Paper flowers do it yourself. The simplest schemes and patterns for making paper flowers

Good day to all! So very soon the first flowers will appear in a month, I suggest that you do not wait and make your own flowers out of paper. After all, you can give such lovely gifts of nature for no reason, but if you need a reason, do not forget to congratulate your mothers and grandmothers on March 8 or Happy Mother's Day, because it is these days that such crafts are always presented.

Let them be paper, but they can be presented so coolly and superbly that they will look even better than the living, and, moreover, they can stand on the table or on the shelf for a year. And it certainly pleases. Take a look at this picture, like it? If yes, then in the last article I showed step by step how such can be done.

In my opinion, today's topic will always be popular, because it is the most beautiful and tender souvenir you can give for any holiday. So, I suggest you not hang for long at me))).

Paper Flowers with Cut Out Patterns and Patterns

Unbelievably beautiful and original look souvenirs that carry something unusual. I propose to start with the seemingly simple option, but whom, you just look. This is a daisy, but not simple and not fabulous, but with wishes, how nice it will be to give such a gift, do you not find?

Moreover, you can download ready-made templates directly from this site and print it out on a printer. This is a very cool souvenir that will hook anyone. You can give it for any holiday, such as a birthday or teacher's day.

We will need:

  • office sheets of different colors - 5 pcs.
  • glue stick
  • double sided tape
  • rhinestones
  • templates
  • satin ribbon
  • scissors

Stages of work:

1. Start working with the fact that you will need to decide on the shape of the flower. I propose to take a flower seven-color. Print the stock to the printer. The first template will be the same as in this picture, I will send all the rest to your e-mail, just write your comment below (there are only 10), or you can create your own words or messages.

2. Here they are handsome, now take a pair of scissors, or you can use a clerical knife and cut along the contour.

3. These are the cute and fun blanks will turn out.

4.Cut a circle out of cardboard with a diameter of 5 cm and place the first flower and a ribbon of satin and drip glue or grease in the middle if you use a pencil. So gradually glue everything.

5. Now it remains to arrange a pretty middle. To do this, take a square, approximately 3.5x3.5 cm. Bend it like this.

6. Then make a triangle, as if you are making a frog.

7. Bend the ends forward.

8. These are the butterflies obtained.

9. Which will only connect, glue with each other, and the middle stick with something interesting, such as a bead or rhinestones. A very original and unique piece of work turned out, she will surely please the person for whom you made it.

The most common and uncomplicated especially for children is the flower of eights using a hole punch and buttons.

Undoubtedly, the king of all flowers are roses, how to make them, to be honest, a great many options. I will write more about this in more detail. And now take this masterpiece as a basis.

Or here is a sample, you need to draw 5 colors from the largest to the smallest, and then arrange the case in a small vase.

Many of you I know will look for roses, because these flowers are usually given in most cases. Well, here's your first briefing.Take the corrugated paper and make petals from it. Cut the strip first, then fold it with the harmonica and round the edges. After that, you should screw it on the stem, which can be a stick or something like that.

Stick the stick with green corrugated paper.

You can make such a wonderful creation out of ordinary paper, but it is better to use crepe paper or corrugated paper. Draw yourself a spiral in a circle, cut a knife, and then wind it on a pencil or crochet hook.

Or use this usual scheme, you can do this in 5 minutes.

Then you can make hyacinths, also look great. You can put them in a pot or basket.

Their stages of work are absolutely simple. Remember how bookmarks were made in childhood, the system is about the same))).

The flowers themselves can also be twisted to look more interesting, as if they were really full bloom.

In general, quite a few models of paper can be composed and made, the main thing depending on what the petal will be in shape.

Notice these features yourself, and you can make daisies, chrysanthemums, dahlias, and even carnations, take a look at the following pictures. You see patterns of petals for cutting.

Or do you prefer lilies with peonies?

What kind of flower is it? Guess?

In the form of brooches can make such a charming).

The very first, as you know, snowdrops please us. And you can make the flowers themselves from pumpkin seeds.

Well, of course, I could not get past the Foamiran, use this material too.

Behind them dandelions. Make them from ordinary napkins using a stapler.

Such a bright option would also be an excellent solution to surprise everyone.

I am reminded of asters.

This view altogether won me over, I fell in love with it at first sight. It really looks like a living or real dahlia.

You can make a primrose. You need squares from which you need to make figures that look like triangles.

On the other hand, also fold to make a triangle and a petal for the future bud. After glue them together. Make a stem and leaves.

Great looks like the next option, as if real.

