Parking in front of a pedestrian crossing: for how many meters?

The practice of fine is now widespreadmotorists who violate road rules, up to the removal of transport to the parking lot. Often parking is done incorrectly before a pedestrian crossing. In the SDA there is a ban on stopping in the pedestrian crossing area. For violation of this rule are brought to administrative responsibility. Drivers need to know the peculiarities of stopping at such signs.

Basic concepts

The basic concepts are contained in the SDA.Parking in front of the pedestrian crossing is also carried out according to these norms. Parking is a maneuver in which the movement ceases deliberately for a period of not more than 5 minutes. The reason may be the disembarkation of passengers or the unloading of the machine.

parking in front of the pedestrian crossing

Stop - stop movement, in whichthere is a landing or landing, loading or unloading. Since parking is usually carried out near a pedestrian crossing for passengers' disembarkation, this action is illegal. To stop it is necessary only in the event that the review is not closed to other drivers and pedestrians.

How to park correctly?

In the SDA there is no clear concept of what parking iscars. But there is a term parking with special signs warning about when it might be, and when not. There is one chapter for this. In the same place it is registered how parking is carried out before the pedestrian crossing.

parking in front of a pedestrian crossing for how many meters

Parking - car stop for more than 5 minutesnear the curb or on a special territory. When choosing a place, you need to familiarize yourself with the part of the road where a stop for a long period will be made, and also check if there are signs out there that prohibit it. It is important for drivers to follow simple rules of culture when parking, so that there are no conflicts with other motorists.

Select a location

If there are no signs showing where to park, the driver must use the SDA. You can not stop transport:

  • near tramways or on them;
  • on motor roads or railway crossings;
  • in tunnels and overpasses;
  • on the pedestrian crossing;
  • on roads with heavy traffic.

The exception is an accident with the driver, because ofwhich he was forced to stop at a forbidden place, as well as during an accident and the need to disembark or land passengers. In the latter situation, a stop is allowed while observing the safety rules and the absence of an accident risk. In order not to violate traffic rules, you need to know how many meters parking is allowed before a pedestrian crossing.

Usually road territories with prohibition to stopsigns have a complex movement that is not suited to the vehicle's brakes. Drivers need to remember that almost everywhere where parking is prohibited, the car is not stopped either.

Distance to pedestrian crossing

For how many meters parking before the pedestriantransition allowed? You can stop the machine only at a distance of not less than 5 meters before it. The distance is calculated from the sign of the pedestrian to the car. If there is no sign, then it is necessary to focus on the zebra, from which the countdown begins.

parking in front of the pedestrian crossing for how much

It should be remembered that there are additionalparking rules that prohibit it. You can not stop at the crossing, on the road markings (zebra), on sections separated by solid markings (no more than 3 meters). All drivers need to remember how much parking in front of a pedestrian crossing is permitted by law.

Parking rules

Parking in front of the pedestrian crossing is permitted.Is it possible to stop the car after it? By rules, this is allowed. The stop will be legal provided that on this territory of the road there are no other signs that prohibit parking or stopping.

This rule extends to the oppositeThe side of the road where you can stop only after the transition. If the transition is after the intersection, then the driver must drive from 5 meters. This is required for safety and accident avoidance.


When you stop at or near the crossingadministrative liability is provided. This is stated in art. 12. 19 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. The inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate applies several measures to the offender. First, a record of the offense is drawn up. The penalty for parking before a pedestrian crossing at a prohibited distance is 1000 rubles.

parking rules in front of the pedestrian crossing

Often, the inspectors decide on evacuationmachine, so a protocol is drawn up to detain the car. Similar costs are also borne by the driver. It will be necessary to pay for the tow truck, transportation and the time until the transportation will be in the parking lot. This will cost the driver expensive, so the best solution is to choose the right place to stop. It is desirable that the parking in front of the pedestrian crossing was carried out as far as possible from it.

It's more reasonable to drive a section and stopmachine after the transition. Then the driver will avoid administrative responsibility. In large cities, where traffic is brisk, it is difficult to find a suitable place to stop. If there was a forced parking in front of the sign "Pedestrian crossing" at a prohibited distance, then the machine must be rolled back to the permitted place, put an emergency sign and turn on the appropriate signals.

Such actions will not allow the imposition of a fine.This features the prohibition of stopping and parking of cars. Often there are ambiguous situations, but all the same drivers must strictly follow the rules and leave the transport only where it is supposed, so that it does not interfere with other cars.

Parking near stops

It is necessary to know not only the rules of parking in front ofpedestrian crossing, but also near the stops. Drivers are often stopped by traffic police because of improper parking. But this leads to a fine, evacuation. But many drivers do not stop such measures. Often motorists stop around public transport stops. Is it right? The answer to this question should be known to all drivers.

penalty for parking in front of a pedestrian crossing

In the SDA it is said that to stop aboutbus, trolleybus stop can be at a distance of not less than 15 meters before and after it. The exception is an emergency situation, when, for example, passengers are boarded or disembarked. Otherwise, the offender will be fined 1,000 rubles.

Parking near traffic lights

It is necessary to take into account not only the rules (SDA) forparking in front of the pedestrian crossing, but also stop near the traffic lights. When the car is in the rightmost lane, the driver creates an obstacle for driving cars.

In cities in such territories,signs, but in their absence, many drivers believe that there you can stop. According to the traffic rules, you can stop on the sidelines so that there are at least 5 meters from the crossing. Overall machines should not interfere with the visibility of traffic lights and roads.

Setting up the car near the railway crossing

According to the rules of the traffic parking on the railway crossings is prohibited. But often you have to stop near him. How to do this in order not to violate the rules, and also not create a dangerous situation?

pdd parking in front of a pedestrian crossing

SDA does not allow parking on the tracks, as well as ondistance less than 50 meters to the railway crossing. Therefore, you can immediately choose a stop or drive the crossing. If the crossing is blocked by a barrier, then there is no need to risk: it is closed before the train moves.

Culture of parking

There are more cars in Russia, andthere is nowhere to put them. Delivered as horrible cars irritate many drivers, so it is necessary to follow the unspoken standards of parking. Do not put the transport:

  1. On the sidewalks. According to the SDA should be no less than 2 meters for the movement of pedestrians.
  2. On the zebra. Because of this parking can be an accident.
  3. Occupy two parking spaces at the same time, because the car was not collided.
  4. With a short distance. Parking end-to-end can damage the bumpers.
  5. On flowerbeds and green plantations.
  6. Around avtovyzda, as transport can become an obstacle to the rest of the transport.
  7. With a small interval. Then there will be difficulties for getting out of the next car.

It is important to follow the rules, taking into account the rights of other drivers.

Why parking and parking?

Parking and car parks are necessary to facilitatelife of car owners. If the driver is not a driver, he can not drive a car all day. While transport is not required for a person, he must be in a specially designated place. The car should not cause inconvenience to other cars.

parking in front of the sign pedestrian crossing

Transport can be left in the car park.If it is not available, you need to look for a parking spot. Parking lots always help out when you need to leave the transport for a while. In large cities they are paid and free.

Not all drivers buy a cargarage. In this case, private parking spaces, which are located everywhere, will help. Such territories are protected. There is an opportunity to conclude a contract for the protection of transport, so that the firm is fully responsible for the safety of property.

Before choosing a parking lot, you need to see ifthere are video cameras, the guards check the documentation. In the absence of these nuances, one should not contact such a firm. You should not buy a place for a month, preferably first for a few days. If the company's work satisfies, then you can continue to use the services of the company.

It is advisable to purchase parking space near the house. If the transport will stand in the proper place, then no one has the right to fine the driver.

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