cubes, about half a centimeter.

Again, some products can be grated on a coarse grater, the taste will be richer.

Finely chop the green onion and greens.

Stir sour cream with sugar, salt it and add mustard.

Collect all the products in the same container, add sour cream with herbs, a little kvass, and set aside in the cold to cool.

Keep in the cold for at least an hour.

Then this mass is put on a plate and then add kvass individually, who loves what they like, thicker or vice versa for more liquid. And on the table, put another sour cream and mustard, let everyone add as much as he wants.

Sometimes I add a bit of mayonnaise to okroshka, so it becomes fatter. But this is not exactly a traditional recipe already obtained. But who likes how.

Okroshka recipe for kefir and water

Kefir cold soup is prepared with a completely different meat, it always turns out equally tasty. And it does not matter boiled meat or fried in a pan, chicken or veal, sausage or smoked meats.I already described the recipe for cooking okroshka on kefir with sausage in one of the previous articles.

What is required:

  • Any meat - 0.35 kg;
  • Cucumbers - 4 things;
  • Radish - 0.25 kg;
  • Boiled potatoes - 400 grams;
  • Eggs - 5 pieces;
  • Various greens - 1 bunch;
  • Table salt - 3⁄4 tablespoons;
  • Kefir - 1.3 liters;
  • Sour cream - 250 grams;
  • Drinking water - 2000 ml.

What you need to do:

Pre-cook the meat in any convenient way. Then cool it and cut into cubes.

Cucumbers, potatoes and eggs are cut into the same squares, it will be more beautiful and tastier. In general, cut the way you want. There is already a matter of habit.

We grind a radish in a similar way. And let not everyone approve of it in okroshka, its red color will be beneficial to stand out against the general background of okroshka.A day later, the radish will not be so bright, but the hlodnik will absorb all its sharpness. Therefore, in my okroshka, as in the rest already with many of my friends, radishes are present in this dish.
We mix our preparations.

Crush green onions stalks.

Now pour all this kefir and sour cream, and add salt. Then send the soup to cool in the fridge for an hour to saturate the products.

Drink water to boil and cool. Then fill it with cold hash. Pour it into plates and serve it to the table.

But, I can offer several additional cooking methods:

For example, you can immediately fill in everything with water and let it infuse, the next day it will become even tastier.And no one can prove to you which way is better until you yourself try both. And my advice to you, prepare it once in one way, and another time in a different way. And then you will know exactly which one will suit you better.

The same can be said about meat. Experiment, cook with your favorite meat, and with what you just found in the freezer. Or even combine at least three types of meat, I think the result you really like.

By okroshka be sure to serve bread and young garlic.Itself now wanted to go and eat okroshka with bread and garlic, even though go and eat. But on a different okroshka on kefir I would like to dwell a little more.

Cold soup on whey and kefir

Imagine a hot summer day with the scorching sun, and you sit in a pleasant coolness and eat cold okroshka. Or when returning home after work in a crowded, stuffy bus, your thoughts revolve around just one desire, come and enjoy its refreshing taste.And if you have pre-prepared all the necessary products for it, and there is any milk, or just whey, then your desire will be quickly fulfilled.

In principle, when cooking cold soup from whey, there is nothing ordinary. The principle of cooking is exactly the same as in the previously described recipes. The same products, in the same quantity, but instead of kefir, we take whey. Even to her, you can pour a little kefir or sour cream.

And in order not to write the same thing, I simply attached a video recipe here on how to cook such okroshka.

Video - okroshka, fast and easy on whey and kefir

Well, that made sure how easy and simple it is to make cold okroshka.

I think you should have no problem finding whey, it is sold in all grocery stores. But it is quite possible to cook it yourself. Put a spoonful of sour cream or kefir in milk and leave it at night warm for souring. In the morning, heat it lightly, strain it and squeeze out the cottage cheese. And use the serum in the recipe.Drain better with gauze and colander. Then cool the whey on the table, and then in the refrigerator.

Gentle milky taste, a little bit sour, just perfect for making cold soup. It can not just add a prescription, and even just to drink on hot days.

Diet okroshka on kefir and mineral water with chicken fillet

According to the standard recipe, this cooking method uses chicken fillet. This meat is very dietary, with almost no fat, and is great for people who follow a healthy diet. Especially if you exclude from it everyone's favorite potatoes.