Making crafts from A4 sheet

Not so often, but still have to make such products from ordinary large sheets. Of course, such luxurious crafts can be used anywhere, they look especially good if you decorate walls or halls with them, that is, you use them in interior rooms.

Each leaf is a large petal, which you have to color in the desired color.

Large versions of flowers can be made even in the form of a rose. Initially you will need to use the template.

And then step by step to perform all the steps presented.

Video on how to make flowers out of paper quickly and easily

You will not believe, but you can quite simply and in a few minutes twist a gorgeous bouquet, watch this video and you will also learn this interesting lesson:

Master class on folding paper tulips

All of us, when we were children, we put together different figures and used origami. I remember in the lessons of work I really enjoyed this activity. Tulip is usually performed using this technique. It turns out to be voluminous and similar to the original.

You can also make a bud open.

Or take another idea from corrugated paper as a basis, hide a candy in a bud. No one will refuse such a gift, that's for sure!

And here's another great idea with disposable spoons. Such a gift can be presented at a birthday party and even at a wedding.

Stages of work:

1. Prepare everything you need for work, all components are shown in this picture.

2From corrugated paper, cut the scarlet rectangles and then wrap the spoon with this material, as if slightly twisting along a stick.

3. What does it look like? Of course on the petals.

4. Disguise the stick with green paper, fold the spoons to each other (4 pcs.) To form a stem and a bud. Then cut out certain shaped leaves.

5. Arrange the craft in a pot or cup. You can tie a bow or some other pattern.

Step-by-step instructions for beginners how to make a flower for mom

Now let's learn how to make the simplest option, because for someone the previous ones seem to be very difficult, then this gift will come to your aid.

We will need:

  • square-shaped paper - 2 sheets


Stages of work:

1. Take a sheet and fold it in half to form a triangle. Then again.

After draw such semi-circular lines, as you see in this illustration. Cut out the pattern and follow the further instructions.

2. Unfold, unfold the blank and glue a couple of strips to the middle.

This varaint suitable for the smallest, for example for preschoolers.

But with schoolchildren can be done and more difficult.The meaning is the same, only the petals bend and glue differently.

You can also make a red poppy or take a different color, but for this work you will need more wire.

I am very much in love with asters, and you love them?

Want to know how such can be done?

We will need:

  • old magazine
  • scissors
  • glue
  • kebab sticks

1. Disassemble the magazine into pages, fold each page in half, then again and again.

2. Take scissors and cut it with grass. To get a fringe.

3. After this beauty wind on a stick.

4. After that, fluff the product. Wand lay a green paper.

Something similar can be done to a teacher or for example to an aunt or a grandmother.

1. You will also need napkins and corrugated paper, plus you will need another one-time cup or a jar of sour cream.

2. Since the flowers will be large, you can make smaller ones, take a napkin and fold it in half, then in half, and again. Center the middle with a thread or stapler.

Cut the petals with scissors, shape them.

3. Now prepare a cup, cover it with corrugated paper, push the crumpled newspaper or unused paper inside, cover it with corrugation and release it as if weed.

4. Preparations should get 10-12 pieces, it all depends on your abilities.

5.With the help of glue, attach the resulting flowers to the base. Pretty modest, but at the same time bright and stylish, such a gift will please anyone, especially women or girls.

Learning to make bulk flowers

What just do in our time such crafts. Even adapted for this job molds from under the eggs. For me, this is a shock, how and when to whom this could have come to my head, but in fact it came, and conquered everyone. At first, it looks inconspicuous, and then awesome masterpieces come out.

The sample is painted with paint, put on a wire or a stick.

A wonderful souvenir, as they say from improvised means, and how beautiful and amusing it looks.

You can easily admit with such volumetric colors any interior or room interior pretty easily and quickly, make it irresistible and unforgettable.

You can still use just such a chic flower garland.

After that, put each blank on a fishing line or thread.

From paper bags can also make unforgettable creations.

Using the technique of origami can be folded, and then glue the details.

And the coolest surround look that I really liked and I advise you to make it to everyone, so this is this:

Do you like callas? Then take note of this master class.

You can even make a masterpiece from ordinary newspapers.

By the way, you can even make Pansies with children.

Interesting Gift Idea Roses with Candy

Once I showed you how you can make roses and hide candy in them, remember? Look what a gorgeous bouquet it turned out, but we presented it for Valentine's Day, if you forgot, then I remind you

I also give you this scheme to help you.

You can easily follow this link and use step-by-step instructions.

Or use this video, without roses here you can not do:

I have it all, I wish you inspiration and excellent work. Come to visit me more often, join my group in contact, write your reviews and comments.

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Paper flowers do it yourself. The simplest schemes and patterns for making paper flowers 16

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