  • Chicken meat - 300 grams;
  • Cucumbers - 4 pieces;
  • Radish - 1 cup;
  • Leek - 1 bunch;
  • Greens - 1 bunch;
  • Chicken egg - 4 pieces;
  • Kefir - 1000 ml;
  • Mineral water - 500 grams;
  • Table salt - at the discretion.

Let's start:

Meat chicken bring to readiness. Already at the final stage of cooking, add spices and bay leaf to the broth. So the meat will be more delicious.

Then cool the chicken on a plate and put it in the cold, so it will be easier for you to grind it later. Because a warm piece will literally fall apart on the fibers.

Make meat cubes no larger than one centimeter.Now came the turn to the cucumbers, eggs and radishes. These whole foods need to be cut to about the same size as the chicken.

If you do not like radishes, then simply replace it with a mustard spoon. You will not lose spiciness in the finished dish and there is no need to add a favorite vegetable.

Green onion with greens cut as small as possible. Do not forget to remove the stems of the plant.Knead all the chopped products and add kefir to them. Still add a little less glass of mineral water. Salt is not much and move to a cold place for half an hour. At this stage I put half a teaspoon of salt.

Thirty minutes later, mix the okroshka and remove the salt sample.

Okroshka ready, pour it into plates. Everyone can add mineral water and salt to their taste.Mineral water can be purchased with both gas and non-carbonated. It will turn out equally tasty. You can even just take boiled water, just dilute the floor with a portion of kefir water.

When the cold soup cools, you can immediately dilute it completely or so and keep it undiluted and add mineral water in portions.

Do not forget that okroshka is tastier, when insisted, all products are soaked with kefir and slightly salted.

Personally, I prefer to eat two days okroshka. She becomes sour and gets a touch of kefir.

In any case, your cold soup will be very tasty. Chicken, soaked in brine, too, becomes very peculiar and tasty. And it does not fall apart.If you do not stick to a diet, then add sliced ​​boiled potatoes and a few spoons of mayonnaise, so okroshka will become fatter and more satisfying than usual.

Okroshka recipe on water with mayonnaise

As often happens, you come to the country, in anticipation of the most delicious cold okroshka, and the most important ingredients for refueling were forgotten either at home or simply not bought. So what to do? Do not remain without the desired okroshka.This is where mayonnaise can help us.Of course, not everyone is happy with such a replacement, and in general, people have a one-to-one attitude to mayonnaise, and he is considered almost the culprit of all the ills that arise with health.

But it all sounds until they take the sample. Believe me, my experience, asking for supplements all.

Required Products:

  • Any meat or sausage - 0.3 kg;
  • Fresh cucumbers - 4pcs;
  • Potatoes - 450 grams;
  • Eggs - 5 pieces;
  • Lemon juice - from half a lemon;
  • Green onion - 1 bunch;
  • Various greens - 50 grams;
  • Mayonnaise product - 0.2 kg;
  • Sour cream - 0.2 kg;
  • Drinking water - 2.5 liters;
  • Salt - at the discretion.


In this recipe there are no strict rules for the use of certain types of meat, it can be both boiled meat and boiled sausage.

The main thing is that these products are fresh and of high quality for freshness. I speak about this in every recipe. The health of your loved ones is in your hands.

And if there is a slice of smoked sausage in the fridge, boldly and let it into okroshka, it will not be worse.

Cold meat or sausage, and you want both and cut into small pieces.To whom both, and I personally like okroshka, very finely chopped, it seems to me that it is so much better soaked and saturated with sour-milk taste.

We also cut boiled potatoes, eggs and cucumbers.It is better to cut off the hard peel of cucumbers, of course. Cut the green onion a little and cut it a little, but do not make porridge out of it.Mix all the cut pieces and add a little salt. When we immediately want to eat it, I pour mayonnaise and sour cream into the products, and put it in the cold for half an hour. Then I take it out of the fridge, put it on everyone in a plate and dilute it with water individually.At the end add a teaspoon of lemon juice. I mix well and the cold soup is ready!

And if we plan to eat it a little later, then kneading products with sour cream and mayonnaise right away is not necessary. Let all the blanks stand in the fridge separately.

This recipe is always very thoroughly kneaded, until all the lumps dissolve, immediately before taking and do not store for a long time.

It is believed that onions with greens should be stored separately, as they can give a not very pleasant aroma. Therefore, I add it at the very end.

But I personally never feel any pleasant smell from greenery.

I also read that some ice is added to okroshka. All I want to namorozit it with dill and also throw in the plates, I think it will be very tasty.And do not forget about rye bread and young garlic - this is a tasty and healthy delicacy. I would also like to add, the recipe itself says about adding sour cream and mayonnaise, but you can get by with only mayonnaise, you just need to add more lemon juice.

I often replace lemon juice - citric acid, so I quickly achieve the desired acidity in okroshka.

That's all, bon appetite my friends.

Cold soup on kefir for weight loss

You will never recover from this cold soup. And if you eat such a dish several times a week in the summer, you can still not lose weight badly.Something similar is being prepared in the Balkans and called it Tarator.


  • Cucumbers - 3 pieces;
  • Various greens - 1 bunch;
  • Young garlic - 1 clove;
  • Walnut - 2 cores;
  • Kefirchik - 1000 ml;
  • Salt - at the discretion.

Sour milk products, without compromising the quality of the finished dish, it is possible to replace yogurt and yoghurt.

Let's start cooking:

Peel the cucumbers and rub on a coarse grater. With young cucumbers less fuss, just rub them.Grind young garlic. Want to cut, want to skip through the press.

Rinse the greens, dry, cut off all the coarse pieces and cut into small pieces. Sometimes I add cilantro, it's an amateur, we love very much.Fold all the blanks into suitable dishes and pour kefir into them. Mix well and clean for an hour in the cold.
In this recipe, I do not add salt. Spread okroshka on a plate sprinkle with crushed nuts on top.

Even with such a cold soup, you can arrange great fasting days.

Tyura village with radish

Today we know almost nothing about this dish. And in the old days the peasants often had such a dish on the table. To say that it is very simple in execution, to say nothing. And it was just this recipe rescued the parishioners with its nutritional value and saturation.
And not in vain, because its basis is rye bread, sometimes it was also called cracker. Due to the use of dry bread in it.Prepare it at once, because, standing, radish in the gas station becomes very tasteless. And of course the crackers then turn into porridge.

Initially, turus was made from crackers, oil and drinking water or kvass. I still put black radish, this will be our okroshka with black radish and bread crumbs.


  • Black bread crackers - 0.4 kg;
  • Onion - 2 pieces;
  • Black radish - one thing;
  • Sunflower oil - 60 grams;
  • Any not sweet kvass - 750 grams;
  • Salt - at the discretion.

Cooking method:

Brown bread croutons cut into small pieces, if there are no crackers, you can use fresh bread.

Pour oil on it and mix gently.Onion finely cut. If you do not like it, just replace it with green. The recipe is not prohibited.It will be even tastier if you add a lot of different greens.

Black radish to grind the river. But do not add it yet to the rest of the blanks.
Stir bread, onion, and shredded horseradish.Put this mixture on plates, pour kvass and add radish, but to taste individually for each. And put on the table salt shaker, let everyone salt to taste. You need to eat not slowly.See how simple this dish is. I don't know why they practically stopped cooking it. But my husband and mother and grandmother always prepared it. And even I ate it more than once at their place. But okroshka on kvass is somehow more familiar to me.

This recipe will probably be interesting to fans of the old ways of cooking various dishes.

Well, that's all, perhaps enough for today. I think today you have learned many new and interesting recipes for yourself. And thanks to the possibilities of various variations with products, the methods of cooking okroshka become even greater.

Try, cook, do not be afraid to experiment, and the result will be delicious okroshka and a contented, and well-fed family.

There is not much left before the onset of heat and summer sun, and okroshka will be the most popular on the dinner table. And it will be prepared in large quantities, and in different variations. That's when my article will come in handy for you. But this is only a small part of the okroshka recipes. And I will dedicate more than one article to its preparation.And for now, for now! And if you liked my article, and even turned out to be not much useful, click the share icon on social networks. They are at the very top and bottom of the articles.

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